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    The Roles of the Women and Wives in Influencing the Views of Husbands and Friends During the American Revolution

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    Although women are not the faces we picture when we think of the people who pioneered America’s Independence, they no doubt guided and provided a backbone for the men who get most of the credit. Behind almost every great man was a woman who was supportive and in charge of all homely duties, including raising the future generation. This support was especially present with the army George Washington lead where hundreds of women; prostitutes, servants, slaves, and soldiers’ wives “cooked the meals, mended what passed for uniforms, tended the wounded, and provided whatever comfort they could” (Ripper, 2008). These actions and contributions that the women did helped give the men hope and a small window of time to forget the misery that came with war and disease.

    Without human connection and a good meal, the soldiers would have had very little to think about other than the constant state of suffering, and this helped shape and provide the necessary relief that helped them push through and keep up the fight for independence. Women did not only contribute to the fight for independence by providing the men with sustenance and repaired their spirits and clothes but also joined the fight. An example was Deborah Sampson, who pulled a Mulan during the seven years’ war by dressing as a man and fighting for a year before getting caught, and she still received a pension for her service, displaying an appreciation for the contribution she took in fighting for freedom. Her risk to fight under the false identity of a man showed the passion in women for the opportunity to be free and is an example of the courageous females that played an unrecognized role in forming America. Women didn’t just do hands-on work but also contributed to their husband’s status and ideas while fighting for equality that molded history.

    Abigail Adams is a prominent example of the impact that women had in forming independence, and the influence they had with their husband and friends. The common quality among women of the time of providing “support” for their husband was no different with Abigail (Ripper, 2008). However, her qualities and many other women expanded outside of just support. Abigail was described as an “ardent patriot, loyal helpmate, and tireless contributor to the cause of separation- represent women’s contribution to the formation of a new nation” (Ripper, 2008). The passion for change and the cause is what was at the heart of the fight, and without it, America may cease to exist. This enthusiasm spilled in Abigail’s letter that was written to friends and family and may have contributed to the spread and desire to join the cause as well. This vigor for the cause greatly impacted the passion behind the war and in result affected history.

    The support that women provided helped guide the ones who fought for independence to victory and shaped history. Even though many examples of females showed the positive effect they had on shaping the fight for independence, but did any females impede the movement of historical events such as the movement among colonies for independence?

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    The Roles of the Women and Wives in Influencing the Views of Husbands and Friends During the American Revolution. (2022, Nov 27). Retrieved from

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