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The Long Term Impact of the Progressive Era’s Changes in Society Today

Ancient History


Progressive Era

Words: 684 (3 pages)

The Progressive Era from 1900-1915 contained many important issues that centered mostly on the improvement of society. The main focus of this period, however, was the overall improvement of social injustices that occurred to the common people especially worker’s rights. The foremost issue was worker’s rights. With businessmen like Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie leading…

The Struggles of the African People Under British Imperialism in The Fate of the Ndebele, Ndansi Kumalo

Ancient History



Words: 615 (3 pages)

Modern History Sourcebook: Rudyard Kipling, The White Man’s Burden. 1899 is a poem which tells us of the perception of the White Man of his ‘uncivilized counterparts’. His imperialist motives, love of control and exploitation of tribal peoples, and the burdens which the natives were forced to bear. Subjection and servitude are ways which Europeans…

Role of Women in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece


Antigone Tragic Hero

Words: 1338 (6 pages)

Women in ancient Greek society were seen as insignificant in comparison to men. They were stereotyped as being subservient and loyal cookers and cleaners. In Greek tragedies, however, women were given a major role that progressed the play’s plots and evoked the audience’s thoughts and emotions. While some women are portrayed as victims and vengeance…

Comparison of A Doll`s House and Antigone

A Doll's House


Antigone Tragic Hero

Words: 1328 (6 pages)

Antigone by Sophocles and A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen are both plays that illustrate the use of power in society. The motivations, and use of, this power are situational for the characters of each story and depend greatly on gender. The male roles of both Antigone and A Doll’s House exercise their dominance with…

Women’s March and Burial At Thebes resemblance 


Antigone Tragic Hero

Words: 1299 (6 pages)

2017 Women’s March movement; more than 2 million across the world, in all 50 states of the US, in all 7 Continents and with 673 Marches. Each different in a way, but all for the same reason; to advocate legislation and policies regarding human rights and other issues. The First Women’s March was back in…

Eternity Battle of Law and Society


Antigone Tragic Hero

Words: 570 (3 pages)

Throughout literature there has always been a battle between human law that governments put into place in order to govern societies as well as higher law which means the law of God. This battle has been fought in history and in books. The United States of America was founded mainly because of religious intolerance in…

Role of Choices in Our Life (1648 words)


Antigone Tragic Hero

Words: 1648 (7 pages)

When it comes to fate, the heart is what drives us to do things that we have never done before. There comes a time where we must ignore everything and do what we desire. The Greek tragic story Antigone, written by Sophocles, and the thriller NEED, written by Joelle Charbonneau, are both similar in regards…

Tragedy of Sophocles`s Antigone and Creon


Antigone Tragic Hero

Words: 1026 (5 pages)

As defined in class, a tragic character is a character who suffers because of a tragic flaw or, in Aristotle’s opinion, because of an error or mistake they made. They also tend to evoke pity or sadness in the audience. In Sophocles’s Antigone, Creon’s hubris and his stubbornness, which prevent him from taking advice from…

Ancient Greek Literature: Tragedy


Antigone Tragic Hero

Oedipus The King

Words: 1718 (7 pages)

Throughout history there have been many great leaders, some better than others, but overall they have all shared various traits that are essential to a person in power. Ancient Greek literature has continuously proved that leaders possess specific qualities, including negative ones such as moira (destiny), hubris (extreme pride), and peripeteia (reversal of fortune), all…

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