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    Previous drama pieces Essay (895 words)

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    In workshop five we created a tableau which was then sculptured for the final piece. I played the role of a diplomatic police officer, one of my colleagues was carrying on beating a ‘have not’ I was opposed to this as the ‘have not’ was already dead, so my spoken thought for that tableau was; ‘Leave her alone she’s already dead’ I thought this would be something different to say as I guessed most of the officers would be saying negative things towards the treatment of the ‘have nots’ but I gave my character a conscience and this made me stand out. During the teacher in-role drama piece where the teacher played a SAS meeting speaker I didn’t get to share my in-role thoughts about how my character felt about being chosen to go on this top secret mission. My thoughts were; ‘what if the ‘have nots’ find out and murder us’.

    I thought this because I had been chosen to become an under cover spy in the form of a ‘have not’ and as they were a dangerous cult I was afraid of what the effects would be if we were caught out. My inner thoughts were; ‘the money is great but so is the risk’ I thought this because we were being bribed into accepting this challenge as the money was so great. The amount of money was hiding the risks that were also involved. So effectively I was weighing up the pros and cons, seeing if the risks out weighed the pay. I then thought that ‘if I die will my family still get the money?’ because if I did accept the challenge and died I would want the money to go to my family as what is the point of risking your life if there is nothing for your family left behind.

    In workshop six we were working as a whole class some of us ‘have nots’ and some of us undercover SAS officers as ‘have nots’. As it was straight improvisation, when the police officer (teacher in-role) barged through the disused warehouse we were secretly occupying everyone was shocked, both in and out of role. I was startled initially, but because I was in-role as an undercover spy I had to pretend to be tough and prepared and as I had to show I was against the ‘haves’ I got my gun out and was in the position to shoot the police officer. The reason for this was because as an undercover spy I had to conceal my identity.


    In the first part of the pair work in workshop one Nikesha played the role of the disturbed girl. Her body language was extremely negative at first. She showed this by withdrawing in to her seat and refusing to make contact with me (therapist). After explaining that no questions would be asked she finally agreed to lie down. She did this reluctantly by facing her legs away from me this showed that maybe she was lying down so I would stop asking or maybe she was scared of what might happen if she didn’t listen. When she lied down she was quite stiff and straight with her legs and arms folded this gave me the impression that she was not in the mood to open up her feelings or tell me anything.

    In workshops two and three I enjoyed Hayley’s group as their performance was extremely deep and meaningful. Their storyline was ‘the disturbed girl had killed her twin’; I liked this because most groups automatically thought if the girl is disturbed then she must have been a victim but Hayley’s group had thought that maybe she is disturbed because of something she has done, this was distinctive and made their group noticeable. In the nightmare sequence the disturbed girl had killed her twin by drowning her, now the audience knew this it was clear to see why the girl was petrified of water from the previous drama pieces we created. T

    he techniques they used were devil and angel. In the beginning this was successful as it showed the inner feelings of the girl after she had murdered her twin and why she was so disturbed, as her facial features showed her very worried. This was because her thoughts were ones of paranoia and guilt, she showed this in her physical features, and the way she walked quickly and took uneasy steps no rhythm in her walk as she was so worried and guilty. This came across thoroughly to the audience and sometimes devil and angel were unnecessary because the body language was so clear.

    In workshop four I watched Ieasha and Riellas’ performance. Riella had arachnophobia and when she saw a spider she totally lost control. I liked the way she showed this as it was very comical, for example, when she first saw the spider she let out a high pitch scream, which even made the audience a little frightened, and then she jumped out of her seat too. But the thing that made her character believable was that as soon as she saw the spider till the end of the scene she never took her eyes off it and when you are that scared of something of course you would want to know where it is at all times to keep yourself away from harm.

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