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    Three key scenes in the Crucible Essay

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    Act: 1

    At the start of page 16, Mary Warren and Abigail are talking. During this conversation John Procter enters the room. As Mary Warren sees John Procter, Mary Warren leaps in fright. From this we can see

    Conclusion that Mary Warren is scared of John Procter.

    Without having to say anything Mary Warren says, ‘Oh! I’m just going home, Mr Procter.’ Procter is furious, he had told Mary not to leave the house and she did. He then says that he his looking for Mary more than his cows implying that she is more arrogant than his cows. Mary then replies, ‘I only come to see the great doings in the world.’ She says this an act of fear. She is scared of Proctor. Proctor, still furious threatens to whip Marry across the arse, if she doesn’t go home at that moment and help Elizabeth, John’s wife with the housework. The aggression works, she slowly leaves the room to go to Elizabeth.

    Mary is also present in the room. She is also scared as well as well as being attracted by John Procter. We get to know this as the author describes Mercy as strangely titillated.

    After, John walks towards Betty, who at this moment is lying in bed, as Abigail interrupts by saying how she forgot how strong John Proctor is. By hearing John Procter is irritated by what Abigail has to say and doesn’t have the faintest suggestion of a smile. He then asks, ‘What the mischief here?’ He wants to know what she is trying to imply him. She replies that she’s gone silly/mad somehow…. At this moment Procter comes to the suspicion that Abigail may be a witch and says that past his house the road passes and goes to Salem, were people are mumbling about Witchcraft.

    Abigail then goes on to say that her uncle caught her the previous night. While she was dancing and singing in the woods. The reason could be because she wants Proctors suspicion in to thinking that she is witch to increase.

    Procter smiles He is happy and says that she’ll be clapped in the stocks before she’s twenty. He could be happy in the sense that, if Abigail is executed, then he and his wife can live happily. And, that his wife can live without the fear of Abigail’s presence.

    At this moment Procter has enough and wants to walk away, but she walks in the way and interrupts, she wants John to give her a word, a soft word, Abigail at his moment is becomes desirable and stops Johns smile. He knows what Abigail’s is getting to and tries to make a quick escape. He replies, ‘NO, no, that’s done with.’ He trying to make it clear to Abigail that the relationship is over, but lacks the courage to do so.

    Abigail, still not giving up, asks Procter what the real reason is behind him coming to the village. He laughs because she is positive that the only reason Proctor has come to the town, is due to Abigail.

    Proctor realises that the more that he talks to her, the more he’ll be interested in reforming his relationship with Abigail, and therefore moves her out of his path. He says with final emphasis to ‘Put it out of mind’

    As John begins to ignore her, Abigail becomes more desperate. She says, ‘John-I-am waitin’for you every night.’ John again trying to end the conversation with Abigail says that she shouldn’t keep any hope that their relationship is going to start again.

    Abigail then becomes angry. She becomes angry due to the fact that John is no longer interested.

    John then reassures Abigail that the relationship is over, hoping that Abigail will get the message and leave him. But Abigail is certain that John is still fooling her around.

    Abigail finally gets the message, she starts to cry and weep. John, who still has feelings for Abigail, moves her away, and calls her child. This makes Abigail furious, she says, ‘How dare you call me child!’ At this moment Abigail is still sad and is now furious!

    Procter then goes to say that if he reaches out for Abigail again he’ll cut his hand off.

    Abigail then starts to find a reason to why John is no longer interested; she goes on to talk about Elizabeth. ‘Oh, I marvel how such a strong man may let such a sickly wife be-‘John interrupts her, he outraged that Abigail is insulting his wife, but is also angry at himself because he has put himself into this dilemma.

    Abigail then accuses Elizabeth of blackening in her name in the village. John is again outraged by Abigail bad mouthing his wife. He has had enough, he begins to shake and also threaten her for a ‘whipping’

    Abigail finally gets the message that John is no longer interested in a relationship, she is deeply sad and finally breaks in to tears.

    Act 2

    At the start of the scene Elizabeth asks John, that why is he so late, without greeting him this tells us that Elizabeth is suspicious that John has been to see Abigail.

    John is putting a positive attitude toward Elizabeth and wants to start a conversation, whereas Elizabeth doesn’t really want to talk to him. John repeatedly wants to begin a conversation but again Elizabeth is hesitant to talk to him.

    John takes another approach; he begins to complement the food. This works, Elizabeth starts to blush, implying that she is pleased with the complement.

    John is still trying to make conversation with Elizabeth; he suggests that they take a walk in the farm. He asks Elizabeth that if she Massachusetts is a beauty in the spring. She replies, ‘Aye it is.’ John realises that Elizabeth is angry, at this moment.

    They begin to argue, over the fact to why John is so late and whether he has been to Salem. The argument begins get tenser as both John and Elizabeth Procter are getting angry.

    John tells Elizabeth about the witch trials is help in Salem and Abigail has been accused. As a test of honesty, Elizabeth pleads John to tell the court that Abigail is a witch. John refuses to do so and Elizabeth’s suspicion increases, Elizabeth wants John to go to Salem that night and tell everybody that it’s a fraud. Elizabeth sees it as a test, if John goes to Salem, she see as the relationship is over, but if he doesn’t then Elizabeth will think that the relationship is still on between the two of them.

    Elizabeth is angered at the fact that John is not going to Salem and walks out of the room in sorrow.

    He later tells Elizabeth, that he did meet up with Abigail He is reluctant to do so, but does in the end, so that matters don’t worsen, but it’s too late, Elizabeth is certain that the relationship between the two is still on.

    Proctor loses his temper, and say that he will no longer have Abigail’s suspicion and he is very upset. He says that she has not

    Forgotten or forgiven nothing and that he tried to gain her trust for over seven months, but she is still unhappy with him. John says that he will no longer plead his honesty. He says by being a good Christian he has confessed again and again, hoping that Elizabeth would forgive him, but obviously he hasn’t.

    The argument gets to the point, that Johns says, ‘…your justice would freeze beer!’ He obviously means that she is very cold and judges nobody fairly.

    At this moment the housemaid, Marry Warren, interrupts John. He so enraged, that he takes all of his and Elizabeth’s anger out Mary. He shakes her furiously.

    Act 4

    As Elizabeth and John meet, the earlier Tension between them begins to disappear. John and Elizabeth begin to talk, John asks Elizabeth questions about their children, both individuals are unhappy, miserable and reluctant to talk. Elizabeth then starts to end to enquire about the witch trials.

    Elizabeth tells, John about the incident with Giles, where he was press to death. This leads John, to think out confessing to witchcraft. He asks Elizabeth if that would impress her. John is clearly still wanting to gain Elizabeth’s trust and is willing to sacrifice his life.

    This still won’t gain Elizabeth’s trust, John asks, ‘what would you have me do?’ Elizabeth still wants John to live, but is still wants to be assured that the relationship between him and Abigail is over and this discussion leads her in to further confusion.

    From this we learn that John is willing to give his life just for his wife’s trust.

    John then questions about Giles wife, asking if she has confessed. John then pleads his honesty with his wife; he becomes aggressive as well saying the whole the thing is all ridiculas.

    He says, ‘It is hard to give a lie to dogs’ trying to break the ice between the two. He then again asks Elizabeth for her apology. Elizabeth, like always, declines it!Elizabeth then begins to give John her point of view. He says the John should ask for forgiveness from his soul before he asks her for forgiveness. John is still unsure and is now deeply hurt from what Elizabeth has to say.

    While John and Elizabeth are in deep sorrow, Harthone approaches and ask whether John is ready to confess. Harthone is very happy. Harthone moves away. Elizabeth is in tears, John asks him that why is she in tears; he is implying that she should be happy that John is going to die.

    At this moment John is fed up, angry and deeply hurt. He begins move around questioning himself that who is going to judge him, if Elizabeth isn’t.He then begins to think whether good is evil and is still extremely hurt. At this moment Damforth enters with his companions.

    The judges want Johns confession to be written on the church wall, this amazes John. John confesses to have seen the devil. The judges write down John’s confession, and all that John has to is sign it.

    The Danforth wants John to sign another paper, John refuses, each time he is asked, his anger rises each time.

    John and Danforth begin to argue, to why John should sign the paper ‘…say Procter broke his knees and wept like a woman, say what you will…’ from this two points are clearly obvious. One that he doesn’t not want to sign the document and the other that he is just wants to get on with the execution. This could be due to the fact that Elizabeth isn’t forgiving him.

    John still does not want to confess and creating a lot tension between himself and the judges.

    John then confesses to have lied and have sold his soul.

    Danforth then refuses to accept the confession. He threatens to give John the rope unless he gives the correct confession.

    The judges are outraged.

    John breaks in to tears. He say, ‘Not weave a banner with, but white enough to keep it from such dogs.’ John makes a valid point that put the rest of the people to shame.

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