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    The Renaissance

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    Renaissance Writers and Artists were mainly interested in studying
    Greek and Roman Writings
    The development of printing and the use of the movable type in Europe resulted in
    the rapid spread of ideas
    The Renaissance began in Italy largely because
    The Italian states had the money to support the arts
    In, The Prince , Machiavelli says that a wise leader is
    one who does whatever he has to do to stay in power
    What did Dante, Castiglione and Shakespeare have in common?
    They wrote in the vernacular language
    The movement that has a profound effect on education
    An important feature of the Renaissance was a emphasis on
    A spirit of questioning long held ideas
    The first book that was printed on the printing press was
    The Bible
    What was a characteristic of Renaissance ideals
    1) A stress on the accomplishments of individuals
    2) The Emphasis on beauty and the goodness of people
    A person who produces work in the vernacular is one who
    writes in the local language
    Humanist scholars differed from medieval thinkers in
    that humanists
    tended to focus on worldly subjects
    The age of great change marked be renewed interest in classical learning and the arts is called
    What correctly describes the Renaissance
    A time of creativity and political, social, economical, and cultural changes
    Humanist scholars differed from medieval thinkers in that humanists
    Tended to focus on more worldly subjects
    Humanist educators stressed many things except
    Practical tool making
    Leonardo da Vinci was an excellent example of Renaissance Italy’s social ideal because he
    was a painter, a sculptor , a architect , inventor , musician and mathematician
    In Renaissance Italy, Patrons were
    Wealthy people who supported the arts
    Which Florentine master dissected corpses to learn how bones and Muscles worked
    Leonardo da Vinci
    The printing revolution meant that
    An End to illiteracy in Europe
    A financial supporter of the arts is called a
    These rules helped Renaissance painters to create realistic art
    Erasmus called for the bible to be translated into the
    One way that Renaissance artists reflected new ideas of humanism was by painting
    Portraits of well known people of the day
    Unlike Francis Bacon, Rene Descartes believed that the best road to understanding was through
    In the 1600’s Robert Boyle’s work transformed the field of
    The calculations of astronomer Johannes Kepler showed that
    Earth spins alone at the center of the universe

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