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    Student Council Essay (557 words)

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    Hello. My name is George Robins. and I am the campaigner for the Student Council Representative. Last twelvemonth members of the Student Council did a great occupation by seting the academic agenda to our demands. forming the nines of national minority pupils and bettering the life conditions in the inn. However. I think that the Council needs some refreshment – new representatives are to come in and reenforce the experience of the old 1s by their enthusiasm.

    In my sentiment. this new attack can be demonstrated by freshman pupils. I was authorized by the freshers of our university to run for the pupil council representative. I guess they chose me because I was antecedently involved in high school council and afterwards spent one twelvemonth take parting in the Freedom Support Act undertaking for future leaders. One of my accomplishments was the prohibition of the compensation system on PT lessons. so that our pupils didn’t have to do up for the lessons when they were sick or absent.

    To state the truth. this “political” and leading experience merely stirred up my thirst for doing the universe a better topographic point by demoing the ways to make it. For illustration. our university is a fantastic topographic point to analyze at. but still it needs some betterment: those who ride to the university by bike or on roller-skate would profit. if the auto motion were restricted on the campus district. Those who live in the inn would happen their life easier. had there been a particular coach linking the inn and the campus. so that they won’t have to go by two agencies of conveyance twice a twenty-four hours.

    The senior pupils would hold more clip for happening a proper occupation. had their academic periods been scheduled for two yearss alternatively of five. To set it in a nutshell. there is a 1000 other trifles that would do our university a sophisticated and comfy topographic point to analyze in. The motto for my election run is “FRESHMAN FOR REFRESHMENT” . and as a representative of freshman pupils I come out for conveying new energy and new enthusiasm to the pupil council. I am non traveling to convert you that I am the really best campaigner for this place.

    I am merely 18 ; I have rather a modest path record in the school council and take parting in the cultural exchange programme for future leaders. I lack experience. but it is compensated by ardor. an impartial new attack to old things. Furthermore. I am ready to work with relish for your benefit. But I am non ambitious. and do non endeavor for authorization for the interest of authorization. If you elect another campaigner. I will unfeignedly wish him all of successes in betterment of our students’ life for the better – and go on my ain battle.

    But if you empower me with your assurance. I will make everything but the impossible to stand for your involvements and accomplish our common ends and ideals. I am certain that our purposes coincide – we are all here to obtain instruction that will learn us how to do the universe a somewhat better topographic point. If you empower me with your trust. we will get down from work outing local jobs and doing our university a small better topographic point. Thank you really much for your attending.

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