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    Academic Integrity (456 words)

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    Academic integrity is a ideology that controls and shapes the foundation and the organization. This ideology rules the institution. Dishonesty with academic integrity may include many acts such as

    1. plagiarism-Using or copying other’s ideologies.
    2. unfair marking scheme of the instructor.
    3. making false writings or elaborating theory or resaerch in a wrong pattern.

    Citation is reffered to taking some topic or taking some definations from the any website or any book than describing it grammatically in the coma(‘ ‘) with a proper format. APA(American Psychological Association),MLA(Modern Language Association) or many other is format for the proper citation. If you are taking some topics from the somewhere and not describing the citation will lead to plagiarism from the ternitin. Ternitin is website where wwe have to submit the assaignments.

    According to my perception and day to day observations plagiarism is most prevailing issue amoung the university students . students in order to complete their assignments replicate the assignments of their friends or from the different websites which leads to acedemic misconduct and futher leads to ruining the academic integrity.

    The other prevailing factor to gain the publicity and get the attention, researchers are elaborating and misinterpreting the the researches,theories and the writings in a wrong pattern wich makes the theories uncertain. Academic integrity also include proper and fair marking schemes for all the students in order to be fair to all the students. But it is seen and complained by students that instructors are being unfair to them.

    Racism and lack of timing are the two factors that should be taken into consideration for instituition and instructors being unfair to tje students.Further quoting an example, A student of a university in toronto was caught cheating during the finals was warned not to repeat the same act. Again was caught twice in the assignments copying the content of others.

    A serious action was taken by the university to maintain the academic integrity. Academic intergrity is important to maintain the reputation of the university. It is important to for students to follow the rules and regulations. For students to keep up with the integrity and due to these rules students are compelled to work hard, concentrate on the studies, taking education seriously.

    If such ideologies were not made students may be indisciplined and would have taken education for granted. The actions taken by the instituitions are failing the course furthermore, students are given three warnings incase caught misconducting and then their admission from the univerity is cancelled.

    Putting all the points in a nutshell, Academic integrity teaches discipline , how to manage time and hardworking which are the core principles of life and which increases the literacy rate further contribute to the economy of the country.

    This essay was written by a fellow student. You may use it as a guide or sample for writing your own paper, but remember to cite it correctly. Don’t submit it as your own as it will be considered plagiarism.

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