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    Richard manages to win Anne Essay

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    Over all Richard has his way with twisting words and toying with people’s emotion in order to get what he wants. In this case he was Anne and he changes her opinion of him to like him rather than to detest him. The first interaction that we see between Richard and Anne is when Richard enters the scene and tells the progression of the coffin to stop. At this point we then read how Anne feels towards Richard when she called him “the devil” and how “a soul thou canst not have” showing how at this point, she has no respect or feelings towards and considers him to be inhuman in her eyes.

    His first attempt at winning Anne over was when she said how wonderful when “devils tell the truth! ” and he replies by saying how it is more wonderful “when angles are so angry” in an attempt to complement her and by asking her for a chance to explain himself and calling her “divine perfection of a woman”. She feels differently and calls him “diffused infection of man”. He then tries again to gain her good will when she asked if he killed the king and he accepts it, she sys how he (the king) was “gentle, mild, and virtuous” and he later goes onto say that the king should thank him for killing him as “he was fitter for that place earth.

    ” This showing how he way trying to make her see things in a positive light rather than what it really was. She then goes onto say that he will go to hell but Richard says that that hell is not the only place and she asks him where else and his response is “Your bedchamber. ” This showing how he is apply that she shares a bed with him but she thinks and fells differently and responds by saying “Ill rest beside the chamber where thou liest.

    ” This is like a curse from her onto him by her saying that may he have nightmares when he sleeps. Tactically he responds well by saying “So will it, madam, tell I lie with you. ” This turns the tables around on her by him implying that his nights will not be right without her beside him. This shows a change in her approach towards him as now she is not calling him the devil and being soulless but rather cursing him. This shows how he is gradually having an affect on her and her image of him is not the same.

    He then goes onto say that the reason he killed the king was because her “beauty was the cause of that effect” implying that he did it to be with her and this is an attempt to try and win her over. His next attempt to win her over is when he says that the person who took away her husband did it to “help thee to a better husband. ” To the reader it is clear that he is referring to himself at this instance but Anne goes on to ask who it is and he tells her that it is he. Her response was to spit on him, which causes the reader to think if he is really winning her over or not.

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