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    Essay On Pop Music (1293 words)

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    Popular Music vs.. All Others Nearly every person in society today has some kind of music that they listen to daily, but most do not realize how much they are missing out on. Most people today follow what music is popular and what everyone else is listening to, which only consists of a couple of different genres and a list of musical artists that sound nearly the same, who have ‘One-Hit Wonders’ on the popular charts.

    Although nearly everyone in today’s society has some kind of love for music, most people are missing out on the full experience due to either the lack of understanding and knowledge, or the fear of trading away from what is popular, to discover new musical frontiers. Many people, especially teenagers would put up an argument defending why they believe that popular music is the best music out there.

    They would defend Pop music with reasons such as, that they can dance to the music, the artists are rich and famous, and that the artists are seen as ‘cool,’ or simply the fact that they don’t care that much about it, all they like is the beat and tune of the songs. Musical artists today are seen as many of today’s pop-culture influences and are looked up to by any teens and young adults. Music is one of the most discussed topics, and many find that by listening to popular music, it allows them to fit in, and share something in common with everyone else.

    Artists in today’s music scene should become popular based on their own talent, and many fans will put up their best arguments to explain why their favorite is popular, such as, “My favorite artist, (Insert any random pop artist here), is way better than the stuff you listen to, they have such talent with their lyrics and music, you Just wouldn’t understand it” (Any Pop Listener, 2013). There is a large percentage of people who only listen to music, because they enjoy the tune or beat of the song, and not as much about the songs meaning or lyrics, which can be understandable.

    Although it can easily be argued that there are some talented artists who are very popular, that artist usually only has one or two songs that have been hits, then after their songs aren’t popular anymore, the artist becomes forgotten and lost in the sea of talent outside of Pop music. Most of the arguments defending Pop music all come from ignorance and lack of understanding on the fans part. Most of today’s Pop artists are nearly talents due to the fact that most of them do not write their own music or lyrics, they pay another artist who actually has musical knowledge.

    In fact, what teens and young adults are too young to realize, is that about half the songs on today’s Pop charts have a ‘sample’ or part of another song, bought, so that the Pop artist can use it in their own song. There is a list of songs that can be named that have been on the Pop charts recently that have taken parts from songs from the sass’s and sass’s. Some, if not all artist’s n the ‘Top 10’ chart don’t really write their own lyrics, and don’t know how to play any instruments or have any knowledge of it to be able to write their own songs.

    Artists today are very often taken as a people who are seen as ‘attractive’ or ‘cool,’ and are put as the cover person for music, because the industry knows that the person will attract fans due to the way that person looks. Pop artists in today’s society are seen to Pop Music By maintain fortune, but these artists are not people that society should be looking up to. If anyone were to look up the lyrics or actual meaning to many Pop songs, they would cost likely be astonished.

    Pop songs today are usually written on subjects such as: disrespecting women, drugs, partying, alcohol, and the artist bragging about how rich they are. Artists like these should not be role models, especially to the newer generations of teens and young adults. If society were to directly follow the influence of today’s Pop artists, social structure would fall apart completely. If people were to take a step back, and look outside the pool of Pop music, they might find that there is a sea of talent in many other genres. A good example of that s found in today’s Hard Rock and Metal genres of music.

    Many people today are too ignorant to try giving Metal music a chance, due to the fact that it is seen as scary and unacceptable. People think that metal music is evil, because of the way that it sounds at some times and the way the bands look. The reality of metal music is that the lyrics are motivational and inspiring, and the hardcore look and sound is to get people moving and create a unique style. Unlike Pop music artists, most metal artists are generally very talented, write all of their own music, play at least one instrument, ND are very well mannered people outside of the studio.

    Metal artists express true feeling and emotion throughout every one of their songs, whether the emotion is love, anger, confusion or even telling a story of a life experience. Some of the most hardcore bands in the music industry may not seem like it, but write some of the most beautiful, inspiring lyrics of any songs out there, that could never be found in Pop music. Such as the Hardcore Metal band, ‘Of Mice & Men. ‘ Proud of who you raised up. You know that I will always be here till the end. Come back so I can say hank you for this. Home cooked meals and a place to rest.

    My troubled head when you’re away. Vive passed the test, Vive earned an A. Not Just in school, but in life. You’ll always be right by my side to help me show hope to all that are lost and sick in this dying world. I’ll use the love you left behind. I’ll change their minds, I’ll change their minds. I hope, I hope you smile when you look down on me. I hope you smile. ( “Second and Sobering” by ‘Of Mice & Men’) Front-man of the band, Austin Carlisle, wrote the lyrics of this song for his Mother who had passed away while the band was cording their first debut album.

    The song sounds like a crazy, scary, hardcore song, but when listening to the lyrics, the meaning completely changes. Although the singer is screaming the lyrics to the song at the top of his lungs, the raw emotion and power behind the lyrics can easily be felt, and it is enough to inspire anyone. This is only one of many examples of how metal music can motivate and inspire people. Stories and letters of how metal music has motivated people to keep going and saved their lives are all over the internet already.

    Music artists like these should be looked up to, rather than Pop music artists. In today’s world nearly every person has love for some kind of music, but not all people are willing to stray away from the barrier that is Pop music, due to either lack of understanding or fear of being ‘different’ than everyone else. People should have an open mind when it comes to music, and should find a genre that truly fits them as a person and makes them a better person. Everyone should look up to those with good moral values and be inspired by artists who are like them as people. People

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