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    art history 22, 23 Essay

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    Who was martin luther and what was his goal when he posted his ninety-five theses in Wittenburg?
    German theologian.

    His goal was spiritual issues, but his ideas ultimately led to the splitting of Christendom.

    What medium was used for Cranach’s Allegory of Law and Grace?
    Why was the wood as a medium approved by Protestants when large altarpieces were not?
    they viewed it as useful devotional aids. they were vehicles to educate the masses. they were also least expensive.

    Who painted the Isenheim Altarpiece?
    matthias Grunewald
    List 3 characteristics of Matthias Grunewald’s style.
    a. emphacis on suffering
    b. effective use of color


    What subject is depicted on the center panel of the Isenheim Altarpiece?
    What was On the exterior wings of the isenheim altarpiece?
    Anunnciation, angelic concert, madonna and child, and resurrection
    what was on the interior wings of the isenheim altarpiece?
    meeting of saints anthony and paul. and the temptation of st anthony
    what was the isenheim altarpieces purpose?
    to be an icon for the people at the hospital
    for what type of institution was the altarpiece created?
    a monastic hospital
    what was the reason for including saints sebastian and anthony on the wings?
    they are associated with disease and with miraculous curing
    name the 16th century northern artist who became an international art celebrity
    albrecht durer
    in what way does Durer’s representation of the Last Supper reflect Luther’s position on the sacrament of Transubstantiation?
    Luther insisted that communion was commemorative not a reenactment. the slaughtered lamb is absent.
    how does Durer’s support for Lutheran doctrine reflected in the Four Apostles?
    It emphasizes sorry and community, christ has announced the betrayal, only 11 disciples remain with him.

    empty plate in foreground refers to the commemorative rather than literal.

    List two elements of Durer’s Adam and Eve that reflect his study of Italian Models:
    a. arithmic ratios
    b. contrapposto
    the poses of adam and eve are similar to the figures of
    contrapposto kourai and koroi
    List one element that demonstrates Durer’s northern commitment to naturalism
    Name two tendencies that durer fuses in Knight Death and the DEvil


    one of durer’s most outstanding talents was his expressive use of
    as he began a campaign against the Turks, the duke of bavaria hired the artist..
    Albrecht Altadorfer
    Albrecht had to paint the historic conflict between Alexander the great and
    in what day dud the artist emphasize the connection between the ancient battle and contemporary times?
    figures are in armor and are depicted in military alignments
    what stylistic effects did he utilize to emphasize the violence of the battle?
    craggy mountain peaks, swirling clouds and blazing sun

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