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    Gender Bias in Society

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    For the first section, I think although our society is always instilling in us the idea of equality between men and women. But a lot of gender biased in our society still exists. There are some examples of gender bias. The first example is in recruiting strategy. In the workplace, hiring managers are twice as likely to hire men as women. There may be gender biases throughout the recruitment process, starting with where and how to recruit. Irene McAvoy did not receive any response from her employer when she was looking for a job after college. When she changed her name from a feminine Erin to a masculine Mack on her resume, she got a 70% response rate. And employers may disclose their roles on platforms dominated by male candidates, or actively target men through advertisements. In addition to immorality, it’s also against the law.

    The second example is about the job description. The job description is so bland that it also contains some traces of unconscious bias. The tone and attitude of speaking always make people have different feelings, so people find that it includes confidence, decisiveness and strong attitude. All of these can attract male candidates and make female candidates hesitant. The study also showed that men only need to qualify 60% of the jobs they apply for, while women need to qualify 100%. This means that if your job description has many unnecessary or strict requirements, few women want to apply for the positions you apply for.

    For the second section, I think gender roles affect almost all lives. The difference between the two sexes, whether real or imagined, is a way to prove their existence. Gender inequality results from perceptual differences. It doesn’t help our society, where we train boys to be provider, stoic, uncompromising and demanding. And we train girls to be submissive, passive and meet the needs of men. This leads to the habit that a man always pays the bill, just because he is a man. That’s why there are usually more male robbers and kidnappers than female ones, because society puts too much pressure on men. That’s why single women are always under pressure to find a husband, support her and confirm her existence as a woman. Gender roles can even destroy marriage, relationships, etc. Once a lady who didn’t like cooking. However, she pretended to enjoy cooking during courtship until she got married. She was taught that every woman must know how to cook and enjoy it. As soon as she got into her wedding room, she stopped pretending because she was tired of pretending. Her husband and family began to complain that she had changed because she couldn’t keep pretending.

    For me, I am a male. Although everyone is saying that men and women are equal, I can still feel the huge pressure of men in society. For example, many women have to ask men to have a house and a car before they get married. In addition, many women like to change their positions at any time through benefits. Sometimes they will get benefits on the basis of their own women, and sometimes they will change their position to get benefits by advocating gender equality. I hope that equality between men and women is the real equality, not the slogan.

    The final topic we discussed in the colloquy class in last semester is about race. In the first section I will discuss the causes of racial discrimination. In the second section I will discuss some effects of racial discrimination in our life. For me, I am an Asian. I have yellow skin. People like me are also discriminated against in the world. I have also suffered racial prejudice in the past. First of all, I will talk about the race. The most important point that I will mention in the following content is racial discrimination. Racial discrimination refers to the practice of treating individuals differently because of their race or color. That is true that I have different perspectives when I see different people in disparate races. In fact, I am not willing to see others with a colored spectacle. That is because I think this kind of my view not respects to others, the reason is that their races have been decided when they were born. They do not have any chance to change their races at all, it just their destinies or fates.

    However, I cannot control my emotion. In my perspective, it is not prejudice, it just is instinct. The first reason that I have the instinct probably is the habits. That is because, I grow up with the people that is same race as me. I have been used to living with the people with the same skin color as me, and in my life are basically the people with similar characteristics. Therefore, the constant living condition render me hard to accept the other people with the disparate races. The second reason is that I probably affect by the education from my childhood. After parents and teachers continue to indoctrinate and educate, this kind of prejudice against race will come into being unconsciously. I am a Chinese and my skin color is yellow, so there still exist many biases to our race from others whose races are different from us and these biases usually come from the following factors: 1 intrinsic human nature, 2 economic and social insecurity, 3 the other, 4 demarcation among nations, 5 political insinuation, 6 Fragmentation/Stratification of society, 7 Mass media and popular culture, 8 lack of awareness, 9 history show us the way.

    For the second section, racism still exists and flourishes in some communities. While many people are able to accept the diversity of races and appreciate the differences between different religions and skin colors, there are also many who see differences among other races as a threat. Although racism at the individual level can be destructive through aggressive language, bad attitudes and occasional outbreaks of violence, it can have extremely serious consequences when it occurs at the government level. When racial discrimination occurs at the national level, we see atrocities such as ethnic cleansing, persecution, discrimination through the judicial system and harmful apartheid laws. It is undeniable that racism may cause damage to the culture and well-being of a country and cause economic and moral unrest. If hatred is allowed to thrive in a society, its negative effects will extend to every part of daily life. In some communities, we can see many signs of racial prejudice.

    Families of a certain color or race, living in poverty and poor conditions, are unable to get rid of their disadvantages due to the prejudice of their employers, leaving them in low paid positions. We have seen that the judicial system unfairly holds many ethnic groups accountable, imposes more severe penalties on their crimes, and even convicts those that have not been committed. We may also see discrimination in the education system, where people from certain backgrounds do not have access to the best schools and therefore do not have the appropriate qualifications for promotion and promotion to senior positions. Racial prejudice can also have a serious impact on individuals. Fear can become a daily occurrence, and low self-esteem is a common phenomenon. When a person often faces harassment and persecution in his or her life, he or she will naturally think that he or she is less valuable than his or her real self, which can only make the cycle of oppression permanent. Those who don’t value themselves will never try to get more. It is this problem that causes generations of families to get into trouble. It is also common for people who have always dealt with racism to become aggressive and aggrieved and turn to criminal behavior in an attempt to counter injustice. This will only make the adverse situation continue to cycle.

    I have also experienced racial discrimination once. During my trip to America, I was sent to a summer camp by my family. This is a golf camp. Every morning, the coach will teach us some golf skills. In the afternoon, we will practice with our teammates freely. Just the next afternoon, when it was my turn to hit the ball, a white boy came up to me and told me to get out of the way. I didn’t confront him to avoid conflict. Through this experience, I found that racial discrimination can happen in many cases

    The first topic we discussed in the colloquy class of the second semester is about beauty. In this part I just discussed the different kinds of form of beauty. For me, I think people with good quality are the most beautiful. First of all, many things in our life are beautiful. In other words, beauty is everywhere in our life. Beauty can be as small as a flower. At the same time, beauty can also be extremely grand like a high mountain. As long as we have a heart that is good at finding beauty, we can find beauty at any time. For example, first music is beautiful. The reason is that music is a creativity of an arts and innovations. Music is the powerful language of unity. Music killed depression, Slaughtered racism, and Strangled struggle. Music has no religion, no Color, and nor limit. Music was a cure and Music is also the soundtrack to the life of all of us. Second sky is beautiful. More people should lay down and watch the sky, people don’t need to worry as much as they do and life will be really simple. At the same time looking at the sky is pretty relaxing.

    Secondly, these beauties in our life often affect our thinking and feelings. For example, when we are in a bad mood or when we encounter something disturbing. A person gives you sincere encouragement or helps you. These people will cheer you up and give you a good view of the world. People may wonder why help and encouragement are beautiful. Actually, beauty is being able to look back on your life and knowing that you did things for the sake of your own peace of mind and not for anyone else’s misguided judgement. Knowing that you are worth the world and every positive thing it offers. In addition, encouragement can make people feel warm and hopeful, and can make people come out of despair. Although encouragement and help are not the beauty of expression, they are the beauty of inner and emotion, so that Help and encouragement are the beauty of a behavior.

    Thirdly beauty actually is a way for people to express their emotion or thoughts. Communicating is a kind of beauty and we called it “The art of communication”. When we’re attempting to get our message out to others, it’s as though we start with a giant blank canvas and we then begin to paint a picture, any picture we desire. Now, most people assume that when painting a picture, they have only a few basic brushes at their disposal. But the advanced artist knows there are many tools available to create their masterpiece, and they use each to their advantage. The same is true with communication. There are many tools available to you as you communicate; you just have to be aware of them and then use them purposefully. The better you become at using these tools, the better you’ll be at communicating. Furthermore, some artists or those people who love art like to express their feelings by creating artwork, such as painting or sculpture. They will use the influence of color on people’s thoughts to express their feelings or express what they want to express to everyone through the characteristic of painting. Sculptors express their feelings through the expressions and actions of sculptures.

    For me, people with good quality are the most beautiful. For example, the medical staff during the epidemic. Affected by the pneumonia epidemic caused by the coronavirus, frontline medical staff also made huge sacrifices, including life. Hearing the news that doctors and nurses were exhausted at work and passed away one after another, it touched my hearts. At the critical moment of the fight against the spread of the epidemic, the majority of medical staff in China immediately followed the call, let the family care for everyone, bid farewell to parents, bid farewell to husbands, bid farewell to wives and children, went to Wuhan, Xiaogan, Huanggang and other epidemic areas to put youth , Sweat, wisdom, skills, blood, life, are dedicated to this battle without smoke. In this battlefield without smoke, they resolutely ignored the risk of virus infection, in order to save protective clothing, insisted on not eating or drinking water for a day, not going to the bathroom, using their strong spirit, tenacious fighting spirit, superb medical skills to help patients find hope.

    The second topic we discussed in the colloquy class of the second semester is about religious. In this topic I mainly discussed my beliefs, where they come from and how they affect my identity. For me I am an atheist.

    I don’t have any faith so I’m an atheist. What is atheism? Atheism is a kind of belief that denies, denies and does not believe in the existence of gods; atheism is also a kind of resistance, rejection and attack to believe in the existence of any gods. I am an atheist because my family taught me from a young age not to believe in things about God.

    Atheism actually appeared a long time ago, but the unbelief of religious belief has a long and fascinating history. Therefore, it’s hard to judge the origin of atheism. To really understand atheism, we need to understand the history of atheism in the past 30 centuries. Atheism has appeared since the first religion, but because atheism is often sentenced to imprisonment or death, atheists tend to whisper at certain times and places. But atheism exists. Although the context of atheism in the ancient and medieval world is a story that few people know. Even atheists often know nothing about this part of their history. By the beginning of the 18th century, disbelief began to accumulate slowly in Europe. Secret documents challenging religious beliefs have been circulating for 50 years, only a step ahead of censorship. French parishioners read the documents of the Catholic priest who died in 1729 and found a book written for them by the priest, telling how disgusted and distrustful he was with the religion he had taught them for 40 years. By the end of this century, French, German and British philosophers had openly challenged religious power and ideas and established modern concepts of human rights and personal freedom. All this reached zenith in the French Revolution, after a brief flirtation with the atheist state, the supreme cult and reign of terror – at which point atheism returned to the ground for some time. However, since the 20th century, atheism has gradually become popular.

    In fact, an atheist’s life in China will not be isolated because I have no faith. Because most people in China are atheists. Even people with religious beliefs don’t often talk about their beliefs with others in China. I am now a high school student, from primary school to now, none of my classmates have religious beliefs, so that as an atheist, my life will not be affected by the lack of religious belief. But the atheists in other areas are very different from me. These atheists have no real religion from the beginning. Their view was naturalistic from the beginning. For those atheists who have supernatural beliefs, the story of losing them is amazing in its diversity. Some people describe that it’s easy to lose faith without drama. Others describe personal pain, especially when religious friends and family don’t respond well. Over the years, many religious people have been told that when they lose their faith, they will lose all hope and joy. When it turns out that’s not the case, the world is as beautiful as the day before, and life is as precious and valuable as the day before – a very pleasant surprise for many new atheists. Freedom and liberation often come from the realization – sometimes for the first time in history – that their thoughts are their own, that their destiny is in their own hands, that they are not chess pieces in other people’s chess games, but independent people. Atheists who grow up in conservative religious families often feel this feeling strongly, but others often talk about this sudden change of view.

    In the topic of social class. I find myself a middle class. I am satisfied with my life now, so I hope I can maintain my living standard through my efforts. I don’t want to be rich, because I think ordinary life has more flavor of life.

    In the topic of gender. I am a man, and I find that there are still many gender biases in our society. Many women suffer a lot of unfair treatment in many aspects of life. At the same time, men’s social pressure is also increased because of these prejudices

    In the topic of race. I am an Asian. I have yellow skin. I find that many of the racist ideas are cultivated from childhood. The problem of racial discrimination is still very serious. I also experienced racial discrimination as a child.

    In the topic of art. I find that I am a person who likes the beauty of life details. I like to observe small details of life. I also think the most beautiful scenery is the noble personality such as the taste. It’s like whenever I see medical staff fighting against time to save patients in the epidemic area, my heart will be shocked by their actions.

    In the topic of religion. I am an atheist. Atheists are the most common people in my country. People rarely communicate about religion. We all have our own ideas and will not be bound by religion.

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