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Essays About Species

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Bees: Keystone Species Essay

KEYSTONE SPECIES-BEESElliott Chang Keystone Species are species that would affect our lifestyle and how we live if they were to die out. There called Keystone Species because in an arch, there is one stone that keeps the 2 halves of the arch in place and if you were to take it out, everything would collapse….

Concept Of Species Essay

Over the last few decades the Biological Species Concept (BSC) has become predominately the dominant species definition used. This concept defines a species as a reproductive community. This though has had much refinement through the years. The earliest precursor to the concept is in Du Rietz (1930), then later Dobzhansky added to this definition in…

Animal Species Essay

Living creatures on Earth need three basic things in order to survive: theability to eat, breath, and reproduce. All animals are able to do so. Animalsare divided into species, among these species are: Mammals, Reptiles,Arthropods, and Aves. Mammals, also known as Mammalia, come from Latin meaningmamma breast. They are called this due to the fact…



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The Origins Of Our Species Essay

The latest discovery of a fossil skull in Kenya, more than three million years old, once again demonstrates the complex evolution of humankind. The following article examines the evidence and sees how it fits into the ideas of human origin formulated by Frederick Engels more than 100 years ago. “There is a grandeur in this…

Endangered Species in Canada Essay

There are many trillions of living creatures, and millions ofdifferent kinds of animals and plants share our planet (pg 46, Savage). Each Kind, or species, is special and unique. But, some of these speciesare in danger of disappearing forever, just as the passenger pigeon did. When the last member of a species disappears, that species…

Endangered species 3 Essay

Endangered SpeciesAll over the world there are species of animals and plants that are said to be “endangered”. By calling them endangered, scientists say that they think the species will become extinct if something isn’t done about them. Many more species are now threatened with extinction than ther should be because of many reasons. A…

Endangered Species of South Am Essay

Endangered Species of South Am Essayerica Endangered species are plant and animal species that are in danger of extinction, the dying off of all individuals of a species. Over 19,000 plant species and 5000 animal species around the globe are classified as endangered, and many thousands more become extinct each year before biologists can identify…

Endangered Species Study: Jaguars Essay

I. The jaguars of Central and South America have been being killed for game andprotection. This cat used to have homes around the United States to Uruguay,but ever since the fears of extinction the jaguars have moved to the undevelopedrain forests in Latin America. Jaguars are being killed due to many peoplefearing for their own…

Causes Of Endangered Species Essay

Causes Of Endangered Species EssayThe term endangered is used by international and national organizations to define plants and animals currently in danger of becoming extinct. Although the term endangered is universally used, the definition of an endangered species is greatly varied. In most cases, the factors causing an organism to become endangered are human- related….

The Bald Eagle as an Endangered Species Essay

The bald eagle is the most well known endangered species because it is the nation’s symbol. It is suppose to stand for freedom and the American way, but if we allow the bald eagle to become extinct how can we let something that doesn’t exist anymore stand for freedom and the American way. Being the…

Cheetah endangered species Essay

The cheetah originated about 4 million years ago. The oldest fossils place it inwhat is now Texas, Nevada and Wyoming. It was common throughout Asia, Africa,Europe. All cheetah in Europe and most of those in Asia and Africa vanished. This”bottleneck”, as theorized, led to the present state of cheetah genetics: all cheetahalive today appear to…

Endangered Species Essay

Endangered Species Essay Endangered species are living things whose population is so reduced that they are threatened with extinction. Thousands of species are included in this category. The International Union for the Conservation of nature and Natural Resources publishes a list of threatened mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and (many people do not consider them) plants…

Endangered Species of New York Essay

What exactly does the term endangered species denote? There can be numerous definitions that correctly describe the term. It is any plant or animal whose survival is in jeopardy of becoming extinct. Extinction, of course, is when the species no longer exists, and there is no way it can be brought back to this earth….

Endangered species Act Essay

We have to put a stop to this and weaken the power that the Edangered Species Act hason us. People are getting laid off there jobs and millions of our tax dollars are being spenton the Endangered species Act Essay (ESA)all the time. Is it worth all of this for theseendandered species. Must humans suffer…

The Hippopotamus: Endangered Species Report Essay

Jason Wapiennik Mr. Trippeer, Biology January 6th, 1997The ban on elephant ivory trading has slowed down the poaching of elephants, butnow poachers are getting their ivory from another creature, the hippopotamus. For the poacher, the hippo is an easy target. They stay together for long hoursin muddy water pools, as many as eighty-one can be…

Endangered species 2 Essay

GIANT PANDA CAPTIVE BREEDING WWF’s policy on captive breeding is that: “The productive management of captive pandas would be helpful in ensuring the long-term survival of the species. All potential breeding animals in captivity should be included in an integrated programme, whose main aim should be to provide animals for re-introduction into the wild. WWF…

Cloning Endangered Species Essay

Cloning is the production of duplicate copies of genetic materials, cells, or entire multi-cellular living materials. For years cloning had only been a fantasy, but with new scientific research cloning can be very successful. Because there are so many advantages in areas like agriculture, medicine, and biological research in producing genetically identical organisms, artificial cloning…

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