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6 Real-life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Cat


Words: 719 (3 pages)

When it comes to having the best of fun and living in a way that is more mindful, cats are great teachers. Just when you thinking your cat can’t outsmart you, you’ll notice she has got an unusual knack for living naturally. If only you can pay serious attention to the actions of your kitty,…

How To Get Rid of Cat Fleas Effectively


Words: 419 (2 pages)

Fleas always bring serious discomfort irrespective of the place where they are found. Though these pests can live both inside the house and outdoors, they still affect pets more often. This is explained by the fact that dogs and cats frequently spend time in the yard and it makes flea infestation quite possible. Cat fleas…

How to Better Understand the Sounds Made by Your Cat


Words: 766 (4 pages)

Sometimes, the simplest of phonetic methods can help you to better understand a sound made by your cat. Try to listen precisely to how a sound is formed. Maybe you will discover the individual vowels or consonants contained in the sound. Try to imitate the sound yourself so that you can better understand how it…

How to Get a Cat to Like You (876 words)


Words: 876 (4 pages)

You don’t have to do anything to get a dog to like you. Some treats help but most dogs will get along with humans right away. We’ve been breeding that into them for all of human history. Cats, however, are very different. While they have been living near us for about 5,000 years, we’ve only…

Why Absolutely Everyone Is Talking About Cat


Words: 542 (3 pages)

You don’t have to hurt your cat once it misbehaves, you only need to clearly demonstrate that its behavior is unacceptable. To begin with, you should know your cat is simply doing what comes naturally and you shouldn’t stop it from scratching. Cats are quite independent animals. A cat is deemed senior after age 7….

Cat Health and First Aid (473 words)


Words: 473 (2 pages)

Abortion is the loss of developing kittens from the womb before pregnancy has finished. It can occur at any stage of the pregnancy and has a variety of causes, including trauma, infections, and abnormalities in the reproductive system of the female cat.The abortion may go unnoticed, or else the female cat may be noticeably ill…

Owning A Cat Is Better (884 words)


Words: 884 (4 pages)

The second most popular pet to own in the United States is a cat, the first one surpringly being a fish. The third most popular are dogs and according to Psychology Today, “A set of new surveys has given us an interesting snapshot about the status of dogs and cats, at least in the United…

The Dirty Truth About Cat (806 words)


Words: 806 (4 pages)

For them, it is advisable not to encourage your cat to talk about your bed. Exactly like dogs, cats arrive in numerous unique breeds, each with their very own distinctive set of characteristics. It’s common for long-haired cats, even young, healthy ones, to create hairballs if not correctly groomed. There are lots of individuals who…

Cat Language: Cat Sounds from a Scientific Perspective


Words: 521 (3 pages)

What does Turbo actually want when he meows in that particularly strange way? And what kind of funny chattering noises does the normally shy, even fearful, Rocky make when he sits on the windowsill and sees a bird in the garden? Do these sounds have any meaning at all? Why do cats purr anyway, and…

Formal Analysis of Seated Cat (585 words)



Words: 585 (3 pages)

In this paper, I will be analyzing the Egyptian sculpture Seated Cat, created from approximately 712 to 332 BCE during the Egyptian Late Period, and explaining how its characteristics reflect the styles and artistic canon of the given period. First, the statue is bronze, a somewhat common material for statues during the time period. The…

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