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Reading Quiz #1 Renaissance

(1304-1374)was an italian scholar, poet, humanistnamed the “father of humanism”first to develop the idea of the “dark ages”
described the ideal gentleman of the age, adept in all areas, social, intellectual, physical. Author of The Courtier
Writes a document on how political leaders should act and rules to follow and how a prince should behave. Wrote The Prince. “Better to be feared then loved” “The ends justify the means”
Reading Quiz #1 Renaissance

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Thomas More
-Wrote More’s Utopia. First utopian model of a society ever, humanist
-Late 1400s-Early 1500s
-His utopia novel was revolutionary to many people and was the first pioneer of a type of social structure
Dutch Humanist, Priest and scholar. *Wrote “Praise of Folly” a satire. Father of Northern Humanism “forerunner of reformation” because he wanted to do away with some church positions and indulgences. (1469-1536)
Gutneberg’s Press, German, Helped spread information during the reformation period, Invention circa 1435
Pope Julius II
Great ambitions for the church and Rome; used art and artists as tools in his goal to restore papal authority over Christendom. Commissioned important works from Bramante, Michelangelo and Raphael. (r. 1503-1513)
Leonardo da Vinci
-Italian painter, sculptor, mathmetician, engineer, and overall perfect description of a Rennaisance man
-Painted the Mona Lisa, Last Supper, Vitruvian Man, and is responsible for the inspiration of many engineering feats to present day
-Born in Italy (1475)
-Specialized in sculpting and architecture
-Best known for sculpting David
-The architect of the dome of Saint Peter’s -Basilica
-Painted the Sistine Chapel
Time: 1386-1466 -Imbued with classical ideals but obsessed with realism- The Feast of Herod, David, Gattamelata – Italian Ren Artist
The Medici
A political dynasty, banking family and later royal house that first began to gather prominence under Cosimo de’ Medici in the Republic of Florence during the late 14th Cent.Cosimo de Medici, Florence prospered giving birth to literature, education, and more.
1348-1517Rebirth,RenewalTransition from the medieval period. Cultural and artistic change. Centered in Florence, eventually spread over most of Western and Northern Europe.
An intellectual movement that focused on human potential and achievement. Became prevalent during the Renaissance. Secular in the South, Christian in the North.
The Prince
1513 Niccolo Machiavelli, book that marks shift in Renaissance humanism from civic ideal to princely ideal. Princely ideal focuses on qualities and strategies necessary for attaining and holding social/political power.
-this was a book by Thomas More which portrayed a fictional island and the life of people on this island-1500’s-this is where the word utopia comes from and this book caused people to think about alternative ways of life
The Praise of the Folly
-this is an essay written by erasmus-1500s-it is considered one of the factors that helped to cause the reformation, it did this through talking about some of the corrupt practices of the church
Hans Holbein
Hans Holbein
Famous German Painter, worked for Henry VIII, very realistic, known for portraits, Part of Northern Renaissance Art Movement
Pieter Brueghel
-A Flemish Renaissance Painter
-Painted landscapes, scenery, and sometimes people. Combined Italian Renaissance technique with artistic traditions to paint everyday life scenes. Vibrant colors.
Jan Van Eyck
15th Century Dutch painter famous for use of oil paint The exquisite detail in the paintings have been liked to photography Most famous work is Arnolfini portrait in which, in the painting, he appears as a witness to the betrothal
Italian painter from Florence, known for “The Birth of Venus” and “Primavera”
Albrecht Druer
A German printmaker, painter, and theorist. He is regarded as the greatest artist of the Northern Renaissance. His watercolors make him one of the first European landscape artists, and his woodcuts revolutionize that medium.
Jakob Fugger and the Fuggers
-1459-1525-family of wealthy merchants- wealthy family on Southern Central Europe that profited from huge trading nextwork
Jan Hus
(c.1372-1415) preached agains the abuses in the church and challenged some of the Church’s doctrines. From Bohemia. Eastern Europe
John Wyclif
Was an English Scholastic philosopher, theologian, lay preacher, translator, and. His followers were known as Lollards. A Pre-Reformation reformer.

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Reading Quiz #1 Renaissance
Petarch (1304-1374)was an italian scholar, poet, humanistnamed the "father of humanism"first to develop the idea of the "dark ages" Castiglione described the ideal gentl
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Reading Quiz #1 Renaissance
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