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Problem Solution Essay


Problems solution essay is one of the most common writing assignments that is used on the subject course. It is also often used for IELTS exams for different levels as a written part of it. It is an ideal option for any kind of exam because of its shortness. However, not every student can definitely claim that he has perfectly developed writing skills and is sure in his ability to accomplish a proper essay. Some of them even do not understand what this kind of essay is supposed to be.

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What is a problem solution essay? It is a kind of essay that states a problem in the situation and provides the methods of its solution. It has a specific structure and methods to write, and you need to study them carefully before you sit drafting your paper. This article will light this question for you and provide strict instructions that will help you to cope with the task.

Problem Solution Essay Structure

Writing any kind of composition requires establishing a proper structure and stick to it throughout the process of accomplishing. It is an important step as it helps to see the outline and focus on the main topic not waving from one point to another. It also helps to understand the format of the composition and see which part the paper includes. This type of essay always includes:

  • Situation
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Evaluation

Problem solution essay can be structured in two different ways: chain and block ones. In the block structure, you state the problems first and then follow with solutions. In the chain way, each problem is followed by its solution.

The introduction part

Writing is one of the most challenging steps. It is complicated by its main goal: to catch the readers. Your introductory may interest the audience or fill them with the feeling of indifference. As you can see it is really important to create this part of composition highly appealing to the readers. The first sentence should be catching and serve as a hook. You can do it in various ways such as providing a real story from life. Your story could be taken from your personal life or even create an imagined one. You can also touch the historical aspects of the problem developing and provides details of its transforming.

The main aspect you need to take into consideration is describing a problem. Your description is supposed to explain carefully why the problem is really urgent and need to be solved. It should not be boring but make the reader to be involved in reading the paper. At the end of the introductory part, state your thesis that provides your idea of how the problem can be solved. The brighter is your description of the problem the clearer is the importance of its solution.

The body

The main body is the part of your paper where the main ideas are developing and the discussion information provided. Creating this constituent, you should remember about your thesis that you have placed in the introduction. You are supposed to strictly follow the idea you have stated in it and do not touch the different topics. Keep in mind the idea you wanted to prove and discuss it until the last word of your paper.

The main body of your composition should include several paragraphs. They include solutions that you offer for the problem and your detailed explanation of how they work. This explanation should be smooth and clear for those who are going to read your essay. Your task is to show how your solutions are applied and what do you need to bring them to the realization. In order to persuade your audience picture the final result of the applied action. State who is going to be involved and what methods are going to be used. You also need to provide argumentative facts why your way to solving the issue is better than others offer.

The conclusion part

The last step in writing your assignment is to conclude it in a proper way and format it correspondingly. Your paper should be ended leaving the reader with a feeling of deepness and closeness. You should not summarize only all the ideas that you mentioned but to add a covering to all your words and discussion. You can look for useful phrases that will help you to create a sense of completeness. In any way, your reader should stay satisfied after having read your assignment.

The concluding part usually includes one or two paragraphs and is written in a strict concrete language without general opinions. A perfect choice would be to remind your thesis paraphrasing it in other words. Restate your opinion and prove that your solution is really effective, showing how it is better than any other. You can place here a vivid picture of what would appear if your ideas would be accepted. If there is an example taken from life, you can use it and show how applied solutions worked and what results they caused.

Most popular topics

If you have received the task to create an essay about pollution or problem solving, you probably are wondering what to write about. Discover the following list of topics and find something that you may choose.

  1. Depression
  2. Immigration
  3. Social media
  4. Bullying
  5. Stress
  6. Homelessness
  7. Smoking
  8. Air pollution
  9. Bilingual education
  10. Business
  11. Culture shock
  12. Crime
  13. Cigarette smoking
  14. Divorce

Undoubtedly, it is not the complete list of possible themes, and you can choose any other that appeals more to you.

Problem Solution Essay Sample

To see how the theoretical instructions are used in practice, look through this essay sample on depression. In this example, we use the block structure.

Modern life states lots of demands to the people requiring them to do many businesses at the same time. They are always in a hurry and have not enough time to have a rest. People are covered in their problems, and daily routines and most of them confess that they are not happy. All these factors picture one of the most urgent problems in modern society: depression. It is the harmful influencer on our welfare and even health that should be prevented or urgently treated if the person is already affected by this state.

Depression has already become an illness, and it is hard to find a person who would not touch it. It is well-known for both adult and younger individuals, and it has become a great problem. It influences all spheres of the person causing the list of problems he can hardly solve. The deeper an individual fall in this condition, the more complicated it is to come back to the normal life.

The best way is to prevent the problem before it becomes worth. Depression does not come by chance, and there is definitely the list of causes that lead to it. The best way is to destroy the reasons. If you know what bothers you and make you dissatisfied with your life, solve this question before it grows to the greatest measures. There is one more tip that can help on this step: to confess the reason. It often happens that people claim they do not know the reason for their unhappiness. However, psychologists offer to look deeper into your mind and confess the problem. The confession will lead you to the solution.

When the person is already depressed, it is the worse variant, and other ways for solutions should be applied. Depression is told to be a mental illness and requires a proper reaction. It is always recommended to visit a psychologist and take a course of treatment. The specialist will discover the main reason of your state and can help to create a line to the light. It is also helpful to find an activity that would give you a sense of pleasure and help to remain a mental rest.

In short, depression has become a complicated problem, but still, there are ways to its solution. All you need is not to wait until the problem covers you with your head and the condition will be extremely difficult to cope with. Act immediately, and you will find the way to your happiness!


Writing problems solution essay is an excellent skill you should obtain if you want to be a successful student and pass your exams well. This is a kind of written composition that is used for IELTS and other types of examinations. Creating it is not as complicated thing as it seems if you have cleared up all the aspects and understood the structure. You need to take into consideration all levels of this process and follow them correctly. Another point is to do significant preparation work, choose a topic, and collect the list of useful phrases that would help you. And remember that to become proficient you need to start and practice regularly.

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Problem Solution Essay
Introduction Problems solution essay is one of the most common writing assignments that is used on the subject course. It is also often used for IELTS exams for different levels as a written part of it. It is an ideal option for any kind of exam because of its shortness. However, not every student can definitely claim that he has perfectly developed writing skills and is sure in his ability to accomplish a proper essay. Some of them even do not understand what this kind of essay is sup
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Problem Solution Essay
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