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    Donald Trump Essay (1010 words)

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    One of the most interesting and scandal individuals who ever lived in the White House, Donald Trump, is the first candidate who was selected without the experience of serving in a public office. Already during the first month of his chairmanship, Donald Trump brought significant changes to the country that both benefited and negatively affected national policies. The main reason why he is such a controversial figure in discussions all over the world is that it is actually difficult to grasp his methods of ruling the nation. He was so many times misunderstood and misrepresented by people that it is impossible to say what is the truth in his biography and what is false. Therefore, to understand his presidency and actions, this essay will address the main points from Trump’s background. Besides, the paper will address some facts from the history of his election campaign.

    Short biography

    Being born in Germany, from the very early ages, Mr. President was striving hard to get what he has now. One of the most common existing stereotypes is that Mr. Trump is a typical millionaire that comes from a very rich family. Nevertheless, unlike children of rich families, he was raising as a usual kid, visiting a military school instead of a private educational establishment, being one of the ordinary college students. Therefore, he belonged to a traditional family and had four siblings.

    After his father died, Mr. Trump started to learn basic concepts related to business, leading a residential campaign together with his mother, mainly because he had no legal rights to sign contracts being a very young boy.  What is more, it should be mentioned that, in some time, the president was doing every kind of jobs in his business of hotels. In fact, in addition to performing the role of a manager and administrator, he was even cleaning rooms and walking with dogs of visitors. Therefore, he was trying to familiarize with the life of working-class Americans to know the needs of ordinary citizens.

    Being an American politician, writer, and business magnate, Mr. Trump became the President of the United States two years ago. It should be mentioned that several years ago, he already tried to run the presentational campaign. However, his struggles running the campaign were not perceived seriously by the administration.  As far as his presidency style is concerned, it should be mentioned that Mr. President is a pragmatist rather that ideologist as far as his approaches are concerned. Analyzing most of his prompt actions, it becomes evident that he tries to avoid any abstract establishment theories and concentrates on what, according to his opinion, will make the nation a powerful country in practice.

    Donald Trump Essay Sample

    The notion which is the basic concern of the Mr. President is the role of the press in manipulation people’s minds. In fact, during numerous campaigns, he was trying to prove that the public should critically read the news from mass media and, in most cases, remember that the news is false. Today,  the journalists keep openly publishing both true and misleading news about President Trump, regardless of the high level of criticism targeted on them. In fact, Mr. President was the first who was not afraid to express radical points of view aimed against the press, without the fear of being criticized.

    Besides, the story of Trump’s controversial relationships with different media platforms may be traced from the very beginning of his arrival to the White House. As a matter of course, he started almost immediately with blaming news organizations for undermining his campaign. Even more, he openly mentioned that most of the media, including the New York Times, are corrupted by his opponents. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that the administration highly criticizes such radical Trump’s thoughts on the press.

    As a leader, Mr. President is known for his straightforward expression of thoughts and a weird choice of words. Besides, he is often blamed by media and the administration for showing the poor knowledge background during many of his speeches. Nevertheless, after analyzing his conversations, it becomes evident that the main point is that his attitude toward knowledge is rather entrepreneurial rather than an academic one. He concentrates on the practical skills and learns what he needs to know to be successful in his sphere.

    There are many possible causes of why citizens voted for President Trump. First, it was because of the nationwide concern about the immigration, both among citizens and the administration. Since Mr. President’s campaign was based on the anti-immigration hook, many individuals found it is a good idea to vote for him to make America untouched. Also, the fact that contributed to Trump’s election was the ambiguous political past of his main opponent. Besides, Trump promised to address the issue of terrorism, and it was what citizens and the administration truly needed.

    Lastly, it is necessary to discuss Trump’s role as a father. In fact, all his children are bright personalities who demonstrate really a lot of gratitude to their father for what they have now. The first feature that Mr. President taught his children is the decisiveness to take actions ignoring any challenges. Also, he inserted confidence in them and showed them the road of how to get great achievements. In his public speeches today and numerous articles in the New York Times about the President, it becomes evident that Mr. President is a very proud of his kids and their accomplishments.


    Considering all the points discussed in the essay, the United States has never seen a politician like Trump. More and more controversial topics about Mr. President arise every day.  Millions of citizens continue reading and believing in the scandal news about the president published on popular media. Being a media person, he causes mainly anger in public by saying different things from what citizens want to hear.  Nevertheless, learning quickly from his mistakes and ignoring the words of haters, Mr. Trump confidently moves forward and is not going to give away his positions.

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