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    The Issue of Finding Jobs after Graduation in Hong Kong

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    Introduction. Job searching has been the major concern for graduating college students in Hong Kong. Especially at this time, while most Asian countries are economically unstable, retrenchment is very common. Most jobs are saved for workers who have more working experience or who have worked for that company for a long time.

    Jobs are not guaranteed for University graduates. A. Authorization Dr. Sarah Henderson authorized this report on June 16, 1998. It responds to the request of the instructor, Dr. Sarah Henderson, to conclude the career positions I consider applying after graduation. B. Purpose This report is intended to review some of the career positions. As I am graduating in one year, this would be time for me to seriously plan for my future. I realize the need for such research and have given every effort to find the conclusion. I followed a set of procedures to acquire the information I needed and gathered them in this report. II.

    Five Career Positions As a Computer Science Major, I have decided to look for computer related jobs as my future career. There are a lot of different kinds of job that are computer related, but I prefer doing something with software, and graphics related. The followings are five career positions that suit my needs.

    A. Computer Programmer Computer programmers are employed in computer software and consulting firms and in programming units throughout the private and public sectors. They write computer programs by coding sets of instructions into machine-readable form. Computer programmers need to write computer programs or software packages by coding instructions and algorithms. They need to test, debug, document and implement computer programs or software packages. Also, they have to maintain existing computer programs by making minor modifications as required.

    Furthermore, they have to act as a resource person, to solve computer problems for users. B. Computer Animation To work with computer animation, computer programmer needs to produce feature-length film. They have to implement and integrate user interfaces on 2D or 3D systems, and to compose applications and user imaging applications. They will be part of the technology department team responsible for assessing, designing, selecting, installing and updating all technology equipment used in the creation of animated motion pictures. They will work with artist users to determine needs and develop appropriate software and tools to solve production issues.

    Game Programmer. A game programmer need to use computer-programming skills in implementing games to be released commercially. They have to design games in both 2D and 3D, and will be responsible for implementing game features. Test, debug, document and implement computer games are their minor work. They also have to keep updating about the needs of gamers and adding new features to games to attract buyers. D. Software Engineer Software engineer works in teams using programming skills to design, implement and debug software.

    Software includes Operating Systems, Applications and simple games. They will be responsible for writing computer programs or software packages in C/C++ programming languages. They also need to design, implement and debug computer programs or software packages. Maintaining existing computer programs will be needed as well. E. Web Developer A web developer’s job is to maintain web pages. To design, organize and format using knowledge in HTML. They also need to be able to create graphics using Computer Aided Designs software, examples: Adobe Photoshop, Auto-CAD, and Adobe Illustrator. Web developer will design Intranet with one other person. To handle CGI scripts on web pages with user inputs.

    They have to maintain web pages and keep them up-to-date. Furthermore, they need to act as resource person and answer questions for readers. III. Summary The details of five of the career positions are listed in this report. One can easily see the similarities and differences among them. All of the careers listed require knowledge in computing, C/C++ programming language, and HTML. These are the basics of Computer Science graduates, but most of the jobs require extra knowledge. Thus, in order to obtain better offers, students should acquire more information beyond what is taught in college.

    In conclusion, most of the career positions listed are of higher levels that require several years of working experience before entering that company. So, students should have an internship during their college life. This would help them, not only in fulfilling the employment requirement, but also in training them in facing the business world. There are some things that students never learn in school unless they have really worked.

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    The Issue of Finding Jobs after Graduation in Hong Kong. (2022, Dec 12). Retrieved from

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