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American History Chapter 17

return to life as it was before the war
Warren G. Harding won the presidency by appealing to Americans’ desire to
interfered with businesses and industry as little as possible
Coolidge believed part of his job as president was to make sure the government
dividing operations into simple tasks
Henry Ford’s system for making cars increased efficiency by

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a presidential election
Commercial radio began its rise in November 1920, with news about
buy American crop surpluses and sell them abroad
The McNary-Haugen Bill called for the government to
they were Italian immigrants and anarchists
Many people viewed Sacco and Vanzetti with suspicion because
hiring professional promoters
In the early 1920s, the Ku Klux Klan added to its membership by
personal freedom
The new morality of the 1920s glorified
teaching evolution
John T. Scopes was put on trial for
Harlem Renaissance
The flowering of African American arts in the 1920s became known as the
group of Harding’s friends
The Ohio Gang was a
allowing private interests to lease lands containing US Navy oil reserves
In the Teapot Dome scandal, Albert B. Fall received bribes for
began to support the airline industry
After entrepreneurs such as Glenn Curtiss started building practical aircraft, the federal government
farmers could no longer sell their crops to overseas markets
An unintended effect of the Fordney-McCumber Act was that
avoiding involvement in world affairs
After World War I, most Americans wanted to avoid future wars by
enforce prohibition
The purpose of the Volstead Act was to
“talking” motion picture
The golden age of Hollywood began in 1927 with the release of the first
Harlem nightspot where many African American entertainers got their start
The Cotton Club was a
anti-lynching legislation
The NAACP’s lobbying efforts influenced the House of Representatives to pass, in 1922,
defeat of an allegedly racist judge nominated for the Supreme Court
One of the NAACP’s greatest political triumphs occurred in 1930 with the
promote black pride and unity
The Universal Negro Improvement Association was formed to
Warren G. Harding died in office
Calvin Coolidge became president when
immunity to wealthy businessmen accused of insider trading
Attorney General Harry Daugherty resigned in disgrace after being investigated for taking bribes in exchange for allowing
set requirements workers had to meet
The purpose of Henry Ford’s Sociological Department was to
welfare capitalism
Unions declined during the 1920s because many corporations instituted
an annual 2-week paid vacation
An innovation instituted by International Harvester in 1926 was
lowering the cost per car
Henry Ford’s business philosophy was to increase sales by
The National Origins Act of 1924 made limits on immigration based on a _____ system permanent.
Stylish, unconventional American women of the 1920s who dressed in attire considered too revealing by previous generations were called _____.
The _____ trial tested a state law that banned the teaching of evolution.
During prohibition, people flocked to secret bars called _____, where they could purchase alcohol.
mass media
Radios, movies, newspapers, and magazines aimed at a broad, popular audience were all examples of _____.
Great Migration
The movement of hundreds of thousands of African Americans from the rural South to industrial cities in the North was called the _____.
_____ was a style of music influenced by Dixieland music and ragtime.
Many consumers in the 1920s began to feel confident that they could buy and pay later, so many bought everything from radios to cars on the _____ plan.
Technological advances enabled farmers to produce more in the 1920s, but higher yields without a corresponding increase in _____ meant that farmers received lower prices.
Supporters of _____ wanted the United States to stay out of entanglements with Europe.
Langston Hughes
writer who became a leading voice of the African American experience in the United States
welfare capitalism
a system in which companies allowed workers profit sharing, medical care benefits, and pensions
Marcus Garvey
leader of the “back to Africa” movement
Charles Lindbergh
pilot of the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight
Duke Ellington
composer, pianist, and bandleader whose sound was a blend of improvisation and orchestration
payments Germany was required to make as punishment for starting the war
Kellogg-Briand Pact
attempted to outlaw war
Five-Party Naval Limitation Treaty
agreement to halt production on warships
assembly line
enormously increased manufacturing efficiency
Bessie Smith
singer who seemed to symbolize soul
artistic and unconventional lifestyle in the 1920s
mass media
helped spread the new ideas and attitudes of the 1920s
Orville Wright
made the first crewed, powered flight in history
Great Migration
created powerful African American voting blocs in Northern cities
police powers
a government’s right to control people and property in the interest of public safety, health, welfare, and morals
Herbert Hoover
established the Bureau of Aviation
illegal production and distribution of liquor
the managerial revolution
increased the ranks of the growing middle class
human beings developed from lower forms of life
Henry Ford
increased workers’ wages in 1914 to $5 per day
“Tin Lizzie”
Henry Ford’s Model T car
Oscar DePriest
first African American representative elected to Congress from a Northern state
supply-side economics
growth through lower taxes
Al Capone
gangster in Chicago during prohibition

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American History Chapter 17
return to life as it was before the war Warren G. Harding won the presidency by appealing to Americans' desire to interfered with businesses and industry as little as possible
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American History Chapter 17
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