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    Ancient Greek Literature And Theater Essay

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    Peoples need to look at the past to understand the nowadays. Our civilization today reflects many different antediluvian civilizations, but Ancient Greece has had a profound consequence on modern society. Ancient Greece ‘s influential cultural traits range from art to authorities to doctrine. Even though there are many differences between Ancient Greece and modern society, there are some critical constructs that have lasted all these centuries in order to assist determine our universe to what it is today.

    One obvious cultural trait is democracy, where the people vote to take their leaders and do Torahs. In Greece, single metropolis provinces created their ain Torahs and the people had influence over things that were traveling on. The United States authorities theoretical accounts after the democracy of ancient Greece. A immense difference though was in ancient Greece, work forces were the lone 1s to be considered citizens. In Aristophanes ‘ drama Lysistrata, Lysistrata discusses the issue of resident foreigners and how they should be accepted every bit long as they paid revenue enhancements and did military service. The same issue with in-migration Torahs and citizenship is being dealt with presently.

    The Greeks valued beauty, strenuosity, and admired the human build which is apparent in many sculptures in museums. Modern society is besides obsessed with beauty, but alternatively of sculptures, there are theoretical accounts. For illustration in Lysistrata, Lysistrata and some others look over the physical features of the Spartan adult females to see what is beautiful about in them. They point out Lampito has a nice bosom, and Korinthian has a good underside. These are the types of features they thought would pull work forces. Besides, the Greeks created the Olympics which were a manner to demo off strenuosity, and non much has changed since. The Olympics are still highly of import to most universe civilizations.

    Like America today, Greece was a so called “ melting-pot ” of civilizations. Greece was made up of several different city states which each had their ain Torahs and alone imposts, yet they all were a portion of Greece. America is relatively the same because there are 50 different provinces that each has different features, yet they are all a portion of the United States of America. In Lysistrata, adult females from all over Greece including Athens and Sparta, who were contending each other in the war, came together to do a united forepart to stop the Peloponnesian War and reunite Greece.

    Ancient Grecian literature and theatre still have an impact sing every pupil is required at some point during their schooling to cook The Iliad or The Odyssey. Aesop ‘s fabrications are besides still popular. The Greeks are the 1s who created play and calamity in the theatre. Another of import cultural trait passed down was the manner of architecture used by the Greeks, specifically columns. Many of America ‘s authorities edifices have columns merely like that of the Greek Parthenon, particularly in Washington D.C.

    In the notes, the diminution of Ancient Greece was said to be due to Sophists emphasizing rational unity, individuality, no individual truths, disconnected civilization, political pandemonium, and prostration of civilization. Individuality is a big portion of American civilization. Everyone wants to be alone and different from the mainstream. This is particularly true among today ‘s young person when they become rebellious against what everyone else is making. When everyone becomes single, there becomes a deficiency in integrity which could be something modern society is headed towards. There is besides a battle with the no individual truths issue besides. Today ‘s society has no more “ black and white ” sides. There are all kinds of different sunglassess of in between grey. Everyone has their ain sentiment and about anything can be justified, which leads to political pandemonium because everyone has their ain thought of what should be go oning and no 1 is holding on anything.

    The Greeks stressed rational growing and moral prominence. Greeks were large into doctrine, math, and scientific discipline, and they made certain work forces got their schooling. Education is an indispensable portion of America as good, and it has become about imperative to go on instruction past high school in order to hold any kind of occupation security. The Greeks besides focused on the construct of being anthropocentric, that adult male is the centre of everything. A great illustration of anthropocentricism is from the beginning of Sophocles ‘ drama Oedipus the King, after the Chorus calls the Gods to salvage Thebes from the pestilence, Oedipus enters and says he will take up the duty to salvage Thebes. Oedipus decides to move like a God, and even comes near to directing the Gods off. This could besides be comparable to now because many Americans think that America is the most of import and the centre of everything when in world that is non true. Anthropocentricism is unsafe because it easy leads to plume which led to the ruin of Oedipus.

    Grecian comedy became popular in ancient Grecian theatre, and comedy is still popular today. Grecian comedy includes features like implausible actions and non human characters. For illustration, the drama, Lysistrata, uses comedy in the competition between the choruses of Old Men and Old Women when they make each other smell their olfactory properties, and besides when the Commissioner is made to dress in adult females ‘s vesture. Comedy like this is used so frequently nowadays in films, theatre, and literature. For illustration, any Will Ferrell film could be an illustration of implausible actions.

    Aristophanes play Lysistrata possesses many cultural traits of ancient Greece that are still apparent today. An of import illustration from the drama is the function of the cliché homemaker or what is called today a “ trophy married woman. ” Lysistrata could be considered a women’s rightist in some regard because as she is waiting for the other adult females to fall in her, she tells her neighbour, Kleonike, that she is disquieted the adult females will non come talk about the war, and she states she is ashamed to be a adult female because she does non understand why the adult females put up with the disrespectful manner the work forces treat the adult females. She is disquieted because the adult females are non contending against the stereotype. There are many adult females today contending against that same stereotype that adult females should merely remain at place and be female parents. Womans are going a larger portion of the work force.

    Lysistrata wants to stop the war, and she has decided that the work forces are non moving rapidly plenty so she is traveling to utilize the art of persuasion to acquire her manner. Womans have the ability to tempt work forces, and Lysistrata ‘s program for the adult females to move as merely annoyers and non move on anything is traveling to drive them to insanity, and they ‘ll be despairing to stop the war. This same ability for adult females to pull work forces and carry them still exists today. Womans know that work forces are ocular, and usage that every bit power to sometimes acquire what they want.

    In Lysistrata, there is a conflict of the sexes when the Chorus of Old Men lifts their adventitias to allow the adult females smell their foulness, and when the Chorus of Old Women let the work forces smell their female olfactory property. This same kind of construct goes on today on shows like MTV ‘s Real World/ Road Rules Challenge: Battle of the Sexes, or the board game Battle of the Sexes.

    Modern society has the stating “ behind every great adult male is a great adult female. ” When George Bush Jr. came to talk at Harding, he talked about how his married woman was the stable stone that got him through his clip as president. This is apparent in Lysistrata every bit good when Myrrhine ‘s hubby, Kinesias, explains all the jobs traveling on at place without his married woman being there like the weaving unraveling, the house in a muss, the babe desiring its female parent, and he is despairing for sex with her. This proves that even though adult females were non considered really citizens in ancient Greece, they still had a profound influence on work forces and worked behind the scenes.

    Without the influence of antediluvian Grecian civilization, society today would non be remotely the same. Greece played such a critical function in developing all kinds of different influences, and civilizations from there have merely enhanced and altered what the Greeks established. America reflects a assortment of civilizations, but Greece plays a major function.

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