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    A world crisis can make or break a country Essay

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    A world crisis can make or break a country: The topic that jumped outat me and screamed, write about me! was that war can make or break acountry. This statement explains how so many different countries have comeinto there own, and have established themselves as world powers. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Category:HistoryPaper Title:A world crisis can make or break a countryText:The topic that jumped out at me and screamed, write about me! was thatwar can make or break a country. This statement explains how so manydifferent countries have come into there own, and have established themselves asworld powers. Europes global expansion created the setting within which allother societies have been compelled to make there way into the modern world.

    Russians, Latin Americans, Arabs, Chinese, and other peoples found themselvesfaced with the fact of western European dominance in one form or another. Noneof them could avoid dealing with it in one form or another. One such an examplewas the power struggle between Europe and the United States before and afterWWII. World War II was a period of self-definition for the two countries. Europehad become the leading force of exploration between 1492 and 1945 until afterWorld War II when the US replaced them. After the war the Soviet Union hadcollapsed and without their threat, the U.

    S. was attempting to stop the spreadof communism to better the world as a whole. Before the Second World War Europe was a booming economic epicenter, withtrade routes to virtually everywhere. Their people had witnessed the fall of theRoman republic, the crusades, and the enlightenment of the renaissance, but astime waned on European people found themselves faced with the threat of a warthat would bump them out of first place.

    The United States entered the war in1941, and Americans moved across North Africa and thereby taking control of theMediterranean. In 1943, American, British, and Free French forces invaded Italy. Finally in 1945 the Soviet Union was brought down by a devastating defeat thatkilling millions in both sides. Europe itself was impoverished and in ruins,ironically, a victim of its own political vices and powers. It was clear thatEuropean Dominance was finished and that the U. S.

    would define the fate of theEuropean world. In my opinion Europe got what it deserved, but I dont believe that so manydeaths and so much destruction was necessary. Europe was a world leader withmany political and economic advantages to be shared. I believe Hitler could havebeen defeated without the involvement of so many countries.

    He was only one manmade of flesh and blood like the millions of people killed in the war. I dothink that some conflict is necessary, but it should never be taken to theextent of mass destruction. In American views the war might have overall seemedpositive being that we appeared on top after the dust settled, but I believethat the United States would have established themselves as dominant in theyears ahead anyway. In conclusion I have briefly summarized the events of the Unites States thatlead up to the fall of Europe. I have discovered through some thoughtfulanalysis of the war as a whole that, maybe, war is necessary to move alonghistory and events in political power.

    Although I strongly disagree with war andits effects, I am somewhat persuaded to take a look at it from a military pointof view. I conclude with a quote I know not with what weapons WWIII will befought, but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones,-anonymous-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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