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    The Mona Lisa – World-Famous Painting Essay

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    Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the world. It was started on 1503 and completed on 1517. It is the greatest painting of the renaissance times. Right now is sitting behind bullet-proof glass at the MusA©e du Louvre in Paris, France. The small portrait attracts around six million visitors per year. Why is it that this is the most famous painting of the renaissance? Have you ever got something stolen or lost and then really wanted that thing back? Well that’s what happen to this famous painting of Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa was stolen from the Salon Carre in the Louvre.

    In August 1911, an Italian employee at the museum named Vincenzo Peruggia took the painting off the wall and walked out. His plan was to return the Mona Lisa to Italy where it belonged, but the police caught him after two years, and the painting was recovered and returned to France on December 30, 1913. Like I was saying something was lost and then you found it, the thing becomes valuable so did the painting. Since the Mona Lisa was stolen it attracted more people, eventually it became even more famous. When I found the painting of Mona Lisa was stolen.

    I was shocked because how could you let something valuable get stolen. So later when I found out about how and who stole it, I thought it was an inside job because the museum wanted to have it stolen so they could attract more attention. The reason I thought of that was because there is no way you could hide a painting and walk out of a building with tight security. I am not sure a hundred percent if it was an inside job or not. I sure do know it got a lot of attention when it was stolen which then later when it was found people that gave attention to it.

    People also visit Museum du Louvre museum just to Mona Lisa because it was made by Leonardo Da Vinci. Leonardo was one of the best people from the renaissance times, because he had achieved the renaissance goal of doing many things and exceeding in all. Since he’s a good artist so people go see it just think of it like this, see we always buy stuff from companies that are famous and good like Apple. We buy our phones from apple because we think there good which makes it even more famous and that’s how paintings are we see them and they get famous.

    It also gives people ideas what the artists though like and what tools they had to use before. Replicas of Mona Lisa have also made it famous. There are replicas that look just like it and that are a funny version of it. This promotes the real Mona Lisa because people try to understand where the body came from if it is a funny version where the real version it might inspire to learn about it because the smile on the face of Mona Lisa is mysterious, and some want to find out why she’s smiling. It promotes the renaissance also because some people want to learn about when it was made and what was around that time.

    So replicas and other copies of Mona Lisa are really helping to promote the real one. In fact I really like the idea of replicas of Mona Lisa because you can have one in you room see it everyday whenever you want instead of going all the way to Museum du Louvre museum in France. These are my main ideas of what I think made it the world’s most famous painting from the renaissance. Finding something that is really old and valuable or something you have lost gets a lot of attention just like Mona Lisa did when it was found again after somebody stole it.

    Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the best artists during that time so why wouldn’t you want to see how people his paintings and inventions so they can see what kind of tools they used in those times. Which I think is really good if your into being a historian or an a artist, or other people see it for fun. A copy of something that is valuable makes it a lot famous and plus the copies are cheaper but it makes you feel like you have it. I personally think Mona Lisa is a great painting and has a lot of mystery to it because nobody knows why she is smiling and who she is.

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