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    The Process Of Reflection Education

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    Contemplation is a procedure of looking back at procedures, emotions and attacks taken or used in a undertaking or larning procedure in order to set up what worked or what did non work and how best to better the procedure for future pattern, ( ) . The essay is an scrutiny and analysis of my strengths and failings and how I can utilize my strengths to get the better of the failings. This will give me an chance to measure, detect myself and fix for the hereafter.

    The past three months in University have had a great impact in my life. Bing a university pupil has made me detect a batch of things that I did non cognize or overlooked about myself. I will get down by foregrounding my strengths. The Academic and Professional Training faculty has been really utile as it has given me the accomplishments that I will be able to transport and develop throughout my life. At the start of the faculty we did a acquisition styles activity and the consequences of my appraisal showed that I am a reflector. This proved the ground why I ever find myself believing about some things I had antecedently done and seek to calculate out different ways of how I could hold done them better. It is of import for people to cognize their acquisition manners so that they choose a acquisition manner that better suits them and utilize it to accomplish their ends.

    I have good job work outing accomplishments. When I get a inquiry to cipher, I ever examine several possible methods to happen the right solution. I get satisfied that it is the right reply if I keep acquiring the same reply utilizing different ways. I do this because I prefer to be careful in everything that I do and this boosts my arithmetical truth. This has been proven by my last two trial consequences for Financial Accounting Foundations where I got 100 % and 90 % severally ( 180ACC ) . In the numerical logical thinking accomplishments trial, the consequences for profiling for success where about mean and this showed a sensible balance between velocity and truth.

    I enjoy a challenge because it gives me great satisfaction when the undertaking has been accomplished successfully and I will hold explored all the avenues to my best ability. This raises my ego regard. Challenge besides helps me to be after in front hence bettering my organizational accomplishments and helps me to pull off my clip good. Every dark I prepare my books for the following twenty-four hours in my bag and this helps me save clip in the forenoon and I am ever on clip for my lessons. I have positive attitudes towards ends and undertakings. I set myself criterions that I will be able to accomplish within a certain clip as I do non get by really good with failure. For me to be able to accomplish my ends and undertakings, I prioritise my work load harmonizing to importance and deadlines. This is a self goaded incentive to maintain me focussed and it seems to be working good for me as I have completed my coursework a twenty-four hours or two before the due day of the month yet I see fellow pupils seeking to race with clip on the twenty-four hours of entry.

    Working with other pupils in the group work activity gave me the chance to use my communicating accomplishments to the benefit of the group. I am a good hearer who listens to other people & A ; acirc ; €™s positions and give myself clip to believe about what was being said before leaping into unverified decisions. Sometimes I might hold a different sentiment to what is being said but I am able to hold to differ at the same clip demoing regard of single sentiment. Listening and being able to come up with solutions gives a clear vision and sense of way for everyone participating. I undertook the functions I was assigned to make and complete them on clip. All these accomplishments are indispensable for effectual squad work as stated by Levin ( 2005 ) .

    In this portion of the essay, I will concentrate on my failings. During the talks if I do non understand a subject in any topic, I seem to give up easy. I try and find something to maintain my head occupied at that clip alternatively of seeking to concentrate more and trust to understand good as talks go on. Even after the talk I tend to go forth such subjects till subsequently in my alteration and this gives me a batch of anxiousness towards trials. Anxiety is one of my biggest failings as it makes me lose focal point. This is reflected on my consequences for the verbal logical thinking accomplishments trial which were below norm.

    I prefer working on my ain and this affected my input in the group work activity. I felt cubic decimeter did non lend every bit much as I should hold done due to my reserved nature. There were times when I kept quiet even though I had a point which could perchance hold been valid. While I accept that constructive unfavorable judgment is of import for better results. I prefer non to knock other people for fright of aching their feelings even when I know that there is demand for me to make so. An illustration of this is that even though I had understood the Beblin & A ; acirc ; €™s functions analysis as of import to effectual squad work, ( Levin 2005:66 ) , I did non state anything to my group members when I realised that our group had no construction. There were some members who were dominant and they did most of the determinations for the group. Sometimes due to my soundlessness I felt that I was non being heard and found it difficult to stand up for myself. Although the overall feedback from other groups was good, it could hold been better if I had commented to my group members before the presentation.

    Lack of assurance is besides my other failing. I find it hard to speak in a group of people I am non used to. This was apparent in the presentation we did and I found myself fighting to speak to the extent that I felt that I did non state everything I wanted to state and my group members said my tone of voice was low. I am besides loath to seek new things due to miss of assurance. I am still fighting with citing and most of the information skills that we have learnt as it is all new to me. For a piece now, I have realised that I am unretentive. I seem to be overwhelmed with a batch of things and seek to take in excessively many things into my caput at one time. Later on I find it hard to believe what it was I wanted to make. One of the grounds for this is that I read for long periods of clip without giving myself a interruption.

    Having had the chance to reflect on my strengths and failings, I have come up with an action program to get the better of my failings utilizing my strengths. This would assist me when I go out into the outside universe in the on the job environment. I have to work hard to better my squad working accomplishments. Levin ( 2005 ) emphasises the demand for good squad working accomplishments as he states that teamwork has become one of the of import accomplishments to better one & A ; acirc ; €™s acquisition and employability. Equally much as it is of import to work on my ain enterprise, it is every bit of import to be able to work as portion of a squad. Corporate attempts of squad members usually yield better consequences than where people work as persons, Heller and Hindle ( 1998 ) . I have learnt that maintaining quiet does non give a solution. I should experience free to lend my positions at the same clip esteeming other people and admiting differences.

    I am traveling to seek and construct my assurance in speech production in forepart of a group of people. Practise is the solution to get the better of this job. I will seek and take part more in group treatments and voluntary to travel and speak in forepart of people when needed. On the topic of disregarding things that I do non understand and non turn toing them till tardily, I am traveling to alter my attitude and seek to remain focussed if I still did non understand, I will near the coach and ask for aid. I am certain if I overcome this job, it will cut down the degree of anxiousness I get due to miss of non understanding.

    To get the better of the job of burying things, I have already started composing things I need to make in a diary. Although I still seem to bury to look into it at times, I realise that I have improved a batch on this job. I need to larn to give myself regular interruptions when I am reading so that I do non acquire overwhelmed by seeking to take in excessively much at the same clip. I am besides traveling to go on edifice on my strengths where possible. Finally I would wish to state that composing this assignment has made me detect myself and made me a better individual than I had been earlier. It has made me reflect on everything I do and take to make it better for me to increase my opportunities in my acquisition, employment and life in general Drew and Bingham ( 2007 ) .

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