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Generalized Anxiety Disorder Essay

Anxiety Disorder

Words: 2508 (11 pages)

Asian cultures tended to exhibit a collectivist culture, a culture that considers individual actions as reflecting the group rather than the individual, while American cultures tend to possess an individualist culture, which depicts individual actions as reflecting only the individual. This explains why Japan and Korea has specifically TFK while, on the other hand, American…

Anxiety Disorders in United States

Anxiety Disorder

Words: 1348 (6 pages)

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental disorders in the United States. Millions of people suffer from anxiety every year. Unfortunately, only about 36% of those suffering receive treatment (Facts & Statistics, n.d.). Treatments for anxiety are typically forms of therapy and medication. For many years, alprazolam has been the drug of choice prescribed by…

Anxiety Disorder Causes and Treatment

Anxiety Disorder

Words: 1288 (6 pages)

Psychiatric Diagnosis Generalized anxiety disorder is a diagnosable psychiatric condition encompassing hallmark signs of excessive, uncontrollable worry and anxiety about everyday, routine life circumstances (APA, 2013, p. 222). Epidemiology Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent psychiatric disorder with up to one third of the population suffering from an anxiety disorder at some point in their…

The Hamilton Anxiety Scale (HAM-A): Mild to Moderate Anxiety


Anxiety Disorder

Words: 1193 (5 pages)

According to Bech, ‘Hamilton developed, The Hamilton Anxiety Scale (HAM-A) and the Hamilton Depression Scale (HAM-D). The scales have been in existence for over 50 years (Bech, 2009). His main focus was to identify symptoms of the client’s behaviors. (Bech, 2009). This paper will review the experience of taking the Hamilton Anxiety Scale assessment. Secondly,…

Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder Essay


Anxiety Disorder

Words: 1443 (6 pages)

Anxiety is a mental condition of varying types, causes, and effects. Having many different forms, it can be beneficial or problematic depending on its intensity. While it is normal to experience small anxiety, unusually intense feelings of anxiety are classified as disorders and can have harmful effects on one’s mind and physical being; for this…

Panic Disorder Overview Essay (1562 words)

Anxiety Disorder

Words: 1562 (7 pages)

Panic Disorder in Adolescents Panic disorder (PD) is a life-changing condition that affects millions of people around the world. Patients often live in fear of the disorder, allowing for it to take control of their daily lives. PD is a serious disorder with features of repeated panic attacks (PA’s). These attacks appear out of nowhere,…

Causes of Anxiety Disorder (1079 words)

Anxiety Disorder

Words: 1079 (5 pages)

Introduction According to the National Institute of Health, primary anxiety disorders are very common, affecting almost one in every five people in the US in any given year. Anxiety serves to warn us of danger and to help us mobilize effective defenses. In some circumstances, anxiety can overwhelm us resulting in a variety of symptoms….

Anxiety and its Disorders (554 words)

Anxiety Disorder

Words: 554 (3 pages)

Anxiety in general is often described as a feeling of worry or nervousness, but in psychology it is considered a disorder, nervous disorder to be exact, which is the state of being in excessive worry or uneasiness. Anxiety has many different branches of disorders that are all very different and are trigged by the brain…

The Monsters In Your Head (798 words)

Anxiety Disorder

Words: 798 (4 pages)

Imagine you are walking down the hallway to get to your next class. You look around as you walk, feeling perfectly content with yourself and your surroundings. Everything is fine, until one little thing goes wrong. Whether it is the mean girls gossiping and pointing at you, or even someone tripping and cutting their knee….

Anxiety Disorders and Treatment

Anxiety Disorder

Words: 1262 (6 pages)

Anxiety disorders are extremely widespread in the United States, with a lifetime prevalence of up to 33.7% (Bandelow & Michaelis, 2015). In addition to taking a large emotional toll on affected individuals, anxiety disorders also take a large economic toll on the country, with one study estimating the total cost per year to be $42.3…

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What are the 6 types of anxiety disorders?
  1. GENERALIZED ANXIETY DISORDER (GAD) GAD, is the most common and widespread type of anxiety. Characteristically GAD sufferers have relentless, unspecified worry about everyday things.
  2. PHOBIAS. A phobia is an intense fear of something that really doesn’t pose a real or immediate danger. ...
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