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    Administrative structure in Malaysia Essay

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    1. Introduction

    Malaysia, Malaysia ( Malaysia ) for short, is one of the Southeast Asia by 13 provinces and three federal systems composed of territory federal states. Kuala Lumpur, the federal authorities is located in the metropolis. August 31, 1957 ( Dinging You old ages ) independency. Western half is located in the Malay Peninsula, frequently referred to as the “ west ” , the north Thailand, and south across the Johor sound, as opposed to a Singapore and Indonesia ‘s Riau islands ; The eastern half is frequently referred to as the “ east Equus caballus ” , south Kalimantan, Indonesia.

    Equally early as the sixth century BC, and now the Malayan part to set up a “ Kedah ” land. 14 existent “ Malacca ” land centered in Malacca, the fusion of most of the Malay Peninsula. 1511 Portugal conquered the “ Malacca. ” “ World War II ” , the United Kingdom, such as the Penang Malay maharaja 9 merges it to federal, Singapore as an independent British settlement. Federated Malay States in 1957 independency, the Federated Malay States in 1963 with Singapore, Sarawak, and Sabah merged to organize Malaysia. 1965 Singapore quit organizing the current Malaysia.

    The members of the British Commonwealth, the non-aligned motion and members of the organisation of the Islamic conference, is besides one of the initiation of the association of Southeast Asiatic states states. Chiefly involved in military action defence confederation with the five states and the United Nations peacekeeping operations.

    1. Administrative construction in Malaysia

    2.1 The legislative subdivision

    2.1.1 at the federal degree

    • YDPA

    Malayan Supreme Head of State as caput of province, commanding officer in head of the armed forces and Islamic leaders from the nine familial swayers of the meeting in conformity with the campaigning of Sudan Sudan Aging’s age and became drawn up the list, the highest elected a senior status Sudanese caput of province, a term of five old ages.

    Supreme Head of State is the caput of province has the legal position of the Federal Constitution and the Act of Parliament expressly bar out of his state representative for Malaysia, the highest legislative and executive decision-makers.

    • Senate

    A sum of 69 members of the Malayan Senate, where 26 is indirectly elected by the province legislative assembly elections in 13 provinces, in add-on to the 44 caputs of province from the federal authorities to the highest recommended for assignment. Senators must be over 30 old ages of the Federation of Malaysia citizen, a entire term of three old ages, irrespective of whether the uninterrupted mean term renewable merely one time.

    • House of representative

    A sum of 193 members must be at least 21 old ages of age and shall non function on the Members.

    Under the five-year term of office of members must be regular and comprehensive re-election, Mr. Election, when electors in the constituency Members vote seats, mining comparative bulk determination made it past the station vote. Known as “YANG BERHORMAT” . Responsible by Congress in Malaysia, the undertaking of amending the jurisprudence and abrogation, straight under the Aging of Malaysia.

    2.1.2 at the province degree

    • Rules

    Heads of province leaders is highest, harmonizing to the state ‘s fundamental law, the caput of province has the right to urge the rules of action, every bit good as the regulations and the powers to name and YDB YDN, for the assignment of the Minister of State has certain rights. You can decline the petition and agreed to fade out the legislative assembly of each province, but for the demands of the swayers of the Council, to be met, the caput of the Malayan Islamic faith spring regard and satisfaction.

    • State legislative assembly

    13 provinces, each province has its ain legislative assembly, every member is elected by the people themselves, this tradition has been maintained for five old ages, the election over the age of 21 people, they were known as ‘ YANG BERHORMAT ” ‘ Council is responsible for the drafting of the statute law, and argument on them, but a individual can non be at the same clip a representative figure of constituency, stand foring a territory merely.

    2.2 The Executive subdivision

    2.2.1 at the federal degree

    • YDPA

    YDPA 2.1.1 has been discussed in the above

    • Council of the regulations

    Council of the regulations is made up of nine swayers in Malaysia and four appointed caput of the province under the federal fundamental law 38 commissariats of the Council, the chief maps of the parliament every 5 old ages is selected in the nine familial swayer supreme caput of province and deputy supreme caput of province, but merely the familial swayer has the supreme caput of province of the right to vote and the right to vote. Other characteristics include a responsibility to protect the legal position of the Malay and Islam ; Involving Islam job on a countrywide graduated table for concluding determinations ; In add-on, the swayer has the supreme legislative power, the highest judicial power and administrative power, but in existent operation, he must confer with the sentiments of the premier curate.

    • Prime curate

    Malaysia ‘s premier curate was the leader of the administrative organ in Malaysia. In Malaysia to clear up in the fundamental law, the supreme caput of province must name a congressional bulk support members of the House of Commons as premier curate.

    1. From the parliament ‘s lower House of Commons

    2. Be born in Malaysia citizens

    • Cabinet

    Malaysia ‘s cabinet is the Malayan authorities administrative section, the cabinet led by the premier curate and the cabinet curate study to congress on a regular footing. Cabinet members must be elected by Congress, which was given the highest blessing evaluation of MPS in the house of Commons will be elevated to the premier curate, so harmonizing to the list submitted by premier curate elected cabinet curates and deputy curates, cabinet curates in a cabinet meeting every Wednesday on a regular footing.

    2.2.2 at the province degree

    • Rules/YDN

    Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy in the state. It ‘s symbolic caput of province swayers called Malaysia ( Yang Di-Pertuan Agong ) , viz. the Agong, by seven Malay States – Johor, Selangor, Kedah, Perak, Kelantan, Pahang, Tengah House Sultan ( Sultan ) , plus serious side Raja Negeri Sembilan and Perlis served in rotary motion, either every 5 old ages. Four other provinces in the province by the symbolic caput of province ( Yang Di-Pertuan Negeri ) regulation.

    • State executive council

    State cabinet-is headed by coiner bear.States that do non hold a sultan-is headed by main minister.Peninsular-state executive council.Sabah-cabinet, Sarawak-supreme council.Responsible for organizing assorted province policies, Implement them and acts every bit adviser to the ruler.Members of province cabinet caput certain portfolios.Practices “ corporate duty ” . Malaysia consists of 13 provinces and 3 Federal Territories. Federal ; Districts: Kuala Lumpur, Island of Labuan, Putrajaya

    2.3 Judiciary

    Malaysia ‘s legal and judicial system is complex, Malaysia ‘s judicial system is keen and punctilious, and it is rooted in the cultural diverseness of the colonial history and things. Malaysia ‘s judicial system involves many facets of the legal system in Malaysia ; Malaysia ruled by the British for a long clip, belong to common jurisprudence legal system. Condemnable justness is an of import portion of Malaysia ‘s judicial system, based on the suspect equality against the judgement of the illegal question officer taking manner on the footing of. This system includes three constituents, viz. the tribunal, the prosecuting authorization and defence bureaus. It ‘s the highest jurisprudence as the United States fundamental law of Malaysia. Malayan tribunal construction can be divided into two parts, viz. the Supreme Court and lower tribunal. Lower tribunals consist of judgement tribunal and territory tribunal, but it is the things both impartiality-or otherwise-of the higher tribunal, an appellant tribunal and the federal tribunal. The federal tribunal ‘s predecessor was the Supreme Court ; it is the highest in the Malayan legal system of establishment and the concluding tribunal of entreaty. The entreaties tribunal to Malaysia ‘s operation from June 24, 1994 began to take consequence. The particular tribunal was set up in 1993.Special tribunal will test all swayers and supreme caput of province of civil action. The tribunals presided over by the federal tribunal, and the other four members, viz. what horse two impartiality-or otherwise-of justness and two Judgess appointed by the Malay swayers conference.

    A member of the federal tribunal for federal tribunal justnesss, long entreaties courtyard, Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak justness and seven other federal tribunal judges.At nowadays there are 10 in Malaysia the entreaties tribunal justice ( non including the entreaty yard long ) .The Malaysian impartiality-or otherwise-of has 47 justice, Sabah and Sarawak impartiality-or otherwise-of 10 Judgess. In the lower tribunal, there are 60 territory tribunal Judgess, of which 52 in the West, Sabah and Sarawak each four. Judgment tribunal justice has 151, including 122 in the West, ma 10 in Sabah, 18 in Sarawak and 1 in Fujian federal territories.The federal tribunal is the judicial Malaysia ‘s supreme leader. The federal tribunal, the entreaty Judgess, west Equus caballus pace long, Malaya, federal tribunal Judgess, the entreaties tribunal justice and impartiality-or otherwise-of the justice is the supreme caput of province in refer to the advice of the premier curate appointed after meeting and confer withing the Malay swayers.

    3.0 Explain your state system — – China

    The judicial variety meats of China including the tribunal, proxy Ate, public security variety meats ( including the province security variety meats ) and judicial administrative variety meats and their prima attorney organisation, notary organ, re-education through labour governments, etc. The people ‘s tribunal is an organ of the province test ; the people ‘s proxy Ate is the national legal supervising variety meats ; the public security organ is the public security organ, is responsible for the probe of condemnable instances, detainment or pre-qualification and apprehensions. Has the nature of the public security organ of a province security organ ; Main duty is to direction of the judicial administrative variety meats of the prisons and labour cantonments, attorneies, notarization, people ‘s mediation and legal promotion and instruction, etc. Judicial organisation refers to the attorneies, notarization, and the arbitration organisation. The latter is non the judicial variety meats, are indispensable in the judicial system and links.

    4.0 Comparison with Malaysia

    Malaysia authorities and society:

    Constitutional monarchy ( a constitutional monarchy is divided into double monarchy and a parliamentary monarchy, Malaysia belong to parliament monarchy ) . Rulers meeting by the Johor, Pahang, Selangor, Mei LAN, knight, Deng gaol floor, Kelantan, Kedah, glass metropolis nine provinces of familial Sudan and Malacca, Penang, sand, the more, the Shaba of four provinces of caputs of province. Its map is highest in nine familial Sudan in bend elected caput of province and deputy supreme caput of province ; Review and promulgated by the national Torahs and ordinances ; Has the concluding determinations on Islam job on a countrywide graduated table ; Review involved cultural Malayans and Sabah, sand the privileged position of autochthonal peoples and other major jobs. Without the consent of the meeting, and shall non by any jurisprudence swayers of privileged position.

    China authorities and society:

    National nature: the people ‘s democratic absolutism of socialist states. The socialist system is the basic system of the People ‘s Republic of China. The socialist system by any organisation or person is prohibited devastation. “After Hong Kong and Macao return, because of historical grounds, the execution of “ one state, two systems ” , viz. in mainland China patterns the socialist system and capitalist system in Hong Kong and Macao shall, because civil war failed to unite Taiwan, soon for the system of capitalist economy, return besides suited for the “ one state, two systems ” , still pattern the system of capitalist economy.

    Government: the people ‘s Congress system. “ PRC ” in article 2 of ordinance: “ all power in the People ‘s Republic of China belongs to the people. The people exercise province power of authorization is the National People ‘s Congress and local people ‘s Congresss at assorted degrees. The people in conformity with the jurisprudence, through assorted channels and signifiers, direction of province personal businesss, pull off economic and cultural projects and societal personal businesss direction.

    5.0 Decision

    Malaysia particular political economic and cultural background every bit good as for its alone geographical place, one of the universe celebrated. Malaysia pursues an independent foreign policy, impersonal and nonaligned. Precedence to the development of foreign policy basis for the association of south-east Asiatic nationsASEAN ) , dealingss with ASEAN states. Great importance to developing dealingss with power. Is a member of the commonwealth, and its member provinces more exchanges? With the constitution of diplomatic ties in 131 states.

    6.0 Reference list

    Web sites

    Malaysia History and society, [ online ] available at:

    mailto: hypertext transfer protocol: // nid=2946,

    Accessed on 25ThursdayNovember 2014

    China History and society, [ online ] , available at:

    mailto: hypertext transfer protocol: //,

    Accessed on 6ThursdayDecember 2014

    Word count: 2037

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