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The Mythic Power of the Dragon in ‘Beowulf’: A Fiery Symbol of Fate and Heroism



Words: 647 (3 pages)

Introduction The ancient epic poem “Beowulf” stands as a cornerstone of Anglo-Saxon literature, steeped in rich symbolism, heroic valor, and mythical creatures. Among these creatures, the dragon emerges as a formidable presence, casting a shadow of fate and challenging the might of the titular hero. The dragon’s role in “Beowulf” extends beyond that of a…

Animal Imagery Used in the Poem “Chicago” and the Book Manhattan Transfer




Words: 1768 (8 pages)

Animal imagery is used in both the poem Chicago and the book Manhattan Transfer, Chicago was written by Carl Sandburg in 1916. The poem illustrates Sandburg s opinion of the city of Chicago during that time period. Although Sandburg thinks Chicago is a good place, he gives an honest account of the condition of Chicago…

COVID-19: mutation from an animals or something else




Words: 600 (3 pages)

The beginning of 2020 was extraordinary. In the past four months, an original Coronavirus spread around the world. At present, COVID-19 can be accurately defined as a rising human tragedy that affects thousands of people, just like the SARS virus of that year. More than 175 countries have reported cases of COVID-19, a virus that…

A Research on the Shell Preference of Four Hermit Crab Species



Hermit Crab


Words: 661 (3 pages)

We rejected our null hypothesis. All four crabs seem to actively choose shell type unequal to availability. Overall, the main shell occupied was Ilynassa. This is probably due to the large abundance of this shell, compared to other shell types, in the sample area. The biology of the crabs plays a part in their shell…

A Comparison Between the Three Types of Crabs (Hermit, Fiddler and Blue)



Hermit Crab


Words: 1320 (6 pages)

Blue crabs come from the family Portunidae a group of animals having jointed legs, segmented body, and a hard outer shell. (Capossela, 1990) It is a crustacean as are lobsters and shrimps. This crab stays in water although it could survive shortly out of it. The growth of blue crabs is slowed in areas of…

Farming and Domestication of Animals Towards the Middle East after the Ice Age



Words: 566 (3 pages)

The climate of the Middle East was different 13,000 years ago. This is because this time is directly after the Ice Age. The climate became more warm and there was more precipitation than there was previously. The narrator described the climate as “less arid” than it is today and forests were more abundant. People around…

Industrial Farm Animal Abuse: A Review


Cruelty to Animals

Words: 467 (2 pages)

In general, animal abuse is any form of action that involves either “neglect or intentional cruelty” toward animals. Animal neglect is defined as inadequacy or entire absence of basic necessities such as food and water for animals. Intentional cruelty, on the other hand, is deliberate inhumane actions perpetrated towards animals that cause them mental or…

The Role of Wet Markets and Wild Life Markets in the Pandemic




Words: 1567 (7 pages)

Wet markets have been around for centuries and they have been the source for food for many. Wet markets are located all around the globe as they sell fresh meat, fish and produce that are supervised by governments so in consequence they are not technically dangerous while wild life markets slaughter live animals for consumption…

A Reversal of Negative Disturbances in a Working Assistance Dog



Words: 1439 (6 pages)

Assistance dogs provide a great sense of independence for people with disabilities. Many people with disabilities rely on some form of support to assist with day-to-day tasks that are often taken for granted. The amount of independence a trained assistance dog can provide is immeasurable. Everyday tasks like doing laundry, opening drawers and closing doors…

A to Z Animals



Words: 521 (3 pages)

A for Angel shark Ah, the angel sharks the holiest creature in the sea. Angel sharks don’t look like most sharks at all. Unlike most sharks, they have long flat bodies, broad pectoral fins, and thick pelvic fins as well. They only weigh around 60 pounds but the most massive angle shark ever found was…

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