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    The Victor Poet: C.W. Longenecker Essay

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    But sooner or later, the man who wins Is the man who thinks he can. I really Like this poem because It reminds me that before anything I do. I have to have my mind free and have a clear head, not think about the what if’s, or the maybe and just go do it. “You’ve got to be sure of yourself before You can ever win the prize. ” I think the meaning of this poem is to remind us, that everyone is Just the same as us. And that if we have enough heart we can do it. “But sooner or later, the man who wins Is the man who thinks he can. ” The poetic devices used are ABACA throughout the poem.

    Out of My Way Seethes Out of my way Out of my, way [Pre-Chorus] I can? T pass up this opportunity to make myself absurd, I can? T pass up this opportunity to let myself be heard. Would you, like to, be the one who sees me lose this all, Would you, like to, be the one who sees me fall. [Chorus] Nobody’s goanna stand In my way Nobody’s goanna stand in my way Give it up son, doing? This my way You like to think the worst is over now, but you can’t breathe at all You like to think you? Re owed a favor now, man you? Eve seen it all Did you, want to, be the one who pushed me off the wall,

    Did you, want to, be the one who let me fall. You can? T hold me down.. Give it up, doing? This my way Out of my way This song is poetry to me because it rhymes in every verse “Did you, want to, be the one who pushed me off the wall, Did you, want to, be the one who let me fall. ” The poetic device used in the beginning is BABY then it goes to AAA later in the song. Snow By Tyler Urban Snow falling softly Blanketing over the ground Beautiful it looked Life Life is amazing Treat everyday like it’s your last Swiftly Tyler Urban The snow falls swiftly

    Swiftly through the air snow falls Snow may never end Life is pitiful The days never end with you Eve waited my life Band camp Tyler urban One time at band camp I saw a beautiful girl So I said hello Rhyming poems I have gone places I should not gone. I have done things I should not done. I have been a bad model For my toddle. I have seen through hell, But still I come back. Eve failed plenty things but still I have my wings. Eve been down before but still I will outscore. Stupid Swimming Swimming is dumb it is not a lot of fun I’d rather be on a long run UT don’t get in a fight you might need some light.

    You swim by yourself you can pride oneself on Just being by myself When you want to quit have another go at it. Just breath for a bit. Sonnet Love has passed. You fell into the rainbow of my heart Mixing colors lightly tugged and stared Never knowing where it might re-start Leaving mistrust without a slight care Never paying attention to their lead Knowing now, I need to get my mind strait True love is never close yet I feel freed Realizing that I know this much too late Written into mystery was our fate

    Soft words of molten wax did leave their trace Seemingly I know it makes no debate Seductive, reckoning sweet embrace You drowned me when you knew no difference The nails around my heart knew no defense. Free Verse Sadness One day alone on the road I drive to the end of the world Just to see myself by myself The sadness deepens with every passing minute Knowing that the loneliness never ends The gas always flows but alone I still am I drive for you You do not notice me I could be yours But if I was it Alone I am Alone you are Cry, cry, Teardrop through each minute were Not.

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