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    Which Parts of the Story of Marco Polo Essay

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    There has been great controversy surrounding the existence of Marco Polo throughout history, as either fact or legend. There have been questions surrounding whether Marco Polo was the first European who traveled to China. This essay will discuss why Marco Polo’s journey is a fact. People ask why Marco Polo is considered as fiction. It was really difficult for him to prep. ‘e if he was telling the truth, Astor whether he was a real person and if he was actually the first European to travel to China there has been great debate.

    One of the reasons for people thinking that Marco Polo is fiction includes, when Marco Polo returned from his China trip in the past, it would have been difficult to believe him. It was very possible that he could have died because there was no development in China at the time, or he could have perished on the way there, his boat could have capsized, He wrote about his journey and people did not believe him. This was the reason why many people doubted whether he was a real person, and was believed to be a legend, However, in later years, people began to change their mind.

    After people traveled to China in modern times, people started to believe Marco Polo was a real person because China looked exactly as how Marco Polo scribed. Marco Polo wrote a journal about his adventures, and was read by many people. There are lots Of books that were published Which reference polo’s journal entries, one book includes Book of the Marvel of the World written by Rustically dad Pisa. This particular book describes his travels through Asia, Persia, China and Indonesia written between 1276 and 1291. Marco Polo was the first European Who traveled to China. He is famous because he wrote his own book during his journey.

    He was born in Venice and went to China when people hadn’t, so people found it hard to believe him and his exotic tales. They didn’t know what China looked like and people in the past couldn’t travel far away because it was too dangerous. Many people believe he made up the story and the story he had written was not true. Further reasons to support his existence is that documented written by historians about his life and his travels. It is possible to say that he was the first European to travel to China, as he kept a record of his travels, There is a lot of evidence, including many historian publications saying that he did in fact exist.

    Made more correct by the fact that Marco Polo’s books are located in the non- action area of the library. There is record of his birth (when and where was he born – source) and there is proof of his family, including his father and uncle when he was only seventeen years old. People asked if Marco Polo actually travel to China With his uncle and his dad. He did travel with his uncle and his dad because he was too young for to travel China by himself. Marco Polo’s dad and his uncle loved traveling and When they decided they are going to China. They took Marco Polo with them. Some people don’t believe that Marco Polo actually exists.

    He did exist because here are stories of his journal, which were written by him. If he didn’t exist who would of written his journal and making rumors of him. Marco Polo wrote his journey by himself during his journal and everyone knows about his journey because his travel was unbelievable in the old day and people thought that it was weird. They thought he was a liar and people started to talk about him. That’s why it’s so famous, Historians from old day couldn’t believe him because no one travel to China before and Marco Polo saying that he have travel to China and there is a book he written down during his traveling.

    This is why Historians didn’t believe him, Now historians treat his stories as fact because lots of people went to China this day and in the old day there were no one who traveled to China, People wouldn’t know if he were talking the truth or not because in the old day no one have traveled to China and they didn’t know anything about China even how China looked like. But now they know because they went to China and they know how it looks like. This is Why historians started to believe Marco Polo’s Story as fact. He was the first person who traveled to China and people thought it was amazing.

    They would Of not believe him if no one hue travel to China. People know it is fact because they actually have been in China effete didn’t they would of not believe him and they will thought he was lying or something which is not good. If he didn’t write his journey no one would have believe him because there would be no evidence. People started to believe Marco Polo. Marco Polo journey is true because if it’s not how did he know how China looked like. It’s not possible for him to write every single detail about China in his journal it he didn’t travel to China.

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