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Soft Skills are Smart Skills: Necessity of Soft Skills for LIS Professionals in this Twenty First Century Essay

Soft Skills are Smart Skills: Necessity of Soft Skills for LIS Professionals in this Twenty First Century


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Changing the users ‘ consciousness and the engineering developed in this Twenty First Century, Library Professionals required to present new services, based upon user involvement. Managing and running this current century library, professionals have a extremely specialised occupation. So LIS professionals should be required multi-talented and multi-fold personalities. To make the success and adding new assortment of services in their libraries, this paper will assist to LIS professionals through Soft Skills.Various accomplishments need to go a good leader. In Library construct, if you become a good Librarian you should hold Library Professional Skills, Managerials Skills and Soft Skills. This paper describes the necessity of soft accomplishment for library professionals. And it listed out the list of soft accomplishments which are indispensable to last efficaciously. Through this paper, we recommend all the library professionals must get and put to death soft accomplishments in order to break the result of their Library.

Keyword: Library Science, LIS Professionals, Soft Skills, Twenty First Century Libraries, Librarianship.

“Professional accomplishments may assist to acquire your Job, But Soft accomplishments can do you a good Librarian” .


LIS professionals need uninterrupted training by new accomplishments. Then merely they become disused in this fast changing environment. Soft accomplishments, going of import at the in-between degree of library direction. Library professionals have to be effectual in unwritten, written an e-communication with their frequenters, co-workers and directors, This soft accomplishments will do them more effectual to advance their library merchandise and services through selling. And therefore this will assist them to demo their value to the parent organisation. They besides need good interpersonal and networking accomplishment to interact with users and efficaciously join forces with their co-workers. There is besides a turning realisation that libraries and information service drama of import societal and community map. Therefore, societal and community edifice accomplishments are utile for information professionals- both for community of co-workers ( Abdus Sattar Chaudhry & A ; Christopher S.G. Khoo ) .


Technical professionals in assorted subjects such as information engineering, technology, architecture, and research and development are progressively required to broaden their skill sets to get the hang the alleged soft accomplishments. Soft accomplishments, as defined by Wikipedia, are “ the bunch of personality traits, societal graces, installation with linguistic communication, personal wonts, friendliness, and optimism that grade people to changing grades. Soft accomplishments complement difficult accomplishments, which are the proficient demands of a occupation.

Set of Skills

There are assorted types of accomplishments that can be acquired. These accomplishments are categorized under “Sets” based on their nature. There are five types of “Sets” of accomplishments ( Vidya V. Hanchinal. 2014 )

  • Difficult Skills: certifications acquired through finishing a formal instruction e.g.Certificates
  • Technical Skills: abilities essential to execute a peculiar occupation e.g. employability accomplishments
  • Professional Skills: expertness in professional cognition, e.g. learning accomplishments, corporate accomplishments.
  • Life Skills: enriching the innermost qualities like peace of head, concentration, positive energy degrees, etc. E.g. Yoga, Meditation, Mind Power.
  • Soft Skills: a sociological term for a personaˆYs “EQ” ( Emotional Intelligence Quotient ) which refers to the bunch of personality traits, societal graces, communicating, ability with linguistic communication, personal wonts, friendliness, and optimism that mark each of us in changing grades. Gupta Rajat ( 2012 ) .

To distinguish clearly between – Hard accomplishments, Soft accomplishments and Life accomplishments as ; any type of job/work/profession/trade requires a set of undertakings to be executed. These are difficult accomplishments or Core accomplishments. So these accomplishments are rudimentss for success in professional life. Soft accomplishments, fix us to be acceptable by others, so that one can achieve mercenary and psychometric success in his/her calling. And Life accomplishments, fix us to achieve psycho-somatic success ( Inner Happiness ) in life. Nishitesh and Reddi Bhaskara ( 2012 ) .

All these three accomplishments eventually elevate and polish our personality to greater highs, if one knows how to equilibrate all these accomplishments. The of all time altering life manner, intercrossed civilizations emerging direction manners, technological revolutions basically require refined sets of accomplishments dwelling of Hard Skills ( Professional Skills ) , Soft Skills and Life Skills.

Skills Required for the 21stCentury Library

Though assorted accomplishments are required, but the accomplishment needs depend on the function and context of the parent organisation As all accomplishments do non associate to everyone, a summarized set of accomplishments under three wide classs of accomplishments, i.e. generic, managerial and professional accomplishments have been listed below. ( Fisher 2004 ) . S.P. Singh & A ; Pinki ( 2009 ) ( Fouire 62-74 ) ( Oldroyd 30:45-49:69:78:99 ; Sridhar 141-149 ) ; TFPL Skill Set )

Generic accomplishments

Managerial accomplishments

Professional accomplishments

Communication accomplishment

Local and planetary thought

Information engineering accomplishments


Planing and organisational accomplishments

a. Hardware/ package and networking Skills


Fiscal direction accomplishments

b. MS-Office suite


a. Fund-raising

c. Power point etc.


b. Skillful usage of fiscal resources

d. Library mechanization


c. Accounting and scrutinizing accomplishments

e. Database creative activity


Pull offing alteration

f. Internet

Analytic accomplishments

Team edifice

g. Intranet accomplishment

Problem work outing

Decision devising

h. Scaning techniques

Decision devising


I. Networking accomplishments

Service attitude

Negotiation accomplishments

* On-line hunt engines

Customer relationship

Consumer direction accomplishments

* On-line databases hunt

Bettering one’s acquisition and experience

a. User need analysis

J. Desktop publication

Presentation accomplishments

B. Information seeking

k. Content development

Stress direction

c. Behavior analysis

l. Digitization

Time direction

Undertaking direction

m. Web based services


Peoples direction

n. Virtual acquisition

Group accomplishments

Stress direction

Information literacy

Working with hard people

Time direction

Technical professional accomplishments

Resource direction

a. Information resource direction

b. E- consecutive direction

c. Metadata criterions

d. Standards

e. System development

Knowledge management5

Traditional accomplishments

Table No: 1 Required Skillfor 21stCentury Library

Soft Skills

Each one of us is endowed with two Kinds of Skills. Hard Skills and Soft Skills. Hard accomplishments are human tangibles that frequently find a topographic point in the individual.This soft accomplishment are largely of complementary nature stand foring human intangibles. Hard accomplishments are nil but academic accomplishment that we have picked up in subjects. Hard skills a can be obtained by reading books while soft accomplishments can non be acquired by simply reading books. Although it is hard to give an thorough list of soft accomplishments, allow us look at the undermentioned list proposed by Goeran Nieragden under four caputs:

  1. Interaction
  1. Self-Management

Attitude Awareness

Compensation schemes

Conflict Handling

Decision devising


Learning willingness

Diversity tolerance




Interlocutor orientation


Teamwork willingness

Stress opposition

  1. Communication
  1. Organization

Delegating accomplishments

Problem work outing

Listening accomplishments

Systems believing

Presentation accomplishments


List of Essential Soft Skills for Library Professionals

Following are some of the important soft accomplishments that are required to go a successful library professional.

  • Listening accomplishments: The library professionals must hold good hearing accomplishments a she/she has to interact with different types of users all the clip.
  • Communication accomplishments: Command on linguistic communication, particularly English and besides regional will better the communicating. A good communicating accomplishment besides requires understanding people, assurance which enables to work out the jobs with easiness.
  • Writing accomplishments: The bibliothecs are asked to assist in composing research proposal/business proposal/project study, which requires good composing accomplishments. Today there are many library professionals who are lending to assorted publications, even in-house besides or by sharing information and their experiences through library web logs and web sites.
  • Presentation accomplishments: The presentation accomplishments are required in study authorship, library commission meetings and even in day-to-day work which represents the overall library direction.
  • User service: To fulfill the information demands of the users is the extreme precedence for any library. The library professionals provide assorted services such as CAS and SDI or other specialised services.
  • Leadership skills & A ; Teamwork:Library direction, particularly in a bigger library set up is about squad work/exercise. Hence, it is required to hold leading accomplishments to pull off and steer the squad from clip to clip, as every subsidiary is of import for transporting out their work expeditiously for smooth running of a library system.
  • Teaching accomplishments: Libraries spend immense sums to secure resources, both print every bit good as electronic, hence, it is indispensable to possess learning accomplishments, which helps to carry on the information literacy classes efficaciously.


Soft accomplishments, going impartant of Library professionals in this twenty-first Century. A current century cyberspace provides more exercising of this Softskills. The convergence in soft accomplishment development and best patterns across subjects needs the Library Science class establishments have to believe how to learn soft accomplishments efficaciously. This paper presents and briefly mentioned assortment of soft accomplishments likely to be important importance to LIS professionals. If we start to larn get downing from library scientific discipline survey itself, the immense difference will be at that place to put to death their work environment. Of class, more and more advanced methods need to implement this soft accomplishments to library surveies. Through this paper, we request to add soft accomplishments developing to all library and information classs curriculams.


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Soft Skills are Smart Skills: Necessity of Soft Skills for LIS Professionals in this Twenty First Century Essay
Soft Skills are Smart Skills: Necessity of Soft Skills for LIS Professionals in this Twenty First CenturyAbstractionChanging the users ' consciousness and the engineering developed in this Twenty First Century, Library Professionals required to present new services, based upon user involvement. Managing and running this current century library, professionals have a extremely specialised occupation. So LIS professionals should be required mu
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Soft Skills are Smart Skills: Necessity of Soft Skills for LIS Professionals in this Twenty First Century Essay
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