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    The Unique Architecture of Taj Mahal and Symbolism Essay

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    Have you ever wondered how it will be like going to place that filled with love, passion, and peace that have been in this world for around 4 centuries? Everyone has seen the photograph of this beautiful monument and it is called the Tax Mall. Tax Mall is Indian’s most famous architectural wonder and also one of the most beautiful work of art. Tax Mall is now located in the heart of Agar, India. Tax Mall stands on the bank on river Yamaha. Tax Mall is said to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Tax Mall is one of the beautiful places in India.

    It’s most beautiful buildings, ardent and of course the beautiful tomb attracts many visitors from all over the world. The Tax is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular buildings of the world. Tax Mall, a tomb in India, considered as one of the most beautiful building that man ever created in the world. The Tax Mall meaner, “Crown palace”. It was built in the year 1631, and it was a tribute to him wife Mutual Mall a Muslim Persian princess. Shah Johan, the fifth emperor was born on October 15, 1592, on the boarder of the Tar Desert.

    Johan climbed to the throne in 1628 soon after his father had died. Shah Johan was married to a Persian princess Mutual Mall at the age of sixteen. Both of them had to wait approximately 5 years to get married. Mutual Man’s maiden name was changed from Argument Bank to Mutual Mall, which is very common in India after a loyal woman is married. Johan never wanted to be away from Mutual but Mutual always tried to engage with the citizens in Agar. Mutual was very generous, supportive and very helpful towards Shah Johan as well.

    In the nineteenth year of their marriage, Mutual was about to give birth to her fourteenth child in Bureau Purr when Mutual had complication. Mutual Mall died in A. D. 1629. Johan was there in Bureau Purr for a military crusade and Mutual was there for support. Johan was over whelmed with sorrows of Mutual death. In the early sass’s there was an emperor named Shah Johan the fifth emperor in India. Shah Johan became miserable and depressed. Shah Johan reportedly locked himself in a room and refused drink and food for about eighty days.

    According to the legend, when he finally came out his black beard was completely white. In the last minute of Mutual death, Mutual extracted four promises. First, that he build the Tax Mall; second, hat he should marry again; third, that he be kind to their children; and finally the forth, that he visit the tomb on her death anniversary. And history states that he kept the first and the second promise, which was to build Tax Mall and that he should get married again. Shah Johan then wanted to fulfill his wife first promise.

    He made preparation for the construction of Tax Mall. The construction began in A. D. 1631. The building stared to build about 1632 and was completed by 1643 and the surrounding compounds of the building and gardens were completed by 1653. The Tax Mall is sited on the south part of the river Yamaha. There were approximately twenty thousand employees working on the project and they worked really hard day and even night. The architects came from India, Persia, Central Asia, and beyond to make plans and preparations. The material came from various part of India.

    Material did not Just come from India; it also came from Afghanistan, Egypt, and from many other countries. The materials were really rare and it included Jewelries and crystal, jade, amber and many other valuable treasures. They also picked up treasures from the Indian Ocean, rare shells, coral, pearl. Poppas, onyxes, garnets, sapphires, bloodstone, and forty-three types of gems. The white marble was imported from Restaurants, the Jasper from Punjab and the Jade and crystal from China. They also dug up marbles from the hills in the southwest in Jasper in Restaurants.

    In order to transport the marble, a ten-mile long ramp of tamped earth was built through Agar and elephants and bullock carts dragged the marbles to the building site. Over one- thousand elephants were used to transport building materials during the time of construction. The first building to be constructed was the tomb. The construction started in 1632. The tomb stands cross the garden from all the main gateways. It is built on a raised platform. The tomb stands in the garden and the garden in measured about 1,900 feet by 1,000 feet. The garden is a Muslim symbol of paradise.

    The surrounding compounds of the building, gardens and the main gateway were completed by 1653. The tomb is positioned on the southern part of the river Yamaha. The tomb is mainly made out of white marble. The building itself is 186 feet square. A large bulb-shaped like a dome is about 187 feet high and 70 feet in diameter, and it ices over the center with four other small domes surrounding on four corners of the building. On each side of the tomb stands four minaret and its purpose is to center the structure and they are about 133 feet high.

    The small domes are often referred to as minarets or towers. The side of the towers there is Redstone building, which is a mosque (a building that serves as the main place for Muslims). The visitors come to the Tax Mall through a magnificent red stone gate, decorated with education from the Muslim Holy Bible called “Quart”. The gate also contains a beautiful, geometrically laid out garden on each side. The main gate is across from the tomb structure and it is 150 feet wide and almost 100 feet tall. The inside of the Tax Mall, the tomb of Shah Khan’s beloved wife Mutual Mall.

    The tomb stands at the center of an octagonal hall. Slightly near the tomb of Mutual Mall lies the tomb of Shah Johan who died in 1666. Both tombs are elaborately fined with semiprecious stones. The stones are clarified by sunlight filtering through richly craved marble screen that is also studded with Jewels. Tax Mall also known as the “tomb of light. ” In order to get to the tomb, a person would have to walk through many hallways. This is for beauty and to keep out any unnecessary gate climbers. Many Hindu followers pass through the tomb asking for blessing from the queen’s spirit.

    After praying to the queen, they also pray to the emperor Shah Johan. (“The Penguin guide to the monuments of India”) The Tax Mall is Indian’s most well known structure, and the most beautiful piece of architecture in the world. According to the history, a Turkish Architect built the Tax Mall. The laborers’ were engineers, carvers, artists, calligraphers, architects, and craftsmen of all sorts and a verity of common laborers. This architecture is put together of tomb, mosque, gardens, gateways, and fountains.

    The architect’s name is unknown but it is clear that talent came from many part of the Muslim and western part of the world came together in Agar to work on the tomb. The main designer of the Tax Mall was the emperor Shah Johan, but Johan was helped by lot of other men in the world. Its believed that the architects was an engineer and an astrologers from Persia named Mohamed, but the true architect was a mystery for the world. After the construction, Shah Johan order that every employees’ ands should be cut off because Shah Johan never wanted them to built another building again.

    The Tax Mall, also known as one of the seventh wonders of the world, was created under the emperor Shah Johan; Tax Mall is an exaggerated building Shah Johan built this formation to celebrate his departed wife, Mutual Mall. This enormous creation is beautiful both inside as well as inside the Tax Mall. Johan also felt that the structure would help the citizens of Agar to be more pleased. Shah Johan fell into deep depression after Mutual died and Johan wanted to build something for his bellowed wife, so everyone in the India would know how he emperor felt. The Tax Mall symbolizes the love that Johan had for Mutual Mall.

    The Tax Mall still has effect on today humankind with tourism. Thousands of thousands people visit Tax Mall daily to see the beauty of the creation of Shah Johan and to see how love could have an effect on people life. People go there to see how these outstanding buildings and gardens and they also learn how Tax Mall came to be. The power of one man, it came all true by fulfilling Khan’s wife Matzo’s promise. The love that emperor Shah Johan had for Khan’s wife Mutual has lasted for centuries. And no wonder it is called one of the seventh wonders of the world.

    The Tax Mall shows how the loss of one man’s love can influence the whole world. The gift of Shah Johan and every people who helped to design touched India and the world. “Online Trip to the Tax Mall”, by Architecture Week, Architecture Week No. 38, 2001. 0214, . 1. Davies, Philip. The Penguin guide to the monuments of India, Volvo II. London: Viking, 1989. Tagged, Christopher. The History of Architecture in India. London: Phaeton Press, 1990. Http://www. Plainclothesmen. Com/tax-mall/tax-architecture. HTML http://library. Thinkers. Org/27638/Tasmania. HTML

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