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    Understanding Animal Cruelty (912 words)

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    Hundred and thousands of animals that get processed every day at farms are mistreated and the shit is wrong. In class we recently watched a documentary called food inc, it was about how monopolies in the food industry had there animals processed from chickens, to pigs, and even cattle. They were basically born to die. The chickens are in a very compacted spaces, they barely have enough room to spread their wings. Multiple chickens get so heavy because of their diet they can’t even walk and lay there waiting to get slaughtered. The video showed a human sticking his entire arm into the cow’s stomach! Now to my understanding animal cruelty is against the law and this is exactly what is happening. Yes some people may say well we just eat them anyway, yes we do but still there is healthier and better life these animals deserve witch will not only benefit the animals but humans too.

    The video was only some things that they do to the animals. Cattle farms are basically concentration camps for cows. The cattle are feed an unnatural diet of grain and corn, the reason for this is to get them fattened up. The result of this is bloating, the cow’s stomach gets really full with unwanted gases which causes the cow not to breath right. The cows are standing in there own shit and breathing in ammonia methane and other dangerous chemicals. This can also cause the cows breathing to be painful. The cows are regularly given doses of drugs to make them grow faster. These drugs contain penicillin and tetracycline. Humans that have taken the same drug do not get treated because they are basically eating those drugs from the cow making them come resistant to it then the bacteria makes them get sick.

    Now time for all those poor chickens. What do you know i was right after all chickens that are raised for there flesh are called broilers. These chickens are raised in confined windowless sheds that hold thousands of chickens. Chickens function well in small where each bird can find can find its own order in the pecking order is impossible to establish this so they end up often pecking each other causing injury or death. Reporters that haven’t been to chicken farms state the same thing the smell of feces and ammonia one reporter said that the smell burnt his eyes and lungs.

    This can cause the chickens to get respiratory illness and bacterial infection. The chickens do not move they just lay there like statues in the dark and don’t even cluck they spend 80% percent of their lives like this. Consumer reports found that two thirds of chicken meat analyzed was infected with salmonella or campylobacter. Breeder chickens give birth to the chickens and of course same deal no space or the sight of nature these chickens are actually treated worse. They cut off their beaks with hot blades so they will not peck at each other.

    I believe that if the companies would go to more of a local farming tradition it would be a whole better for the animals, humans, and earth. Local farmers do not use antibiotics unless there animals are sick, Unlike industrial farming they give 100% of their animals antibiotics not because there sick but too make them grow. If the animals get sick industrial farmers don’t care they will still serve the animal and keep it around the rest of the animals causing them to get sick. When animals get sick at a local farm they seperate that animal from the rest and DO NOT sell that animal. The environment of industrial farming is horrible. There is so much manure the air basically becomes a field of ammonia.

    The manure can also contaminate the water and get the animals sick. Local farmers take great care and pride in their environment they use the manure as fertilizer. The local farmers only produce as much as the land can handle same goes for the soil they only put enough manure that the land can handle. Industrial farmers soils is covered in watered down manure the manure can sometimes go into to run off streams and little rivers. There is a lot of hormones used in industrial animals and when humans eat those animals some females may contract these hormones leading to premature puberty and have a bigger chance of getting breast cancer. The animals at local farms are treated humanely with simple rights space food water and the ability to react with other animals. Industrial animals don’t have access to a lot of space sunlight and often get abused with painful mutilations without painkillers.

    The community loves local farms the buy and help out other local businesses and they give their workers a safe and caring environment. Industrial farmers affect the community in a bad way. The pollution damages the community and they do not support local business and they hire as little workers as possible. The conditions are still bad for the workers breathing bad air and being in touch with lots of bacteria. Overall industrial farmers should take a look at what there doing and change their ways. This would give the animals the right they deserve provide jobs and help the earth. So i made a survey and petition to see how people feel and would like to do something about how companies are allowed to break the law and get away with it.

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