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    Three Similarities between Field of Dreams and The Hobbit Essay

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    There are many similarities and numerous differences between The Hobbit and Field of Dreams. This will be talking about the similarities. One similarity is both Bilbo and Ray do crazy things. Another is how both the dwarfs and Ray go on an adventure. The last one is how both Bilbo and Ray are looked up to. The first similarity is between Ray and Bilbo. First, Bilbo is sitting at his door and smoking a pipe, when Gandalf appears. Gandalf visits him and asks him in taking part in an adventure that he arranges. Because of his family tradition, he says no, but he invites Gandalf for tea two days later.

    Two days later Gandalf doesnt appear but every 5 minutes a dwarf comes into his house. They told Bilbo about their great treasure that has been taken by Smaug. Thorin has a map has a map of the region and a key to the palace. After many songs, Bilbo finally agrees. This is strange because hobbits are very civilized, intelligent and nimble race. Apart from a little part of his relatives, the traditional fundamental attitude of his family is very indigenous and no one has ever thought of adventures or uncomfortable things except for his tookish relatives.

    In Field of Dreams, Ray builds a baseball field over his cornfield and he doesnt even play baseball.. That is very unusual. People in his town think he is crazy and start to consider that there is something wrong with him.. Another similarity is both Ray and the dwarfs have to go on a strenuous journey. The dwarfs went on an extremely long adventure to get their treasure back. They encounter bad parts with the trolls, goblins, when Bilbo meets Gollum, the wargs, elves, Smaug, and the battle of the five armies, They escape all of these bad happenings. Eventually the dwarves are successful and kill Smaug and receive some parts of his treasure.

    They all get back home safely except for Fili, Kili, and Thorin, who die in the battle. Ray lives in Iowa and hears a voice in his corn crops that says if you build it he will come. He builds a baseball field and players like Shoeless Joe Jackson started to play there. Then he goes to Boston to find Terrence Mann. His wife supports him because one night they had the same dream. Him and Mann go to a Red Sox game and hear and see the same things. Ray goes back home and picks up a younger Terrence Mann and at the end Ray has a catch with his father. Another similarity is both Bilbo and Ray are looked up to by people or creatures.

    The dwarfs look up to Bilbo after he saves them many times with his ring like when Bilbo saves the dwarfs when they get caught by the spider and when he steals a part of Smaugs treasure while he is sleeping. Karen and Anne look up Ray because they believe in what he is doing. They also look up to him because he seems so sure that he is right in what he is doing. This is just a few of the many similarities. The things that are mentioned are important because without them being talked about then the story and book would have nothing happening. If all of the similarities are added up them one can see how similar a book is to a story.

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