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    The Pursuit of Happiness: Poetry Essay

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    Brandon Lobs The Pursuit of Happiness: Poetry Lobs- 1 In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson wrote that every individual had a God-given right to pursue happiness. The next three poems all show that the persona has the right to pursue happiness. In “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, the persona has two choices. One trail, in a yellow-wood, forked off into two trails never treaded on before. This poem is about making a choice and sticking to It. In “Sympathy’ by Paul Laurence Dunbar, he feels compassion with the caged bird.

    This memo is about the freedom to make choices, but not having the power to make them. Last, in “George Gray” by Edgar Lee Masters, the dead narrator ruminates objectively about his life. This poem is about a man who had ambitions and goals, but was too afraid to pursue any of them. “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is about the author having the freedom to make choices. If you want to move In pursuit of a dream, you have to make choices to get there. The poem Is In past tense and has a tone of nostalgia. The persona came across a fork in the trail he was on.

    He looked down one trail to see where it would dead, and with the other he did the same. He looked down both equally inviting trails to see what opportunities each one held. He decided to take the one that seemed to be less traveled on, “For I’m sorry I could not travel both. ” When the persona makes his choice, he muses on the Idea of going back and traveling the other. However, he realizes he cannot go back and has to keep going with the choice he has made. Every choice leads to another choice and another and so on. You can’t go back. You have to devote your whole-self into the decision you have made.

    If you are happy with ourselves today, all of the choices you have made must have been the right ones. If you made a choice and stuck with it, “For that has made all the difference,” says the persona. However, some people do not have the power to make choices. Lob’s’ – 2 “Sympathy” by Paul Laurence Dunbar Is about the freedom to make choices, but not having the power to make them. Dunbar Is of the first generation of American Blacks born free in America. The caged bird wants flight: it wants to join the other birds flying around in the springtime air.

    The persona can relate to this through his scars,” or effects of slavery. The caged bird wants to make choices and pursue his dreams but all it can do is “Beat his wings and bosom,” against the bars. The persona “sympathizes” with the bird. The persona states that the only place the bird can look for help Is to heaven. God Is the only solace for the caged bird. What’s more sad Is when a person has the opportunities to make choices and Is too scared to do so. “George Graff by Edgar Lee Masters is about a dead person who thinks objectively about his life from the grave. It’s hard to think objectively about yourself.

    Masters ants to write a collection of poems about people evaluating their lives. The characters look back on their lives from the grave. Since they are no longer a part of life, they can be objective about themselves. George Gray reflects on his life and says a harbor, representing the end of his life. Although, this boat represents his whole life. Someone offered him love, and he pulled back in fear. He was afraid it would not end up like he wanted it to be. George Gray is afraid of disappointment; he needs the assurance that whatever he does ends up like he wants it to be. There was ambition n me,” he had ambitions and goals, but he was afraid to make choices. He is craven and even admits he wanted meaning in his life. George Gray “hungered,” for meaning but trying to find it could anger and frustrate you. It could even be “torture. ” He said, “A boat was meant for the sea”; what good is a boat that can’t sail. “What good is a life that is afraid to live? ” George Gray had dreams, but was too afraid to make choices. To pursue a dream, you must make choices or take risks. You can’t be a “boat with furled sail. ” Lobbies -3 To pursue happiness, one must make choices and chase dreams.

    In “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, the persona comes across a point where he must make a choice. Although he wishes he could do both, he made a decision and stuck to it. In “Sympathy’ by Paul Laurence Dunbar the persona is compassionate with the bird whom has the freedom to make choices, but does not have the power to make them. In “George Gray’ by Edgar Lee Masters, the persona has dreams and ambitions, but is too craven to make choices. In all three of these poems, the persona had the freedom to make choices. The only thing is that some of us don’t have the power to pursue happiness or are Just too afraid to do so.

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