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    Social Problem – Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Sample Essay

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    This paper will research the fiscal emphasis and deficiency of resource emphasis that Grandparents experience while taking attention of their Grandchildren.

    Grandparents have ever played a function in the household kineticss. Grandparents are known for taking attention of their grandchildren when the parents are ill. deceased or out of town. In the past several old ages Grandparents are going the primary health professional for their grandchildren. The parents are no longer vomit or out of town.

    bulk of the parents are either asleep. mistreating drugs. or enduring from a mental unwellness. This has become an epidemic and a major societal job.

    Grandparents are enduring financially. mentally. and physically because the biological parents are no longer a portion of the household construction and they have taken over the primary attention of their grandchildren. This job is nil new but is going a sore oculus to the populace.

    Badness of the ProblemGrandparents who have taken on the primary function of rearing their Grandchildren normally had to take on that function instantly. Grandparents did non hold any sum of clip to fix mentally. financially or physically as they would hold with their ain gestation. Majority of the clip the kids were taken because of the parent’s inability to care for them. There have been times where parents have been killed in accidents or passed off due to medical grounds and the grandparents had to take on the parenting function. Taking on primary attention at that point is different due to the kids no longer holding a parent to care for them.

    There have besides been times when the Child Welfare System has stepped in to take detention of the kids due to pretermit or mistreat. Taking on primary attention at that point is dissatisfactory because the biological parents neglected to care for their kids. Whichever manner the grandparent had to step in and take on the parental function they were non ab initio prepared for. There are three different types of Grandparents as health professionals: one type is the grandparent who has legal detention of their grandchild or grandchildren through the tribunal system which is Department of Children and Family Services.

    secondly is the grandparent who resides in the same place as their grandchildren and take on primary attention while the biological parent is present in the place. and last is the grandparent who merely sees their grandchildren on the weekends or vacations. When Grandparents have legal detention of their Grandchildren/child they are able to set them on their medical insurance if needed. If they are caring for them under the Foster attention system the Grandparents are able to have fiscal and medical aid through the province. When a Grandparent does non hold any legal detention of their Grandchild it can go a job particularly if the parent is non about.

    The grandparent is non allowed to subscribe off on any educational affairs or medical intervention and at that point is when the grandparents have no other pick but to affect the province. Conservatives estimations suggest that grandparent health professionals save taxpayers about 6. 5 billion dollars a twelvemonth in federal Foster attention expenditures ( Murphy. 2008 ) . These statistics show that grandparents are willing to take attention of their grandchildren without puting them in the attention of the province. At the same clip grandparents are fighting financially taken on primary attention of their grandchildren.

    Statistics study there are 103. 717 grandparents who report that they are responsible for their grandchildren populating with them and 41. 328 in Chicago and 1. 576 in Rockford: 41 % of these grandparents are African American ; 16 % are Hispanic/Latino ; 2 % are Asiatic ; and 39 % are White. 28 % of these grandparents live in families without the children’s parents present. 76 % are under the age of 60 ; 12 % unrecorded in poorness ( A province fact sheet for Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children.

    2007 ) . Causes and ConsequencesResearch workers report that a little sum of the Grandparents receive Government benefits which merely provide them adequate income to pay their ain measures. 71 per centum of these grandparents are under age 60. and 68 per centum of them are working. a figure of them need fiscal aid and many require other signifiers of aid.

    Some are populating on fixed incomes and merely approximately 30 percent receive any income from authorities plans ( Marian Wright Edelman’s Child Watch® Column: “Join the GrandRally and Help Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children” . 2008 ) . When the Grandparent becomes the primary health professional for their grandchild they have to use for TANF which is another authorities plan that would give a little fiscal aid for the grandchild. It would supply them with a little sum of hard currency. a little sum of income for nutrient and medical benefits.

    These jobs can add more issues on the Grandparents raising grandchildren besides experience isolation from others. every bit good as legal and economic troubles associated with poorness. hapless entree to quality wellness attention and societal services. societal policies that ignore the demands of grandparent households. and the increased costs of attention giving ( ( Bert Hayslip jr.

    . 2007 ) . Depending on the age of the grandchild. the grandparent would hold to cover with school issues. medical issues and sometimes mental wellness issues. These are issues that the grandparents have non had to cover with.

    but now that they are the primary health professional they have to turn to. There is small research on the consequence of the grandchild being raised by a grandparent. The small information that was located stated that if a grandparent is over the age of 60 and seeking to raise a younger kid. it could be hard due to age spread.

    The age spread can hold a positive or negative result. Children raised in a two-parent household were more successful academically than kids raised by grandparents ( Leder. Jan-Mar 2003 ) . HistoricalThis issue became a job in the 1980’s which is around the same clip cleft cocaine became an epidemic. These two issues have some connexion because the parents who started mistreating cleft cocaine could no longer care for their kids and the grandparents had to step up and go the primary health professional.

    Besides adolescent gestation was at a high rate. individual parents. and HIV/AIDS. By the 1990’s this issue had become a major job which made the legislative people bring this affair to the tabular array for treatment.

    The legislative realized that more Grandparents were raising their Grandchildren and resources were needed to keep their stableness. TANF was put in topographic point for Grandparents irrespective if they had legal detention or non. Grandparents are able to acquire fiscal and medical aid through TANF and SSI. TANF has two grants that kids who are being cared for by relations could profit from. The first is a grant that merely the kid receives benefits and the 2nd is a grant that the household could profit from but the Grandparent has to run into the eligibility demands. Unfortunately.

    child-only grants are typically little and may be deficient to run into the demands of the kid. In 2001. the mean grant was approximately $ 7 per twenty-four hours for one kid. with merely little additions for extra kids ( American Bar Association. 2004 )TANF did non travel into consequence until 1997.

    which were a few old ages after the addition in grandparents raising their grandchildren due to miss of parental engagement from the biological parents. TANF was revamped in 2006 due to people taking advantage of the benefits and non looking for employment. TANF changed from a authorities benefit with no clip line to holding a clip line with certain demands. It besides changed in respects to giving kids their ain instance because so many grandparents were caring for their grandchildren with no aid. TANF has assisted Grandparents with caring for their grandchildren a small but it has non made a important alteration for the Grandparent financially and in respects to resources. DecisionThe decision that came out of this research was that the system makes it impossible for a Grandparent to raise their grandchild or kids without the province taking detention of them.

    The grandparent is stuck with small or no fiscal aid and no educational or medical aid. At least when the province is involved there is a social worker and a tribunal system that helps the grandparent out with resources. Most grandparents don’t want anyone involved with them caring for their grandchild but society makes it hard to last and to give them a stable and appropriate upbringing. With the drug epidemic and the high figure of people with mental wellness issues grandparents will go on to hold to care for their grandchildren unless they allow them to travel into surrogate attention. The policy shapers should help grandparents more with caring for their grandchildren seeing that they save the federal authorities so much money by maintaining them out of the provinces attention. The policy shapers could utilize half of the money that is saved on helping the grandparents with resources to assist them care for their grandchildren.

    This manner the teenage grandchildren won’t have to travel in the streets and sell drugs or the adolescent misss won’t have to prostitute to do money for the household. These bad behaviours will merely be a rhythm for the following set of grandparents to hold to raise their grandchildren. If this is what society wants so they will hold to go more knowing about this job and work diligently to happen a solution so the job could halt. MentionsA province fact sheet for Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children. ( 2007. October ) .

    Retrieved May 26. 2009. from GrandFacts: World Wide Web. grandfactsheets. org American Bar Association.

    ( 2004. July ) . Retrieved May 26. 2009. from Grandparents and other relations raising kids: World Wide Web. abanet.

    org/chil/kinshipcare. shtml Baldock. E. ( 2007 ) .

    Grandparents raising grandchildren because of intoxicant and other drug issues. Family Matters. Bert Hayslip jr. . C.

    C. ( 2007 ) . Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Benefits and Drawbacks? Journal of Intergenerational Relationships. 117-119. Leder.

    S. G. ( Jan-Mar 2003 ) . Psychotherapeutic intervention results in grandparent-raised kids. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing. Marian Wright Edelman’s Child Watch® Column: “Join the GrandRally and Help Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children” .

    ( 2008. April 18 ) . Retrieved May 26. 2009. from Children’s Defense Fund: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

    childrensdefense. org/child-research-data-publications/data/marian-wright-edelman-child-watch-column/join-the-grandrally. hypertext markup language Murphy. S. Y.

    ( 2008 ) . Voices of African American Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren: Informing Child Welfare Kinship Care Policy-Practice. Journal of Intergenerational Relationships. 26.

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