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    Raphael and his story Essay (495 words)

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    Raphael was a painter who was considered one of the great masters of the Italian Renaissance. He enjoyed wealth and power during his lifetime unlike many other artists of the time who were not to be recognized until after their deaths. Rafael was born in Italy on April 6, 1483. He was the son of a very successful artist, but his father passed away when he was 1 1 . Growing up, Raphael was always surrounded by talented and wealthy people.

    He was sent to study in Peruvian when he was 16 and then when he was 20 Raphael went to Siena and Florence to study with masters. He aimed recognition for church paintings, commissioned portraits, and pictures of saints Raphael aided in making while he was with these masters. Later, Raphael was summoned to Rome to work for Pope Julius II who had a powerful and heroic personality and wished to have his rooms dramatically painted. Julius’ favorite architect, Donate Aberrant, was a relative of Raphael.

    Julius was so impressed with Repeal’s work that he dismissed all of the other artists that had been working for him and Raphael finished everything on his own. For Julius, Raphael created the Stanza Della Signature which is a building that combines both pagan and Christian homes in brilliant, complex compositions to symbolize the Renaissance. Raphael made many more creations under Julius’ patronage. When Julius died Raphael became a favorite of the next pope, Leo X. Both Raphael and Leo preferred to be happy and were hardworking men.

    Raphael produced many masterpieces over the next few years for the pope and other patrons including some of his most famous works, the Sistine Madonna, Madonna of the Goldfinch, The Holy Family under the Oak Tree (Pearl Madonna), the Galatea, Saint Cecilia, and a portrait of Repeal’s friend, Balderdash Castigation. Leo gave Raphael many extra tasks which may have affected his health. He was appointed as superintendent of antiquities, he decorated rooms and designed a series of 10 tapestries, each more than 11 feet high.

    Raphael also inherited much of the work of his elderly relative Aberrant, the architect. Repeal’s works bring together the different elements of the Renaissance and his pictures are not of conflict, but of balance. His work portrays subjects in an idealistic, perfected form which Raphael has been both admired and criticized for. Raphael had many assistants to carry out his designs and ideas. Giorgio Vassar, an early biographer, said Repeal’s personality caused men to “live in a state of natural harmony and agreement”.

    He found time to enjoy the fine living his position brought him. Raphael had many mistresses but was very happy with his bachelor status and was never married. He also never involved himself in politics or the schemes of others. Raphael died at 37 years old on April 6, 1520 because of a fever for which he was bled by doctors. His funeral took place on the Pantheon in Rome, and his last picture, The Transfiguration was displayed over his coffin. Raphael By Babbage

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