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    Tom Clancy rainbow six Essay (1573 words)

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    Well it is easy to see that in Tom Clancy’s book rainbow six there are two main groups the first group is of course Rainbow SIX the second is horizon corp.

    Now for rainbow six they are our heroes they are the Special Forces assault team created and funded by the United States but it consists of members from across the world. The second group is the horizon corp. now these are the evil ones in the book and when I say evil I mean EVIL. But they were evil in the eyes of society but not in their own eyes. .

    Now what horizon corp. is planning is truly the embodiment of what can be considered a heinous crime what they planed on doing was to release a bacteria called Shiva is a modified version of the Ebola virus the difference Shiva and Ebola you might ask, well Shiva is twice as effective as Ebola is. Now Horizon corp. really doesn’t fall under either overcoming or submitting but it can be seen as trying to destroy society.

    They believe that society has become too destructive against nature and so in their bid to save the human race they have to destroy all but a selected few they had made the Shiva virus and planned on letting it out during the Olympics so that it could be spread across the world. So instead of trying to conform to society or overcome it they have gone for option number three the destruction of society its self. Ok now for the heroes of the book a group named of course rainbow six. This group has skill and resources much greater then any other counter terrorist organization they travel to any country that requests their aid and well mops up any messes that they might have.

    The team encounters many different situations on which they are called in to resolve the problem the way a special forces unit would. So it is my feeling that the rainbow six team its self is meant to embody the will, the laws, and the Ideals of society as they are always called in to those who go against the general will and laws of main stream society. Lead by John Clark ex-Navy SEAL the team consisted mainly of those from USA and Britain but there are two guys from other countries I can’t remember exactly what countries but I think it was Germany, Israel, Britain, and the USA. Anyway when the team gets together I can be seen as the culmination of all of the major influential nations of our global society.

    The whole setting of this book is that there is a top-secret organization called rainbow consisting of six elite soldiers from different nations to for pretty much the best Special ops team in the world this organization pretty much flies to the rescue of nations who are facing terrorist problems and well they help to end those problems in the manner that special forces usually solve problems picnics. While at the same time there is a sinister plot afoot buy a group that has only one comparison it is sort of a really really really mean version of Earth Liberation Front (which is Americas number one internal terrorist group launching raids and firebomb attacks on thing that they feel hurt the earth). They have a sinister plan to well wipe out an especially large amount of the human population with a little bacterium called Shiva and it’s a nasty little bug. It gets in your system and eats your healthy cells so it can make more of it’s self. One of my favorite parts that I especially enjoyed the part where a man dressed as a Roman soldier managed to take out a guy armed with an UZI with a Roman short sword in a head to head battle.

    In which terrorist took over a theme park called “World Park” (you would think mister Clancy could come up with a better name but whatever” and took 35 children ages 5-11 hostage. In response Rainbow SIX was called into action by Spain to retake the park and save the hostages. I enjoyed the planning stages of this mission. But when they establish contact with the terrorists inside the leader of the group realize that the terrorist already seem to know what our hero’s in Rainbow SIX are planning.

    The rainbow six team turn off the lights to the complex in an attempt to make life as uncomfortable as possible; the terrorists call up the negotiator and demanded that the lights be turned back on. The rainbow team tries to buy time by keeping the lights off as long as possible but the response is that the terrorist bring out a nine year-old girl in a wheel chair an fire a nine millimeter round through her heart killing her instantly then pushing her dead body in the wheel chair down a ramp so the media cameras can look at them. So now the men of Rainbow six were extra pissed off at the terrorists. So they move into the building with quite some skill taking the enemies completely by surprise saving the children and well “finishing off” the terrorists. But at the end of this end incident price one of the member of the team had inadvertently given away the units secret because every time the rainbow team finished a mission he would go out side and smoke a pipe.

    One of the higher up of the evil group figured it out so as you can assume all of a sudden the Rainbow team was itself a target. Dum dum duuuummmmmmmm. After this the group that is funding all of these terrorist actions decided to hit close the Rainbow SIX’s home by launching an attack against the local hospital using the local IRA as footmen in the attack. The IRA take over the building and take hostages two of the target hostages were the wife and daughter of the team leader so as you can imagine the team was immediately activated to take them out but this battle wasn’t as interesting as the previous one because there was no real black ops involved in this one.

    In this battle it just sort of erupted out of no where and turned into a really sloppy firefight one might expect if you suddenly mixed German and Allied troops in the same town square mixed them all together and gave them all assault weapons (but of course no members of Rainbow SIX were killed because they were protected by the one thing that bullets and reality cannot puncture plot shields). And when the battle street battle was over the negotiators managed to talk the men inside into giving up and all was well or was it/And the ending was quite a good one it ended with one of the man a Russian national who happened to be an ex-KGB member who was working for Horizon corp. was informed of the plan to destroy most of the human species. And that they planed on starting the plague at the Olympics that just happened to be going on at the same time that Rainbow SIX was formed. Right there he decided that this could not be allowed to happen and shot the man who told him on spot with a .

    44 revolver (it’s a step down from a . 45 in bullet size but it carries more of a charge to it so its actually more powerful then a . 45). He then got in contact with the head of the Rainbow SIX group who then got every thing mobilized and of course luckily there were already two members of Rainbow SIX at the Olympics working with the ausie’s version of the SAS.

    These men then waited for the man with bacterium to try and set every thing up and then they caught him. Later on the people of the black ops side of Horizon corp. found the dead body of their co-worker/co-terrorist and couldn’t find the Russian they panicked and flew down to an auxiliary position that they had set up in Brazil. Brazil come for the forests stay for the terrorist cells.

    Any way so Rainbow SIX is informed of the location of this auxiliary base and decided to fly down their and pay them a little visit. So when Rainbow SIX arrives they start systematically taking out the people who work at horizon corp. in the end only 4 people are left of the original 32 members of horizon corp. the Rainbow six team wiped out the other 28 people like it was the Marianas Turkey shot. Then the members of horizon are informed that they are not under arrest instead they will be stripped of all their possessions and well the base via C4 plastic explosives and told to travel thought the jungle if they want to live and it was about 72 miles to the next town over so my guess is the jungle got them. The way the author decided to have these two confront each other is in highly charged combat situations as Horizon corp.

    would fund terrorist to launch attacks against various targets. On each occasion Rainbow six was called in and dealt with the terrorist in the manor that 6 men highly trained with assault weapons would deal with terrorist problems. Up until the end where they manage to well destroy the enemy of society.

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