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    Social Media and social responsibility Essay

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    Connie ElmoreGEB2430Professor Richardson, Todd May 1, 2017Social Media and social responsibilityIntroductionThe most important consideration in social responsibility for anorganization is that it should not be executed on the basis of the views ofan individual, but it should be a reflection of the values as well asbeliefs of the owners and the shareholders. Engagement of stakeholdersplays a crucial role in the corporate social responsibility of theorganization as well as in the achievement of the triple bottom line(Gillenwater, 2008). Dialogue is very important in identifying theenvironmental as well as social issues that affect performance,accountability and enhancement of decision-making. The most importantconsideration for an organization is that business environment takesaccount of some crucial business strategies appraises in a continuousprocess which facilitates focusing on evaluation together with control ofbusiness through setting strategies as well as goals that should minimizecosts and ensure maximization of profits in the business (Gillenwater,2008).

    The use of social media to build social responsibility is animportant consideration in the success of the business. It is thereforeimportant for an organization to formulate strategies that are significantfor their business in minimizing organizational costs coupled with raisingthe margin of profits in their business. Overall theme of the topic, background and why is it importantThe use of social media plays a vital role in perfecting the socialresponsibility in an organization through building a defense shield(Gillenwater, 2008). This is particularly important during the times ofcrisis where the organization should embrace the responsibility of beingtransparent as well as open.

    Expeditious communication to the customers isa vital consideration in the social responsibility of the company(Gillenwater, 2008). The use of digital platform has been an effective wayof achieving such an objective in the organization, before the actualeruption of any crisis in the organization irrespective of its cause, theorganization must embrace the requisite mechanisms to cushion thestakeholders through leveraging the positive performance of the company(Gillenwater, 2008). It is important for the organization to build networksthat comprises the supporters over time, which must be aligned with thevalues as well as, the actions of the business that facilitate in theprotection of the business during crisis (Collis & Jef, 2001). There arelimited and straightforward strategies that can be applied in social mediaby organizations that facilitate in highlighting the commitments of thebusiness to the social responsibility and aid in the building of the socialmedia in the organization. Transparency is an important consideration in the socialresponsibility program of the business and more so when a social networkingplatform is being harnessed.

    The online consumers are particularlyconfident and the must therefore be accorded open communication thatenhances the reputation of the business management (Collis & Jef, 2001). Social responsibility at an organization must be able to position thebusiness in the existing environment. The use of social networkingplatforms in social media is crucial in shaping the social responsibilitystrategy in the organization. They describe the strategic positioning ofthe organization and the ethical reputation inherent in an organizationbusiness which in turn explains the perception of the society to anorganization and the willingness of an organization to interact with thecommunity. The most important consideration in social responsibility for anorganization is that it should not be executed on the basis of the views ofan individual but should be a reflection of the values as well as beliefsof the owners and the shareholders (Gillenwater, 2008).

    Facts, differing views, and concernsThe social responsibility in a business organization can therefore besuccessful or a source of failure. The success of the social responsibilitydepends on their degree of expressing the behavior objectives. Goodbehaviors must be encouraged while the bad ones must be spelled out anddiscouraged. The mission of the business must be a reflection of the socialresponsibility (Schwartz, 2001). The failure of the social responsibilityin addressing the employees’ behaviors in the organization requires theaction of the management to correct what seems to go wrong (Stevens, 2008).

    They must ascertain that their goals are pragmatic because socialresponsibilities that aim too high are likely to fail. For example, in acommunity where corruption is endemic, a goal of ending the practice canonly mislead the administration in setting the agenda in the Socialresponsibility program (Schwartz, 2001). Feedback is an important actionfrom the management of the organization to make sure that the socialresponsibilities are successful. The business must consider the importance of social media in socialresponsibility in terms of helping the growth of the business. Some peoplemay argue that social responsibility should be contemplated from theperspective of marketing and PR but it is worth to appreciate thecontribution of social responsibility initiatives in the enhancement of thebrand image (Collis ; Jef, 2001).

    There is a strong interrelationshipbetween social responsibility and social media in the contemporarybusiness. In case the business is interested in an involvement with aparticular issue, leveraging on social media is a prudent consideration andlarge corporations have illustrated success in this development. An organization must also recognize the need for socialresponsibility as important innovation of the twenty-first century. Socialresponsibility is a crucial tool for an organization as it is able tofacilitate smarter, productive and faster performance of the workforce.

    This is the premise behind application of social responsibility at anorganization in the processes of organization and incentivizingcollaborative behaviors (Collis ; Jef, 2001). Consequently, the use ofsocial responsibility at an organization can lead to the transformation inthe approach of converting knowledge in to action (Collis ; Jef, 2001). An organization is likely to be empowered by social responsibility todiscuss issues related to their work hence making their work easier andsatisfying. An organization must therefore embrace social responsibility tofacilitate speedy solutions. An organization must adopt socialresponsibility strategies such social media thus making clients to becompany advocates in promoting company brand.

    What do you think is the right thing to do and whyAn organization must also appreciate the fact that, the business mustmake considerable strides in identification of the importance of issues ofsocial responsibility in the context of business (Collis ; Jef, 2001). Themanagement of an organization must be knowledgeable of the appropriatetheoretical frameworks that can fully explain the contribution of socialresponsibility in influencing the perception of clients in diverse aspectsin the mix of marketing communication. The social responsibility in business management must be able toposition the business in the existing environment (Collis ; Jef, 2001). Itdescribes the strategic positioning of the organization and the ethicalreputation inherent in an organization business which in turn explains theperception of the society to an organization and the willingness of anorganization to interact with the community (Collis ; Jef, 2001). The mostimportant consideration in social responsibility for an organization isthat it should not be executed on the basis of the views of an individualbut should be a reflection of the values as well as beliefs of the ownersand the shareholders. It is also the responsibility of the organization managers to take into account the issue of stakeholder strategies and organize them forseveral purposes.

    An organization must be in a position to communicate tothe primary stakeholders, and others that their support is necessary tosupport desired performance, they must tell them what specific actions areenvisioned, by which stakeholders, and when (Collis ; Jef, 2001). TheImportant stakeholders then review the proposed strategies to select thosemost appropriate and add other strategies that would be useful and make acommitment to act on those strategies at the right time. ReferencesCollis, B. ; Jef, M.

    , (2001). Flexible learning in a digital world:experiences and expectations. London: Kogan Page. Gillenwater, P. , (2008). Take your new team to the top.

    Journal ofAccountancy (March): 58-61. Schwartz, M. , (2001). The Nature of the Relationship Between CorporateCodes of Ethics andBehaviour. Journal of Business Ethics 32 (3):247 -262.

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