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    Community Service Project Essay

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    During my volunteering service at New Utrecht High School at 1601 80th street, Brooklyn, N. Y, 11214, I had an interesting experience. I had volunteered for at least 12. 5 hours. The person that I volunteer to help out is Sharon Li (Ms. Li). She was a delightful and caring person. I had learned many valuable lessons from volunteering at this place. I would volunteer at around 9 am during school hours and ends at 10 am. I had volunteered around 48 mins everyday from Monday to Friday. To this day I still help out and volunteer to help out when i have the time.

    Everyday, after I had finished second period, I would go to the science department and I would start working. I would most likely enter early so that I can help Ms. Li out with whatever she needs help with. It was very important that I make it on time early, because my responsibilities are very dependable. Everyday , at 9 Am I would have to sort paper and help out the students who needs help with the work. This department provides a quiet area to their students so they can concentrate. I would sort out her paperwork once i get in at 9 Am.

    Without me ,Ms. Li would be doing more of a work. At 9:15 Am the students would start to walk in to get help with there homework, and I would go over to them to see if I can be at any assist to them. This is the part when my job comes in hand. I help mostly 11th grade students with their homework and classwork because Ms. Li is a chemistry teacher. Students would raise their hands or come over to me when they have a question, and I would walk to them, and answer their questions. if I have trouble I could always refer to Ms.

    Li. On top of all this, i would sometimes grades homeworks and tests. This goes on everyday, students would ask me for help on their homework. Whether it is a chemistry or and other science related problems, I would have to help them to so they could pass. This is also part of my responsibility and from time to time the AP of the science would come check on the classrooms to see if everything is fine. I would continue to grade their homework and classwork while the student have no more questions to ask me.

    Every time Ms. Li has a test day, I would have to grade the scan the test and grade them. I would also enter their test grades into the grading booklet. Most of the students in this center would achieve to get an almost to perfect score. As 10 AM hits, the bell would dismiss the students, and I would sign out and let Ms. Li sign my time sheet. This service had affected me in a positive way. I had the opportunity to learn how to tutor other school-mates. I also learned to have better explanations on problems.

    This service had opened my mind into what 11th grade students are learning now compared to my experience when I was in 11th grade. My community service was a positive experience because the environment was calm. The other volunteers were generous and nice. I would recommend this idea to other people who are going to volunteer in the future. I recommend this place because, its overall a great place to be in. The students are smart and patient. I feel that I can learn a lot through the work I chose.

    I feel this way because not only did i refresh my memories on my previous science. An example would be a earth science question. while i was trying to teach them explanation to the question, instead I actually learn something that I couldn’t understand back when I was learning earth science. If I had the power to make any changes, I would like to add more room for the students, and that there should be more student-volunteer to help out the other students who need help with classwork and homework.

    Other than that, the place is fine, because I believe that the fact that there is an area where students can go to study, do homework, and get tutoring is good enough, because this can help the student become brighter and more prepared for the classes ahead of them. In this community service project, I grew in many ways. I learned how to tutor students. I also learned to have better explanations on organization and being able to explain to the students who had difficulty with the homework. In this project, I learned how to communicate with my school mates and my boss.

    I had affected this center in many ways. The students had learned many useful tips from to attack their subject problems. As my last day came into place , my boss allowed me to volunteer for more hours because she was pleased with my performance. Mrs. Li had sign a letter stating my proof of volunteering at this place. She would track my hours and make sure that I was always careful in doing my work correctly and was always on my best behavior. She also said I was punctual and performed my duties well. Overall, this community service project had impacted both the students and I in many different ways.

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