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    Soul Winning in a Dying Generation Essay

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page………………………………….. Certification…………………………………. Dedication…………………………………. Acknowledgement…………………….. CHAPTER I Introduce…………………………………… Meaning of Concepts……………………… CHAPTER TWO 1 The divine call to soul winning in our dying Generation …………………………………………………………………… Pioneers of soul winning ………………………………………………….. Obstacles of soul Winning………………………………………………….. CHAPTER THREE 2 Characteristics of a soul – winner…………………………………………… People to win their souls…………………………………………………….

    Methods of soul winning……………………………………………………. Structure / Strategies………………………………………………………… 3 CHAPHER FOUR Follow-up of new converts in our Deceptive generation……………………………………………………………………. The reason for follow-up……………………………………………………. The Result……………………………………………………………………. RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONCLUSION………………………………………… Ouestionnaire…………………………………………………………………………….. References……………………………………………………………………. SOUL WINNING IN A DYING GENERATION “CASE STUDY OF THE REDEEM CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD(RCCG) STRONG TOWER AREA“.


    This is to certify that this research project was carried out by DANIEL TUWONMURE AGBONE in compliance with the regulation governing the award of post Graduate, in the Redeemed Christian Bible College, Shekinal Hall Satellite Campus, Warri Delta Province II, under the supervision of the co-ordinator on person of sister Kareem. …………………………………………. Signature Co ordinator ……………………………………………….. Signature DEDICATION This project work is dedicated to GOD the Father who created me and made my coming to this world possible to GOD the SON who gave Himself for my salvation.

    And to GOD the Holy Spirit, the One that empowers me in the lord`s service. Also to my Wife Mrs. F. M Agbone and my darling sons. Fortune and Oghenetega ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I wish to state it clearly here that while I assume full responsibility for every part of this project work, there are several people whose assistance I found useful in it’s preparation of which I will like to register my special thanks to they are my area Pastor,Mr Tobin Kalada, the Project Supervisor Mrs. Kareem Ejime and also the coordinator of the Bible College,Shekinal Campus, Delta Province II.

    My thanks goes to them for the co-operation, prompt attention and advice and enthusiasm which contributed largely towards the success of this project work. Equally my special thanks go to Mr Anthony Umokoro who gave me every support for this project work for his patience, tolerance and understanding that he showed during this period. Also, I will not fail to mention my Sons Fortune and Oghenetega who gave their unflinching support and advice, good companion that was dedicated to spiritual academic pursuit. Most importantly is the Omnipotent the Omniscience and the Omnipresence the almighty GOD.

    CHAPTER I SOUL WINNING IN A DYING GENERATION 1. 1Introduction The primary call and schedule of duty of any Christian who has received salvation is to win souls for Christ. For the initial plan of Jesus was to recruit fishermen who could bear witness to his life and carry on his work after he returned to the father – “follow‘’ Me, I will make you fishers of men’’ (matt 4: 19). The responsibility therefore demands urgency- “Preach the word; be instant in season, reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine” 11 Tim 4:2 1. Meaning of Concepts (a)SOUL-WINNING:- The word “soul winning” like revival is a continuous action. To win, means to be victorious as in an athletic Competitions etc. to win soul therefore as may mean to gain control of a soul for the consciousness of God and or restoring a person’s soul back to God by discipleship. It is implicit therefore in this definition that soul winning is not stealing souls from others Churches out there, it must be seen clear to us from the definition that God Committed to us the Ministry of reconciliation 2cor 5;19

    This is the purpose of your pioneer ship of revival for this generation. This task to some is difficult and it look impossible as it may look tedious task, some pioneers of their generation are front liners of revival of soul winning in the scripture. (b)The dying generation There is no disputing about the fact that a lot of the various aspect of human life has witnessed great increase and improvement in the recent past from education to medicine, economy politic, diplomatic relationships and many more, there have been advancement and seeming progress.

    The world population is also increasing at an alarming rate. It is important to note that the world population is presently put at a little above 6 billion, and at the present rate of population growth, the 7 billion- word population mark will be reached sooner than expected. But also, as the world’s population increase, the number of non-Christians is also increasing. It is said the one of the fastest growing religion today is Islam. Buddhism has claimed about I billion adherent by year 30000.

    Statistics shortly before the close of the just concluded millennium, it is said that averagely about 83 people die every minute all over the globe and surprisingly only about 2 of such people can be said to have professed Christ. Though the number of church is increasing by the day, the influence of the church on the world has diminished to an unnoticeable level. Little wonder, immorality, crime disobedience etc is fast becoming the order of the day. All the above mentioned fit perfectly into the perplexing picture of the last days which turns out to be Now.

    The Bible clearly stated that it is a time lawlessness, great and unfathomable moral decadence, total departure from the ways of God and an increasing dependence of satanic power through occultism under Various guise affecting both young and old, the lectures, church leaders and students in every level of the academic strata. The Bible stated that it would be a difficult time which many will do anything for the sake of money and wealth. Children will exhibit disobedience to parents. Cruelty will become a norm, in the society and self control and caution will be thrown to the wind. Tim 4:1-3, 2 Tim 3: 1 –5, 2 Peter 2 : 1-3:3-5. When the master was giving the picture of the generation/world that will witness his return, he made it clear that generation will witness earthquakes and tremor, war, and commotions pandemonium and various magnitude of disaster. He said pestilence, famine and draught will be part of our world and more importantly He said sin will be rampant and popular Mt24:4 –14. So, despite the deceptive advancement our generation can best be described as dying if not dead.

    The Government of various nations, continental and global organizations, non- government organization have all tried their utmost best to ensure the return of sanity to the seemingly doomed generation but all to no avail. This is so because the primary problem, which is the state of the soul of man has not and can be addressed by any of these bodies. The church, which has been divinely saddled with the responsibility of salting and lighting the world seems to be too discontented to do anything while hell seem never to be satisfied (Pro 27: 20a, 1sa 5:14a).

    CHAPTER TWO 2. 1THE DIVINE CALL TO SOUL WINNING IN OUR DRYING GENERATION It is obvious to you brethren that after salvation, you have automatic right to children hood of God and automatic call work in the soul winning divine business. The Disciple of Jesus Christ due to the natural result of their conversion and commitment to Jesus and having heard and seen much about Jesus were eager to use their spiritual gifts to advance God’s kingdom eager to tell others soul winning.

    Brethren, if I should ask how many people have received their salvation – born again and have Holy Spirit functioning in them, heard and seen Jesus; I should be quite sure everyone will answer the affirmative. But after conversion and majority of you’re here cannot boast of winning at least a soul for people who laid down his own life for our sins such people are the biblical unproductive servants, the trees which did not bear fruits John the Baptist said that the axe is laid unto the root of the trees, and every tree which failed to bring forth good fruit will be cat down (matt 3:11) 2. 2 OBSTACLES TO SOUL WINNIN

    PERSECUTION:- A major setback in the early Christian age was persecution, which was promise on false changes (Acts 5 : 28). ”Did we not strongly command ye that ye should not teach is this name…..? But thank God this part of the country is not experiencing religious persecution. However, persecution has motivated Christians to be more committed to the lord in the days of the Apostle. 2. 3ETHNICITY AND TRIBALISM:- This has to do with the problem of culture, custom race, class discrimination, age, school seniority, sex factor, social status, e. t. c Thanks to God who through Jesus breaks down these walls of partitions.

    Nobody should attempt to build the walls among you. the influence of the gospel is to unite Gods people in one great brother hood. 2. 4 DISSENSION BETWEEN SOUL WINNERS:- The devil always plans to cause sharp disagreement among groups of soul winners and each section in the church of God, when this development set in, there will be no unity of purpose, therefore, productivity, i. e the fruits of their labour will be very low. Today, in our assemblies and schools, each group has pluralized the church of God. They grow to autonomous and refused the authority of the church i. the pastor – in – charge or the campus fellowship president. If you are involved in the ongoing dissension in your fellowship and assemblies, you had better watch it, otherwise devil is using you as a setback to soul -winning. 2. 5 LACK OF CONTEXTUALISATION:- It is the process of making the gospel meaningful and applicable to a given society. Paul has practiced this when he remarked. ” for though i be free from all men, yet have i made myself servant unto all, that i might gain more and unto the Jews, to them that are under the law, that I might gain them that are under the law” 1 cor 9:19-22

    This position calls for flexibility on issues that would not affect the truth of the gospel such as wearing of shoes to the church, putting on white garment, sitting on the floor etc. Brethren, the intensity for soul -winning in this dying generation should be high. Realizing that there was that dying man standing in Macedonian and calling Paul to enter their continent with the gospel, the response of Paul and positive effects on that continent. Today, in your streets and place of work, a man is longing to have someone teach Him about Christ Jesus. let us have compassion on them. CHAPTER 3 3:1 CHARACTERISTICS OF A SOUL – WINNER

    Having established the importance and relevance of soul-winning to the salvation of our world, it is necessary to look closely at the intricacies of soul winning. First of all it will be important to observe the required characteristics of a soul-winner Therefore a soul-winner must:- (i) Follow the master – matt 4:19 (ii) Be led by the spirit – Acts 16:6-10 (iii) Be prayerful- Acts 4:23-24 (iv) Have a compassionable and weeping heart matt 9:36 (v) Have a sacrificial attitude -Rom 15:1 (vi) Create and use opportunities – John 4:7-26 The task of soul -winning will be less laborious and more rewarding if it ill have the following features:-] 3:2 TARGET OF SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL :- Every individual Christian or fellowship cannot reach the whole world, but we’ve all been sent to Jerusalem, Judea, Samara and uttermost part of the world (Acts 1:8). It is therefore important to recognize our own Jerusalem, Judea, e. t. c for every fellowship, the students on our campus can go for our Jerusalem, our Judea can be the workers on our campus (Teaching and non – teaching), Samara will better immediate surrounding communities while the uttermost part of the world will be the some villages and towns that God is relying ng on us to open up for Him.

    Paul was called specially to the gentiles while peter was called to preach to the Jews (2 Tim 1:11) the understanding of the varied nature of our target audience will determine the mode of soul- winning strategy we should employ. for example, it will be difficult to get lecturers at your open- air crusade and students will readily respond to academic seminars. 3:3 TIMELY: Being in an academic environment where time is very precious, it is important to understand the time table of our different target audience for us to be able to organize a soul – winning programme that will meet their needs (Acts 8:28-2400).

    Philips knew when to join the chariot. if he had supported the Eunuch while on official duty, he probably would not have time enough for Philip. This is the wisdom behind breakfast fellowships 3:4 PROBING: Acts 7:1-60. The work of soul-winning must be probing known particularly that most of our audience are people of trained and well- educated heart. Therefore the world must be well articulated, well presented and well packed. The massage presented by Stephen was well presented with facts figures. We can’t afford to present the Jesus we do not know to the world.

    It must be probing enough to get to the heart of the audience. 3:5 SELECTIVE:- It will be more fully to think that we can reach the whole student body by 0ne program. Therefore, programmes, such as hall fellowships, morning cry, departmental fellowship etc. will be necessary. Paul was selective in his work, a time for the king, a time for the subjects. 3:6 CLEAR: Acts 17:21-24, it is important to present our message in every clear terms without any ambiguity, Paul started from familiar ground with the people of Athens. Preaching to village people in English will simply amount to a waste of time.

    Soul-winning is such a big and eternal task, which touches the heart of God so much that he’s daily seeking for more men to join the workforce. Little wonder, William Booth prayed “that God will hang his men in the salvation army over hell for a few minutes that they might do the work of soul-winning with more zeal and vigor”. May we satisfy the cry of God (Isaiah 6:86) 3:7 PEOPLE TO WIN THEIR SOULS: CHILDREN:- A commentary remarked “Jesus never became angry when people were abusing Him. But when the flames of injustice licked around the feet of the most valuable members of society. He was swift to make His feeling known. This shows the importance of sharing the gospel with children. In this generation, how do we keep away the children from Jesus like disciples? It is by setting bad examples. We also hinder them from knowing by neglecting their religious trainings. Therefore think of how you can lead children in your environment to Christ. 3;9 RECEPTIVE PEOPLE:- (ACTS 10) The targeted people who as a matter of fact are God fearers. This group have high moral and ethical standard but had not taken step of becoming converts. People like Cornelius should be in our prospect file. :10 THE INTELLECTUALS:- (Acts 17:16-34): With a sound doctrine and good principal of conceptualization. , Paul breaks the barriers of Athens culture and the Greek philosophers. He showed a good understanding of the ideas without compromising. Some of us, for lack of wisdom are timid of confronting the academic / secular intellectual on our campus with the true gospel. Jesus has an answer to your situation. If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not, and it shall be given him” (James 1:5) 3:11 CIVIL AUTHORITIES:- (Luck 21:12,13); “….

    You will be brought before kings and rulers for my name’s sake. But it will turn out for you as an occasion for testimony. Ordinarily, in our generation, if seems hard to find access to the people in position of authority; yet as students you are always privileged. Award ceremony, prayer and music concerts etc are occasions to invite the leadership of your institutions, schools and communities as special quests. Because of their responsibilities and Associations, which may under them, special attention should be paid to their souls. :12 NON – CHRISTAINS:- Remember that Jesus says those who are well need no physician but those who sick. Jesus thus preached and reached the south of the people as one who desired their good. He sought them in the public streets, in private houses, on the top of tree, on the b oats, in the synagogue, by the shore of the lake, etc. he showed interest in heir secular affairs and met their needs. You too can emulate Jesus and show care and concern for the souls of the known medicine man (Babalawo) in your house, the most arrogant unbelievers on your campus and schools.

    If you start today, then you would have started revival of soul winning in our dying generation. The pioneers of revival of soul winning in air dying generation should therefore go for the perishing souls, attempt to reach all categories of people in all part of our society for God has nom for each person in God’s family. The scripture is therefore for every segment of the society – in our campuses, schools, native homes, towns, and communities. 3:13 METHOD OF SOUL WINNING:- Having identified the various segment of the society to be reached with the gospel, next is to examine the methodology to employ. a) PERSONAL TESTIMONY:- Note that Nobody has the right to prescribe to another person what he / she has not tested. Personal experience is strong and infallible. The interpreter’s Bible vol 1. 9 has this to say about personal testimony “it is testimony of personal experience that is the irrefutable argument. It is the power of a life which has been changed that no cynic or unbeliever can withstand. Apostle Paul’s account in Acts 22 centre on one’s life before becoming a Christian. A person who was born who and brought in a which he / she life to Christ.

    This method is to established bond with the listener. (a) PERSONAL EVANGELICALISM:- It is the sharing of the gospel with an individual or with small groups of people. It is important in personal evangelism to be quick to find out what the person or the group interests are which shall guide to share Christ. Philip used this approach in Acts & do you understand what you are reading? It is an expression of INTEREST. (b) LIFESTYLE EVAGELISM:- As you are aware that you are the mirror people now look at as the model pioneers of Christian faith, it is very essential home and community.

    People of Joppa talked of the good deeds of Jabitha (Docras) Acts 9:36 (c) PUBLIC EVANGELISM:- This has to do with organizing indoor and outdoor gathering such as seminar, revival and conference periodically. Dividing your area into smaller units with help not to leave out any unit. I should draw attention to it in each of the methods, fishermen should be tactical. ” Keep out of sight “as fishermen would keep his shadow out of water, Otherwise the chance of catching the fisher will be guide narrow.

    Therefore, present Jesus Christ to the unbelievers and not self or the church John the Baptist presents Jesus as a man who is proffered before him John 1:15. 3:14 STRUTURES / STRATEGEIS:- As a matter of fact, system and order manifest in all works of God through the universe (Gen 1) organized strategies in soul winning in our dying generation will bring success. It will ensure nobody and are left out of the gospel. 1 DEMARCATION OF TERRITORY:- (Acts 1:8) The first territory for every pioneer of soul winning is each person’s own family. While each home in the neighborhood should b assigned to the soul winning teams. 2.

    FROM SOUL WINNING TEAM:- Acts 13;13 Dividing yourself to groups. It may be dangerous to be alone in a strange territory. It is not religious recommended. 3. FELLOWSHIP:- This is needed for spiritual growth and doctrinal growth. It is better discussed under follow-up of soul winning. On a final note, brethren, there is one essential ingredient and necessary impetus needed to succeed in soul winning in our dying generation. Let us listen carefully to this story. A LOOSE CONNECTON: A man Herbert Jackson told a seminary mission class that while he was a missionary, he was given a car that would not start without a push.

    On each missionary journey it is either he would leave the car on a hill or keep it running. But when his replacement came, Jackson informed the new man about the car’s temperament curious; his replacement looked under the hood “Dr Jackson! He exclaimed. “The only trouble with this car is a loose cable! “ After tightening the offending line. Jackson replacement blasted to life. They had been there all he time. Only a loose connection prevented Jackson from using it. So it is with the Holy spirit . he is the power behind any revival of soul winning. As you go fishing for souls, ask yourself continually, am I connected to him? Ask yourself?

    Ask your friend? CHAPHER FOUR 4. 1FOLLOW UPOF CONVERTS IN OUR DECEPTIVE GENERATION In view of the volatility of the times in which we live, it becomes necessary to consider our past soul winning activities of which follow up is major. There are so many people who claim to be born again but lack understanding of the fundamental truths of Christianity especially repentance from dead works, righteousness and integrity newness of life e. t. c. The result is the church is filled with men and women who have only been integrated into a religions system or denomination but have never truly become part of the church of the first born. Heb 12: 22 -23). Our church and ministries are full of people who claim to be Christ’s but deny him by their works or lifestyle. In deed, we are living in times of great deception this is the purpose of this teaching. It reveals hoe we can effectively bring our converts to identity with the family of God in their profession. 2Tim 2: 16 – 19 4. 2THE REASON FOR FOLLOW UP It is very important to enumerate here the reasons why follow up is important and paramount to soul winning. (a) To show the new way of life (1 cor 5: 17, 1 John3: 8 -10) ( b) To identity seeds of deception (1 Tim 1; 3) [ c) To finish the work (Titus 1 : 5, Acts 19 : 1 -2) (d) To build up disciples (Titus 1 : 45) (d)To commend and encourage (PHIL 1 :1-5) 4:3 THE RUDIMENTS “ Whereas the object and purpose of our instruction and charge is love, which springs from a pure heat and a good (clear) conscience and sincere (unfeigned) faith ’’ (1Tim 1 : 5) follow-up can only be done by men that have a compassionate and loving heart towards the new convert love is important to follow-up every new convert as well as be no appreciable progress made follow up can either be done in person or through correspondence.

    The personnel and the new convert must have some common ground which they can build friendship, which is a prerequisite for success in the task. Such common ground can include sex, tribe level, and course e. t. c This will help the new convert to open up freely without any fear. (Acts 18 :3) THE RESULT After going through the different fact of Christianity and understanding is ensured, it will be necessary to wean the new convert. It is at such times that he/she be engaged in Christian service, initially under supervision and later independently. This weaning period is so important and must not be joked with.

    It literally determines who will be a useful and fruitful Christian and who will not Timothy and Titus were properly weaned, that was why pail was confident to leave them behind to ensure that a few things are put in place. (11Tim 1 : 2- 5) it will be erroneous to conclude without mentioning the prime in the onerous business of follow-up. There is a saying that it is not enough to give out fish to people, you should also teach them how to catch fish. Equally, the main objective of a fisherman is not only to catch fish, but also to bring the fishers he caught to his house.

    Obviously too, farmer who sows the seed would come back to find out what becomes of the seeds. Therefore the ever all objective of this write-up is an over-view of the post soul winning activities. (1)BAPTISM:- In order of Biblical record, baptism takes precedence from disciple (Acts 2 : 41, 10 :47) Then answered peter “can any man forbid water, that these should not be baptism ……. Matt 3 :6 “………. And were baptized of him in Jordan, confessing their sins. ” At the point of confession of sins by the persons you preached the gospel to such person is old enough in Christendom to undergo baptism.

    However, it is an event, which in our generation requires baptismal lectures. One may then ask is baptism a necessary or compulsory for converts. Simply, it was preached in the scripture, its purpose is to identity with the life and death, and resurrection of Jesus; with the overall view to make disciple. And Jesus so commanded in Matt28:19, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy spirit. Candid speaking, baptism of converts open the door of membership of the church to the converts. 2) RETURN VISITS:- The aim of this is to strengthen converts in the faith (ACT 18 : 23) nurture new members to maturity. It is an opportunity to see how the converts are living a new life in Christ to see how they do (Acts 15:36) Paul and Barnabas are our pioneers in this Acts 14 ; 24 –“ confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith and that they must through mush tribulation enter into the kingdom of God”. It should be stressed that those activities or programmes the converts are exposed to after baptism or conversion is crucial to retaining and discipline the converts. 3) FELLOWSHIP OF CONVERT (Acts 2 :42). It should be emphasized that true soul winning is not stealing converts of other churches. Rather when peter preached on the day of Pentecost, three thousand souls were added to the body of Christ. And they continued steadfastly in the Apostle’s doctrine and fellowship ….. Acts 2 : 42 Let us therefore bring our true converts into the church for the scripture instructed us to teach the converts to absence all things whatsoever Christ has commanded. Matt 28 :20 (4) ESTABLISHING CONVERTS:- The surest way to this is the involvement of new members in church life.

    And the more new members develop a sense of belonging, the less likely they will leave. Series of procedures or steps have to be followed. (5) FRIENDSHIP:- Old members should make it an important responsibility to make friendship with the new members more closer to them, share their burden and feeling and let your life style motivate the new members to stay in your fellowship, Gradually introduce doctrine of the church, but don’t insist compliance. As they grow, Holy spirit will convince them. And your secret prayers for your new friend will expedite quite growth.

    Close intimacy with new members will check secret sins. Note that step toward a new members assimilation into the church (6) ASSIGN RESPONSIBILITY:- It is too dangerous to allow new members to be idle. They will feel unimportant and may not find it necessary to attend your fellowship always. To check this, new members’ matter-it is an evidence of genuine conversion. As new members continue fellowship, leaders should endeavour to discover new members gifts and talents and try to help develop the identified gifts and talents. LEADERSHIP TRAINING:- leadership seminar, teaching, working, e. . c should be programmed for the purpose of equipping the new members and sensitizing them toward the discipleship . The trainings will also focus on actualizing the potentials of the discovered gifts and talent. A true leadership training is centered on soul-winning training on how to be fruitful disciple. This starts from encouraging the new members to bring their immediate friends to the fellowship / church. And thereby launching the new members into full scale fishers of men. Once converts develop to the status of soul winners, the task is accomplished.

    The desirers to make your converts candidates of God’s kingdom are achieved. Continue fellowship with brethren and deep rooted in the doctrine will sustain the converts to the end. Let me mention to the pioneers of revival of soul winning that the rewards are both present and in the future. Our lord Jesus said to his disciples that nobody which involves themselves in the work of the cross who will not reap the reward here on each . And what a joy it will be to her Jesus says “well done. ” Here are your everlasting crowns; The crow of rejoicing for those who win others to Christ.

    The crown of glory for those who faithfully teach and preach God’s word- 1 peter 5:4 The crown of life for those who suffer for the name of Christ Rev 2 : 10 Therefore start building for yourself treasures in Heaven today, let the revival of soul winning in our dying generation starts forthwith. Jesus said that the pioneers are many, go therefore and harvest for Christ CHAPTER 5 RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONCLUSIONS LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY This study was limited to the parishes in strong tower area, Delta province II Delta State. Questionnaire had been administered in the following parishes. (see appendix) 1.

    Strong tower model parish, Area head quarter Ekpan. 2. Living Water Model Parish, Omadino 3. New level Model parish Egboteodo, Itsekiri 4. Covenant Model Parish Ughelli. DISCUSSION OF GINDINGS It was found in the study that soul wining group is very important group that enhances church growth. From the questionnaires administered, it was discovered that only 20% of the persons really do the work of soul winning on their own. 50 % will join if called while the remaining 30% believe that the work belongs to some people. Their own is to come to church regularly and that is all their time will permit them to do.

    To the 20% that do the work should be encouraged that a crown of rejoicing awaits them as soul winners with the masters. To the 50% that want to be called, these ones should struggle to get out of this class. The works will soon become so urgent that nobody will have the time to be calling on others before going to the battle front, and they may fall out of the army like in the days of the Gideon’s army. God can not keep on waiting for you to be pushed because the kingdom of God suffered violence and only the violent can take it by force.

    To 30% who exist in the church and feel they are too busy they wouldn’t have the opportunity of sitting in a church at all. Some people have given everything (comforts money, time) to make sure the gospel is propagated. That is why it is possible for them to be partner today. The devil will never let you see the time to do this work until you are believed to be quit in the church and restricted from church activities. However, some of these ones complain about their spouse who only permits them to go for church services alone and no extra activity with any group.

    This is not enough excuse, they are unbelieving customers when you go to the market. The lord ha given you ample opportunity to witness, you need to stand up to the challenge. SUGGESTION/RECOMMENDATION FOR FURTHER STUDIES It is suggested that seminars, teaching, working etc. should be programmed for the purpose of equipping the new members and sensitizing them toward the cost of discipleship. The training will also focus on actualizing the potentials of the discovered gifts and talents. A true leadership training is centered on soul-winning trainings on how to be a fruitful disciple.

    Once converts develop to the status of soul-winners the task is accomplish. The desires to make your converts candidates of God’s kingdom are achieved. Further studies can be made on the life of notable men/women of God in this present generation and how they find time for winning souls. The minister in the church should get more interested in the soul winning activities in the church. SUMMARY The effect of soul winning activity is the church growth still receives a pass mark as far as the study is concerned. It has a high impact on church growth, that the Holy Spirit can use only body.

    Everybody need to rise to the challenge of being personally involved in the masters’ work. No one has to be pushed before the work is done. -The time spent in pushing people around will be spent doing the work. -The work will be more exciting because everybody has the same spirit towards the work. -Therefore there will be a larger positive result at the end. REFERENCES Christenson L. The Renewed Mind Dag Heward –Mill How to Start A Christ Kenneth B. et al (ed) 1995 The Niv BIBLE.

    Index of Places of Religions worship Grand Rapids Zondervan Publish House GSF New Letter 9th Biennial National Conference of The Gospel students’ Fellowship April 2001. Morris G. W et al (ed) 1990 The complete Christian Dictionary For Home and School Colorada Springs; International Bible Society.

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