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    The Atomic Bomb and Other Government Experiments Essay

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    The atomic Bomb code named The Manhattan Project wasthe first atomic Bomb created by the United States. The UnitedStates supervised the development of the atomic bomb, underthe code name Manhattan Project, during World War II.

    Thefirst sustained nuclear chain reaction was achieved inDecember 1942 at the University of Chicago under the directionof Arthur Holly Compton. Key members of the research teamwere Enrico Fermi and J. Robert Oppenheimer. Shortly afterthe first bomb test was completed, atomic bombs were droppedon the Japanese cities of Hiroshima (Aug.

    6, 1945) and NagasakiThe atomic bomb, which was developed secretly in theUnited States during World War II, differed from all earliertypes of bombs. It contained radioactive substances thatunderwent very rapid changes under certain conditions,releasing immense quantities of light and heat. For an atom bomb to explode, its radioactive ingredients,an isotope of uranium called U-235 must be present in a largequantity. The name of this quantity is called a critical mass. The exact details of the bomb’s construction remain secret, butit probably contains two different quantities of radioactivematerial that are brought together mechanically to form acritical mass and then they will explode it.

    An atomic bomb works by means of fission, a process inwhich unstable atoms split and eventually form stable, smalleratoms. The other main type of nuclear bomb is the hydrogenbomb, works by fusion, with small atoms combining into largerones. A hydrogen bomb, which is far more powerful than anatom bomb, uses isotopes of hydrogen. The final reactions donot involve a critical mass, and so the bomb size and energyWhen Hiroshima was hit by the atomic bomb it all thatcould be seen was a noisless Flash. Hiroshima was a port city atsouthwest end of Honshu Island founded in the 16th century as acastle town, it later became a military center it was also the first city to be hit by an atomic bomb, on Aug. 6, 1945.

    The bombwas dropped by the United States Army/Air Force. It killedbetween 70,000 and 80,000 people and left many to die ofradiation poisoning. The city underwent reconstructionbeginning in 1950. The site of the Peace Memorial Park andother monuments to victims of atomic bomb. Another Goverenment Experiment called thePhiladelphia Experiment. This experiment was when thegovernment tried to make a ship totally invisibile.

    There hasbeen many people who say they have witnessed this amazingexperiment. It was a very high classified top secret experiment. The government even tried the experiment with people on boardthe ship. One of the survivors came forward and said that hehad been on the ship. He said there was bad side effects. The shipwas in a harbor one minute but totally disappeared the next.

    The people who witnessed this all told the same story. Afterabout 5 minutes of being totally invisible the ship reappearedback in the same harbor. The people who witnessed this stood inamazement at the ship that had totally vanished into thin air. There is little evidence of this occurance. It has been said thatthe government had help from Albert Einstein. People who hadworked on this top secret project said that Einstein created in aformula for this having to do with electricity.

    I was on the internet searching around for anything that Icould find. I found a website that said when the ship disappearedit did something else also. It was said that the ship disappearedand was transported to a different harbor and reappearedsomewhere else. The site said that the government hadactually teleported a huge battleship. Some of the evidence iskind of vague on what really happened. But there has been manycases where people have claimed that they have witnessed thiseperiment.

    And there has been a couple that have claimed theyhad actually were on the ship when it disappeared. Another experiment that happened around World War IIdidn’t involve the United States Goverment, but involvedHitler and the Nazi’s. Back when hitler was in power he tried tocreate the “Master Race” by changing the genetic code of ahuman being. He tried to make a person who was the ultimaterace.

    And that race of people would hate every other raceexcept people who were of the master race. Hitler did somepretty strange stuff. Once he tried to inject blue dye intopeople’s eyes so that there eyes would be totally blue. .

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