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Archimedes (417 words) Essay


Words: 416 (2 pages)

ArchimedesArchimedes was born in 287 BC in Syracuse, a Greek seaport colony in Sicily. Archimedes’ father was Phidias. He was an astronomer; this is all we knowabout his father and we learn this from Archimedes’ work, The Sandreckoner. Archimedes was educated in Alexandria, Egypt. Archimedes’ friend, Heracleides,wrote a biography about him, but this work was…

Archimedes (638 words) Essay


Words: 648 (3 pages)

Archimedes was one of antiquity’s greatest mathematicians. Few certain details remain about his life. We know he was born in 287 BCE in Syracuse, based on a report from about 1400 years after the fact. Archimedes tells about his father, Pheidias, in his book The Sandreckoner. Pheidias was an astronomer who was famous for authoring…

Archimedes (687 words) Essay


Words: 676 (3 pages)

ArchimedesArchimedesArchimedes was a Greek mathematician andscientist. He was born in Syracuse, Sicily in the year 287 B. C. He waseducated in Alexandria, Egypt. Due to the lack of information about Greekmathematics, many Greek mathematicians and their works are hardly known. Archimedes is the exception. Archimedes was very preoccupied with mathematics. For instance, he often forgot…

Archimedes (910 words) Essay


Words: 893 (4 pages)

ArchimedesArchimedes is considered one of the three greatest mathematicians of all time along with Newton and Gauss. In his own time, he was known as the wise one, the master and the great geometer and his works and inventions brought him fame that lasts to this very day. He was one of the last great…

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c. 287 BC, Syracuse, Sicily


c. 212 BC (aged approximately 75), Syracuse, Sicily


“Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth.”


Fields Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Astronomy, Mechanics
Influenced Apollonius, Hero, Pappus, Eutocius
Influences Eudoxus

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