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    APEH Chapter 13

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    Italian balance-of-power diplomacy
    was designed to prevent a single Italian state from dominating the peninsula.
    According to the Dutch humanist Erasmus, the key to reform was
    . education
    The emergence of the private chapel as a component of the urban palace of Renaissance elites signified
    passing of religious power into private hands
    The northern humanists believed that human nature
    was fundamentally good.
    The Italian humanist Lorenzo Valla
    demonstrated that the Donation of Constantine was a forgery
    The subjugation of the Italian peninsula by outside invaders was
    a. the result of the papal invitation to the French king to intervene.
    b. the result of the Italians’ failure to coordinate a common defense. Incorrect
    c. inevitable.
    d. the product of the invaders’ overwhelming superiority.
    e. the result of the economic collapse of Italy
    By 1300, most of the Italian city-states were ruled by either signori or
    All of the following ethnic groups were imported into western Europe as slaves during the 14th and 15th centuries except
    The invention of movable type led to all of the following except
    the use of French as the language of polite society.
    The Star Chamber
    dealt with noble threats to royal power in England.
    The Italian Renaissance had as one of its central components
    a glorification of individual genius.
    According to the text, Thomas More’s Utopia was remarkable for its time because asserted
    that flawed social institutions were responsible for human corruption.
    The most important factor in the emergence of the Italian Renaissance was the
    rise of a wealthy, urban business elite.
    As consumer habits changed, an aristocrat’s greatest expense was usually his
    urban palace.
    Renaissance culture was
    that of a small, urban, business elite.
    The term, humanism, as used in the text refers to
    study of the Latin classics for moral education and insights into human nature.
    According to Laura Creta, the inferiority of women was a consequence of their overzealous commitment to religion.
    Rich individuals sponsored artists and works of work to control unemployment.
    n which area did opportunities for upper-class women increase most during the Italian Renaissance.
    access to education
    Castiglione’s manual on gentlemanly conduct asserted that real men need not learn French.
    For ordinary women, the Renaissance had very little impact.

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