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    A Personal Reflection on Racism in America

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    Race and racism play a huge roll in life every day. Race is always being brought up, it is very important when looking for jobs or applying for college, Racism is also everywhere I go and it’s all over the news and TV. They talk about how this race did this or this person wants to get rid of this race in the United States. Sadly, as much as we all want racism to die out, it probably won’t, it is a fixed fallacy; It will keep going and it will just get worse as time passes on. Experiences my race varies I am Japanese, German, French, Irish, Spanish, and Mexican. So you can bet when I tell people what I am they are always so shocked and say “oh so you’re a mutt?”, yes I am but do not classify me under something when your ancestors may have been from the same areas mine were in I also have a friend from Hawaii and she had asked what I was and I told her and she said in Hawaii people like me and her are called “hapa” in Hawaii, so someone who is Asian and Caucasian.

    When I was younger and in Middle school people would often say something about my intellectual ability, since I am Japanese the kids would say “Shouldn’t you be good at math because you’re Japanese?”. Again another stereotypical thing to say, I never got upset at it but I always thought that people are so fast to judge someone who isn‘t good at something because other people in their race are good at it. Observations I have observed over the years something we call Athletic ability, in high school people would say that only black people can run in cross country or track and field because they have to run away from police, There is also a lot of times where people of white descent get told that they can do this and get away with this because they have white privilege due to the whole slave thing many years ago, People are also often times terrified of Muslims or Arabs because of acts that have happened in the past like 9/11, the San Bernardino shooting at the inland regional center, or the Orlando shooting back in June.

    Something that many people have seen is our first black president being elected into office, it was such a big deal when Barack Obama became president because he is a black man, we would call this a tokenistic fallacy. Another big race ordeal would be the whole thing about the Holocaust and how Hitler put on a mass murder of millions of people because they were Jewish. A more up-to-date observation would be Donald Trump, the elections are a big thing and it seems to me that Donald trump is always putting himself out there to make himself look like a racist. We have seen how he has had Muslims removed from his rally in different states and how he has this plan to build a huge wall to not allow illegal immigrants in.

    With Donald Trump showing this side of him it has shown us that many people in this world are indeed racist. Thousands of people are cheering and clapping when talking about building a wall because people who weren’t born here shouldn’t be here or also clapping when a Muslim husband and wife are taken out of a rally. We are always so fast to jump the gun and trying to categorize people under different races that we often forget that we are all under one race the human race. Just because someone is Mexican or African American it does not mean that they are any different then you and met Race and racism is not going anywhere and it is going to go around until the world finally shuts down and there is no one left As sickening and sad it is to see that our world today has become more racist to certain groups is absolutely terrible.

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    A Personal Reflection on Racism in America. (2023, Mar 16). Retrieved from

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