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    Why I Love My Motherland, Uzbekistan Essay

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    I went east, west, south and north, but I have never found a place better than my motherland. The air that my great ancestors breathed. The water that cured diseases that was said it was incurable, and the land which carries great secrets of the past. My motherland is Uzbekistan the country which shook the world with it might and power. In my motherland children my age and other ages are no less and never were. They are the most active and the most intelligent children of this century and the century after that.

    If we want to be champion we will be champion we just need to have an intention and self-trust to be unstoppable. In the same time we must thank our president and our ancestor for bringing us to this peaceful and adequate time. Many years our ancestors fought for this freedom right now we have ,so their generation or us to live in this type of great atmosphere. Many years of hard work showed its result. Abu Ali Ibn Sino, Mirzo Ulugbek, Abu Rayhon Beruniy, Khorazimy, Abu Nasr Farobiy and other of the greatest pioneers, astronomers, mathematicians, physicians, philosophers and so on.

    Their love for knowledge made them write about their discoveries and the books which they wrote on papers are really precious like every page of their book is made out of gold. If I would take Mirzo Ulugbek (1394-1449) as an example he opened the secret to stars by building the first observatory in Samarkand. Our ancestor, Mirzo Ulugbek. spended most of his life in the observatory studying stars. He discovered more than thousand stars and named them in his book called “Ziji Jadidi Kuragoniy” ,is a book that contains the name of stars, which helped astronomers in the future.

    This was only one of our ancestor that gave us pride in the pages of astronomy. Imagine what others did, they also made huge discoveries, which gave us pride in other the pages of knowledge. Our ancestors did have any advanced technologies of this year, but we have the right now in our peaceful and human rights protected motherland Uzbekistan. This means we can also achieve greater goals in the present and future which may be added to the book of knowledge, making us pioneers and helpings our future generation to develop more.

    In my motherland not only knowledge played role, but in the same time religion which our ancestors were played a vital role, which is Islam. Nowadays, entire Islamic countries respect our motherland, because of our ancestors who added their part in history of Islam. They are Al-Bukhariy, Tirmidhi, Motrudiy, Naqshbandiy and so on. These days most of the Islamic countries won’t recognize us until we say one of our ancestors name for example Al-Bukhariy. When they hear this name they will be really proud to see the generation of Bukhariy, and will show respect.

    The reason why Al-Bukhariy is famous is because he collected hadith and made it a book. Hadith is the words or acts of the Prophet (P. B. U. H). This means we can raise our heads up also in the pages of religion. As you can see what type of great people which our motherland raised. This people makes us love our country more and more. We should be thankful for our leader, Islam Karimov, has been taking care of the children of Uzbekistan. Even the world agrees that our leader is one of the best leader, politician and philosopher in the world.

    He gave us opportunities by creating many types of organizations for young generations such as “Kamolot”. Islam Karimov said,” Our children must be even better and smarter than us”. If you noticed that when he means children he means us. Now tell me who would not love a country or motherland such us Uzbekistan. Many people that includes children are dying in other countries. They don’t understand what peace and adequateness means at all, because they have not lived enough to taste it. In our motherland it is the opposite of all this, we have no war, no drought, no natural disaster neither unintelligent leader.

    The reason of all this peace is our president’s love for his motherland and it’s children which means us. Another examples for why we cannot live without loving our mother land is because it supplies us with electricity, oil and gas. In some countries, such as the ones in Africa are not supplied with this precious energies. This means we have to save some of those ,so our future generation would not suffer in the near future because they do not have enough energy. Even for the energy we must or have to thank our leader ,because he did not let us stay undeveloped such as the countries in Africa and other parts of Asia. Sports-is the ambassador of peace,” said our President Islam Karimov.

    So, to have an ambassador from peace our country has been increasing the enthusiasm of the future generation to sports. Youth my age are now becoming leader athletes of the world. My country has been increasing and reconstructing gyms or places to train in an specific sports. Many types of tools that will be used in sports are being imported and manufactured in high quality in our country. We have won many golden, silver, bronze medals in worldwide or international competitions.

    These days we have more 100 types of sports being thought in our country and in the same time more than hundred thousand young professionals. This professionals are now putting the world in wonder, making them think, “Is there a limit in knowledge and power of Uzbekistan? ”. I will answer that question explicitly there is no limit. In every country, includes Uzbekistan, there is one huge problem which is pollution. Pollution means exhilarating the air, water and earth. Pollution is causing several types of diseases, which is killing people.

    The pollutants are damaging the air which has been kept clean in the past centuries. Earth is being unable to fertilize, so that plants or vegetables that feeds people are getting lesser or the number is decreasing each year . Water the most important compound element in the world is losing its crystal clean looks, and is getting infected by anonymous diseases that is incurable. In the same time our motherland is being damaged and weakened. It sustained us with many things and as a repay we are damaging it and in the same time not leaving a chance for our future generation to see how powerful this sacred place were.

    This must not go on this way we must stop this type of living and start a new and safe environmental living, which means polluting less and cleaning more. Today is the 21st century, so there are lots of technologies that helps safe the environment, and thanks to our President we have those technologies. He separated enough money to buy build solar panel and hydroelectric station. This means we are developing really fast and in the same time steady. In the near future which is less than a decade we will also buy wind turbines which are good for the environment.

    If we are developing this way, maybe after a less or more than a decade we will be driving electric powered cars in the streets of Uzbekistan. Electric cars are better than petroleum using cars, because petroleum cars will produce a huge mass of poisonous gas, but in another hand electric cars are the opposite. This type of technology will really help us save our precious motherland, but one of the most important traditions we have that was left by our ancestors is called “Hashar” or cleaning of places such as the streets that will be used to reach the school or office.

    This type of tradition will make a person love his country and people who spend their lives to protect it. Our motherland gave us many things, but did we repay our motherland. Our motherland gave us peaceful place to live, sustained us with clean air and water and in addition electricity, gas, and petroleum for our cars. In the meantime, our motherland is giving us free twelve years of golden knowledge that is rare in some country,so we can reach up to our great ancestors, which changed the history and they way people live in the world in their time and in the future. Now tell me again, why should not we love our motherland?

    I think that only dumb-minded, selfish, bad intentional people would not love our or their motherland at all. I am really thankful for our President Islam Karimov, one of the most successful, spirited, kindhearted, long-range planning and intelligent, for leading us to the correct path and a great future. I will always wish him to get what he intended and to have a successful future. I love my motherland and all the things in it the air, the water, the earth and the people who live in our motherland Uzbekistan with me, and I also wish that they will serve our country and do their best to repay it.

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