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The Hobbit Argumentative Essay (3703 words)

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    The HobbitBy J.

    R. R. TolkienThe story begins with a small fellow by the name of Bilbo Baggins The Hobbit he lives is in his house and doing what hobbits do during the day. The first few chapters tell you what a hobbit is and what a hobbit looks like and also what his home looks like. Hobbits are smaller then dwarves and eat much more then dwarves do, hobbits eat six meals a day.

    Bilbo is cleaning his house and preparing for a meal when an old friend of his comes past his doorway and starts to chat with Bilbo about all his adventures he has been on. After a while of talking in Bilbos hobbit home he tricks poor Mr. Baggins into join a journey with Thirteen dwarves to revive their lost city that was over ran by Smuag, a mysterious dragon that was used for delivering messages from dwarves and elves. To continue with the story after the talk with his friend, who is a wizard.

    Gandalf invites himself over again and ask to bring some friends, and Bilbo, a polite and well-mannered hobbit could not say no. The next morning the doorbell rings and Bilbo happily opens the door, but in his shock it is not Gandalf but it is a group of dwarves twelve dwarves in hoods. As he invites them in they all introduce themselves and at the end of their introduction the last words are at your service, their names are Balin, Dwalin, Kili, Fili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, and Bombur, and last but not least Thorin Okensheild these were the last of their kind. They were the cities last hope of bringing back the city. That night the dwarves stayed at Bilbos house with extra bedrooms. And the next morning they would start the real journey to their destiny.

    That morning Bilbo got up late and was left with dishes from his company and was the only one to clean them up. After washing the dishes he sat down to have a smoke with his pipe and was disturbed again, but it was Gandalf telling him that they are staying at the town inn. As he rushed to meet them he made it theyre just in time and they started discussing the plan (for Bilbo was their burglar and his job was to find the entrance to the secret door on the mountain where Smuag lay asleep) after the plan was discussed they set out on their journey to revive the lost city. They all were to small to use horses so they used ponies, except for Gandalf who was human size. The first camp they made was near a river outside of town.

    When they woke up they all had a well breakfast, and got an early start on their journey and was pretty much a safe ride until it started to rain and they needed to look for a place to camp when Bilbo heard some feet and they sent him to invest- agate on what was the noise, and there he found trolls and tried to pick- pocket the troll, but as soon as he put his little hand in the pocket, the troll saw him and picked up Bilbo by his legs and dropped him wondering if he is tasty enough to eat. Just when bilbo was about to be eaten by a troll, the troll knew there was more of his type around in the forest so the trolls made a trap and they hid from them. When the dwarves got worried and angry when Bilbo didnt come back and he was not answering the calls of the dwarves they followed his hobbit footprints and saw the fire. They got too interested with the fire and didnt think about caution, they where easily captured by the trolls except Thorin Okensheild, he put up a fight and slashed the one trolls eye. But Bilbo wasnt captured he was just thrown into a bush and forgotten about.

    Gandalf was not captured, he left before the dwarves and Bilbo woke up. After capturing the dwarves they were thinking of ways to eat them and hurting them, but out of nowhere a voice came and said he disagreed with the trolls ideas and they started fighting one another and as the time passed they forgot about the sun rise (trolls turn to stone if they are touched by sun light and not under the ground) and that is what happened to them and allowed the dwarves to escape. But the night got worse and soontwo giants were throwing boulders at each other so the dwarves with Bilbo and Gandalf had to find shelter again ,so they hurried to the closest mountain which was currently occupied by goblins , who were at a war with the elves. As they took shelter in the cave they slowly dozed off to sleep the goblins attacked in their sleep and were captured and sent to the goblin king when the others were captured Gandalf shot a flare and killed seven of them and followed the goblins down the tunnels in pitch black darkness. When they got to the goblin king, Gandalf came out of the darkness and pulled out a great sword (made by the elves that glowed when goblins are near) and stuck the king right in the heart, and all the goblins scared, ran as far as possible and allowed the dwarves and company to get away.

    When the dwarves ran to get away they didnt know the way because of two reasons, one reason is because it was pitch dark and there were so many tunnels soon after running down different tunnels the goblins soon chased them and caught up to them, and knocked down Dori who was carrying Bilbo, who was knocked down when a goblin tripped him and Bilbo was thrown down a hole and could not meet up with the others because he hit his head on the way down and the others took off without him. In the dark, all alone and not knowing where he was, crawling around on his knees he put his hand on something small, circular and cold and he slipped it into his pocket. Soon after awhile of crawling he fell into water and went fully under the water when he slipped out of the water. When Bilbo was dried off, he noticed a pair of eyes coming to him and was scared so he pulled out his dagger and told the monster to stop where he was and not to move, the monster was curious who he was and what he is doing in his tunnel. The monsters name was Gollum who was alive for many years.

    He would catch lost goblins and ones that strayed away from the group. Bilbo was very scared of the monster because he did not know what kind of creature it was or if it was hungry for Bilbo, so he asked the monster if he wanted to play a game with him. The game was to ask each other riddles and if Bilbo stumped Gollum he would have to show him the way out, but if Bilbo lost, Gollum could do any thing he wanted to him. Bilbo won of course but it was long and hard.

    So Gollum the loser, was very mad and decided to kill him anyway and do it very quick. So he said he had to go back to his island and look for something that would help him find the way when it would turn Gollum invisible and be able to kill Bilbo, but he could not find it because he dropped it in the tunnels catching a lost goblin and killing him. Gollum was furious and Bilbo was getting impatient waiting for him. The last riddle of Bilbos was what was in his pocket, which was Gollums present, the ring, and when Gollum had discovered it he began rowing as fast as he can towards Bilbo, to get his ring back. Bilbo slipped on the ring and was invisible but tripped over a loose root and Gollum ran right past him and Bilbo got up and followed him to the secret exit and found out that Bilbo didnt know the way so he sat down and waited for bilbo to show up when he was right behind him the whole time.

    So Bilbo had to escape, he ran back some and he jumped higher than any hobbit had ever jumped and cleared Gollums head by an inch and ran through the door and past the goblins. After he ran past the goblins there was one more tunnel he had to go through and he could see the light from the door but it was guarded with many goblins. He slipped in between their legs and their feet and tried to get out the look – out window but he got stuck and with one hard push he was out but he lost his buttons and his belt ripped. The goblins where puzzled how the buttons had shown up and soon looked out the look – out window and saw Bilbos shadow and so they chased him until he hid in the shadows of the trees.

    He ran for a good bit until he saw Bifur on look- out duty. When Bilbo was past him he took off his ring and they were all amazed how he had gotten out of the tunnels alive and he told the story (without including the ring) and they were all amazed and admired him. After they woke up, they started on their way and Gandalf was leading them to an old friend of his. When they got to his land he told them that he was a skin changer and lived in a place with a lot of animals and rare plants.

    Gandalf told them to come two by two every five minutes or so and Bilbo was to come with Gandalf. When they found him he invited them and they told the story of what has happened so far and slowly the dwarves started to come in his house. After supper they all went to bed in a comfortable bed and dreamthorrible dreams about the goblins getting them in their sleep and all of them woke up in sweat. When Beorn came home from a walk he went to see if their story was true, it was so he lent them ponies and supplies and sent them on the way to Mirkwood , where he told them of the dangers and to stay on the path.

    When they got to the entrance of Mirkwood they had to send their ponies back and Gandalf did not follow them through Mirkwood he went back with the ponies to Beorn. They camped that night at the entrance and when they woke up they would go in and follow the path and they did just that until they got to the first thing Beorn warned them about, the Black River, that if you drank from, touched or fell in you would forget all that you remembered or knew. They saw a boat up stream and threw a rope and got it as they brought it over they crossed the river two by two with Bombur going last because he was the fattest and when he was about to get up on the land a deer jumped out from a bush and kicked him into the river and as the dwarves shot at it, it was to late, the deer had already been far away and they had wasted arrows on it and Bombur was saved and brought up on land and was in a deep sleep and so they carried him from there until he would wake. Their rations where low and they where very hungry and tired when Bombur woke up from the long sleep and was hungry and they wished he would shut up and stop talking about the feast he had in his dreams with the elf king. That night they took camp and Bilbo was to take guard, so he did. But slowly drifted to sleep and when he woke up he was alone and was trapped by a spiders web it was around his feet and he pulled out his knife and slashed the spider across his eyes and escaped to look for his friends when all the sudden he could hear spiders talking about the dwarves and how they where easy to capture except for one, and it was Thorin, who had killed a spider, but when he took count he saw that one was missing so he slipped on his ring and tricked the spiders by teasing them and calling them names.

    And so they chased after the voice and he left them in the woods and cut the dwarves down as easy as possible and let them free from the webs. After they got up Bilbo had told them about the ring and they didnt think less of him, they thought more of him, that he was a better burglar with it and after the story the dwarves where captured by elves, but Bilbo still had the ring on so he didnt get caught and he could see where they where taking the dwarves. When the dwarves were sent to prison by the elf king they were fed. Bilbo was exploring the palace and he found out that Thorin had been captured as well. He had fully explored the palace and had memorized the passageways. When he heard of a great party coming up he thought of ways to get the dwarves out.

    He heard about a back door where empty barrels were dropped and it was a perfect chance so he got ready and made sure nothing would go wrong. When the party came, the elves who carried the keys had some special wine and it knocked them out and it was a sign for his plan to go in action, so he did and got all the dwarves even Thorin who was on the other side of the palace and then got them to the trap door and locked them in empty barrels and the door opened and the barrels were dropped into the water, but some hit the walls and edges and Bilbo jumped down and followed them in the cold water on a barrel that kept on turning over. Right before they got to the Lake Town, where the barrels were suppose to go he gathered them up and checked them for the dwarves and found that most of them were bruised up and cut, others were cramped and stuffy and others were fine. When they went out to explore the area they saw village guards and out of nowhere Thorin popped out and said, I am Thorin Okensheild son of the king under the hill and I wish to speak with the king of this town. And the guards took him to the table where the king had been at a feast with some of the elf men.

    When the king gave them shelter and healed them and they regained their strength because their journey was about to come to an end, for they were going to go up the hill and find Smuag the dragon who killed the dwarves village and their king. And they were going to get back what was theirs the gold of the mountain. When they where fully healed the where escorted by the kings men until they got to the end of the river where the mountain started. When they got started up the mountain, they took camp because they wanted an early start on Smaug. As they slowly climbed the mountain they searched for the secret path that was on Thorins map and it was Bilbos job to find the way in.

    When they found the door they could not find the way to get it open so they sent Bilbo there and made him sit there until he found a way to get it open, but until then they searched for another way into the mountain. When they took camp on their seventh night on the mountain Bilbo saw a rock sticking out of a grassy area the moonlight shined on the rock and soon the wall behind him started to shake and crumble when Bilbo made a large scream for Thorin to put his key, which he held around his neck. When Thorin put the key in, the door swung up and it reeked and it was dark. They sent Bilbo in and he was very scared and didnt want to go alone but he did anyway, so as he slowly moved down the long tunnel he finally reached the other side where he saw a bright red and golden glow.

    There lay Smuag, with his wings under him and his tail curled around him and his long head on top of his tail. Bilbo slowly entered the room and took a large cup filled with wine that was still good and he brought it back to the dwarves and they drank that night and slept well. When they woke it was not pleasant and it had sounded like the mountain was going to explode. When Smuag flew high out of the mountain in a rage and saw the ponies and the old camps of the dwarves.

    The ponies fled with fear but most were caught and eaten. When the dragon returned and went back down to his chamber to wait for the thief to return and try to steal again but Bilbo was not that dumb, so he went to the entrance of the chamber and the dragon knew he was there, although he couldnt see him. His keen sense of smell had picked his scent up. The dragon knew he was traveling with the dwarves because he never forgot their taste but there was a new taste with the dwarves and he couldnt find out what it was.

    Bilbo was at the doorway not daring to try and steal again but trying to see if the dragon was asleep. But when he looked in the far edge of the dragons left eye he could see the flame and the glare peeping out, looking for the thief, But he could not see him so he spoke out and said I know you are there, although I can not see you I know you are here so why dont you help yourself to more treasure thief. And with a scared reply he answered no thank you and soon they started to talk. And the dragon insisting on knowing who Bilbo was would constantly ask but Bilbo would answer in a smart remark, I am the barrel rider from the East who sneaks into your cave to catch you off guard to steal your marvelous treasure.

    And the dragon now knowing where he came from, because of his little hint barrel rider he now knows his next area to attack Lake Town. After that little hint, Bilbo started to get cocky. The dragon rose to the tunnel and with a snort he shot flames as hot as lava down the tunnel. The flames burned the hair on Bilbo from his head to his toes.

    Now, Bilbo going back to the dwarves, with the burns told them to close the door. For the dragon will destroy the whole side just to find them, so they closed the door, and just at that moment the dragon started his rage on the mountain. And it was just in time because if they didnt close the door they would have been crushed and killed. The dragon now out, was going to Lake Town, away from his chamber. There was a chance to let the dwarves explore the chamber and that is what they did.

    They found ancient armor and weapons strong enough to break solid gold. After getting the armor and weapons they wanted to get out, Thorin led them to the main gate. There, they went for an old look- out post, which was used back when Thorins father ruled. When the dragon reached Lake Town he was enraged and tried to destroy all that he could, burning buildings and houses.

    Smashing building with his tail and as the people fled even the great king fled. Few stayed to protect, one was a tall man by the name of Bard, an expert archer and was a descendant of the Lord of Dale, who used the dragons as messengers and could understand them and their weak points. Smuags weak spot was on his left breast. As the dragon made his third pass on the town, the ancient language came to Bard, and told him to shoot an arrow through the left breast scale of the dragon and he shall die. So with his last arrow that was given to him from his father, which Bard had always recovered it from high or low, was shot when the dragon passed by again.

    And down he went, into the lake around the town and the water was cold enough to put out the dragons flames forever. As the people started return to the town and the king did too, in shame, for he was one of the first people to leave. The people of Lake Town were sad, not for their homes but because they couldnt find Bard, the slayer of the dragon, but out of the fog there was a dark and tall man with a bow and a black arrow drenched in freezing cold water. After killing the dragon, Bard remembers the ancient treasure is in the mountain.

    Bard and some of the towns men go to find the treasure. He puts the treasure in barrels and travels to the city of Dale. Bard and the town men meet up with the dwarfs. Then Bard and the dwarfs talk about their ancestors.

    The dwarfs and the towns people start to rebuild Dale. And with some barrels of treasure, they reward Bilbo for his services, and escort him home. Words/ Pages : 3,761 / 24

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