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Chapter 5

Education and literacy became more widespread during the renaissance in part due to the invention of the printing press
The term Renaissance man is used in case someone who is well educated in many areas
The music of the Renaissance changed very little from the late Middle Ages
Chapter 5

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The renaissance attitude of humanism require people to get all worldly goods and think solely about their life after death
Early Renaissance musical development was centered in Italy
Early renaissance sacred music was still frequently based on Gregorian chant
Franco Flemish composers made frequent use of imitation in their sacred works
Giovanni pierluigi da palestrina is credited with returning church music to the simplicity and purity of earlier times
The Council of Trent believe that sacred music had been corrupted by complex Polyphony
The 16th century was, to some degree at least, a period of body earthiness, irreverent humor, and celebration of sensual love
Renaissance magic world were always homophonic and strophic
English modules are distinct from Italian and growth in part due to their tendency to use fa Lala refrains
William Byrd was one of the first English composers to write in the magical genre
This singing a madrigals after dinner was a popular pastime in renaissance England
Chorales and Germany were the equivalent of the French chanson and an Italian magical
The only instrumental music written in the Renaissance was dance music
The most popular instrument of the renaissance was viol
Music for brass and read instruments was popular for outdoor dancing
This composer was one of the most influential at the Renaissance era and his name was so well known in his time the other composers put his name on their works in the hopes of selling them
A. John farmer
B. Josquin des prez
C. Claudio Monteverdi
D. Giovanni pierluigi da palestrina
Josquin des prez
The religious leader who broke away from the Catholic Church over disagreement with his doctor and was
A. John farmer
B. Martin Luther
C. Claudio Monteverdi
D. Giovanni Pierluigi da palestrina
Martin Luther
Increased respect for the individual in for independent thought prevalent during the renaissance is called
A. The counter Reformation
B. Protestantism
C. Humanism
D. The Council of Trent
The tern a cappella refers to
A. Music song without accompaniment
B. Music that uses chant as the compositional basis
C. Music with Lute accompaniment
D. Music performed during the Catholic mass
Music song without accompaniment
The renaissance motet includes all the following features except
A. Polyphony
B. imitation
C. A single text in Latin
D. Multiple text in multiple languages
Multiple text in multiple languages
The reaction by the Catholic Church to spread a Protestantism was
A. Humanism
B. the counter Reformation
C. the lied
D. A move back to living solely for the glory of God
The counter Reformation
The Council of Trent
A. Forced musicians to compose monophonic chant again
B. Forbade the use of polyphony
C. Abolished all text from sacred music
D. Investigated every aspect of religious discipline including church music
Investigated every aspect of religious discipline including church music
One of the changes protestant churches made concerning music was
A. Dissing in the vernacular
B. To sing solely in Latin
C. Too abolish all singing by the congregation
D. To allow only the singing of chance
To sing in the vernacular
The composer credited with writing a mass that was so beautiful and simple that it supposedly convinced the Council of Trent to reconsider abolishing polyphony was
A. Giovanni pierluigi da palestrina
B. Josquin des Prez
C. Claudio Monteverdi
D. Michael praetorius
Giovanni pierluigi da palestrina
Italian Renaissance secular music genre it was sentimental or erotic poetry was the
A. Chancon
B. Chorale
C. Madrigal
D. Fantasia
Music was written to represent the literal meaning of the text uses a technique called
A. Transcription
B. Word painting
C. Embellishment
D. Imitation
Word painting
Which composer did not write madrigals
A. John dowland
B. Claudio Monteverdi
C. Carlo Gesualdo
D. Luca marenzio
John dowland
The simplified version of the magical That was used in England is called the
A. Chanson
B. Ballet
C. Motet
D. Lute song
A type of French secular song they used accented rhythms and repetition was the
A. Chanson
B. Lied
C. Chorale
D. Fantasia
Renaissance German secular song was called the
A. Chorale
B. Fantasia
C. Ballet
D. Lied
Arrangement of compositions for medium other than those for which they were originally written or called; when for voice accompanied by a lute was called
A. Chansons
B. Embellishments
C. Lute songs
D. Transcriptions
Original compositions frequently written for the lute were called
A. Chorales
B. Transcriptions
C. Fantasias
D. Madrigals
Which of the following was not a popular keyboard instrument
A. Piano
B. Clavichord
C. Harpsichord
D. Organ
To embellish music means to
A. Continually repeat the sections in the same manner
B. Perform the music as a round
C. Change the words of a song
D. Add or change notes in the Melody
Add or change notes in the Melody
Flow my tears
John dowland
Fair phyllis
John farmer
Ave Maria
Josquin des prez
Pope Marcellus mass: kyrie
Giovanni pierluigi da palestrina
A broken consort was made up of
A. Instruments from the same family
B. Viols only
C. Instruments from mixture of families
D. Brass only
Instruments from a mixture of families
Josquin des prez
Franco Flemish composer
Michael praetorius
Late renaissance German composer of dances
Claudio Monteverdi
Late Renaissance madrigal composer
Giovanni pierluigi da palestrina
Late renaissance Italian composer who worked at St. Peter’s
German secular song
French secular song
Italian secular song

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Chapter 5
Education and literacy became more widespread during the renaissance in part due to the invention of the printing press True The term Renaissance man is used in case someone who is well educated in many a
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Chapter 5
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