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    Requirements for an Apophantic Sentence Essay

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    Logic, as it appears in its everyday form, seems to stand on its own, without any requirements to needed to justify its existence. However, it is commonly overlooked that “logic is the science and means of clear . . . communication.” Consequently, many sentences are regarded as logical, which in reality are illogical. It can therefore be found that the language used to communicate this logic must be carefully constructed using a certain format in order to form a logical statement. The requirements in such a sentence include a subject, the verb “to be”, a predicate containing information that is relevant to the subject by means of the verb “to be”, an adjective, and it must have correct reference numbers. Therefore, logic must consist of sentences of a certain kind, in order to be formatted with the intention of revealing or displaying something. It is because of the former items that a logical sentence cannot exist unless it contains all of the previously mentioned grammatical parts.

    The definition of a subject is: the object in a sentence about which something is said. A logical sentence can, therefore, not exist without a subject, for the simple reason that nothing can be revealed about an object that has not been revealed to the potential obtainer of the logic. Simply stated, if there were no subject, the logical sentence would have nothing to show something about.

    “Being seems to be presupposed in every apophantic sentence,” and it is for this reason that the verb “to be” is required in all sentences of that sort. A verb is that which displays action, existence, or occurrence. Nothing can be displayed concerning the subject of the logical statement unless the subject exists, unless it “is.”

    A predicate must also be present in a logic sentence, and it must be relative to the subject by means of the verb “to be.” It is necessary for the subsistence of such a sentence because of the previous definition of the subject. The subject is the item about which something is said, and the predicate is the part of the statement that says something about the subject. In other words, nothing can be revealed about the subject in a logic sentence unless something is said about that subject. However, the predicate must be tied to the subject by the verb “to be”, otherwise the result would be that the predicate would be making a statement about a subject that does not exist.

    An adjective is a word that is used to modify the subject. Given that logic sentences deal with particularities and generalities, it is found necessary to include an adjective for the purpose of distinguishing between these. The adjective is the unique part of the sentence that can let one know if the logical sentence is revealing a general distinction or a particular distinction. It is this that limits the meaning of the rest of the words within the sentence.

    Reference number is also an important factor in these statements. Quantity is therefore incredibly important to logic, as logic often times uses generalizations. Hence, in order to be a universal logical statement, the statement must also me true after its subject has been pluralized. This can also result in things such as paradigms. An example of this would be: “All women long to have children,” “Woman longs to have children,” “Only that which longs to have children is a woman.” All sentences are correct, however, the first is more direct than the others. Another example would be: A equals B, B equals C, A equals C. All sentences are correct, although the last is more direct than the others.

    If any of these grammatical parts were to be altered or done away with, a logical statement would no longer exist, as many parts are dependant upon others, and none can exist without the subject of the sentence. It is due to this fact that all logical sentences, whether they are universal or particular, will forever consist of the same grammatical devices, and that language will continue to abide by these rules, seeing as it cannot exist if it doesn”t.

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