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Todays hip hop Essay (2161 words)

Hip Hop

Words: 2161 (9 pages)

What is hip hop and is it influnceing listeners to condone violence and drugs. First off to set the record straight, this is the truth nothing outside of this is trueand if you agree great if you dont agree thats your bad. But I am tired of people saying “Ilisten to hip hop”, stupid you…

Does Hip Hop Influence Other Parts of the World Essay

Hip Hop


Words: 568 (3 pages)

No longer is Hip-Hop just a reflection of Western customs and the African American identity, it is now integrated in many countries and cultures all over; hat originally started in the asses in Bronx, New York, has now spread globally all around the world Hip Hop is no longer appreciated as just a genre of…

The Evolution Of Hip Hop Essay (1865 words)


Hip Hop

Words: 1865 (8 pages)

When you hear the phrase “Hip-Hop”, music, dancing, rapping often come to mind. Well, it’s all of that and more… Hip-Hop is a culture. According to Webster’s dictionary, culture is defined as “the concepts, habits, skills, arts, instruments, institutions, etc. of a given people in a given period; civilization. ” One artist defined Hip-Hop as…

The Influence of Hip Hop on Youth Essay

Hip Hop



Words: 3806 (16 pages)

Technology has a big impact on our youth. Nowadays you see fewer kids go outside and play or do activities out of the house. Most kids would rather be inside playing video games such as Play Station or other gaming consoles. Media is one of the important things that have potential to generate both positive…

Origins and Foundations of Hip Hop Essay

Hip Hop

Words: 1261 (6 pages)

Hip hop is more than just a type of music genre; it is a culture that people live by. Hip hop has many elements such as rap and b-boying. There are many factors that helped make hip hop a worldwide phenomenon and play a role in its foundation. I will be discussing how these factors…

Brazilian Hip Hop Culture Essay

Hip Hop

Words: 1039 (5 pages)

After finishing this book by Derek Pardue, it would be an understatement to call his work an interesting and insightful look into the world of Brazilian hip-hop culture. With the city of Sao Paulo at the forefront of discussion, the book is based on over five years of fieldwork by Pardue and highlights topics of…

Is the controversy surrounding hip hop as a media text justified? Essay

Hip Hop


Words: 1217 (5 pages)

“Hip hop is now the most important musical idiom: what jazz was from the 1920’s to the 40’s, or rock ‘n’ roll was from the 50’s to the 70’s, hip hop has been from the 80’s on. ” Straus, April 2000 As the quote states, hip hop and its associate genres rap, urban, R&B is…

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What are facts about hip hop?
Here are 20 Hip Hop facts that'll give you a better understanding of the music and the movement. Enjoy! 1. Hip hop is a genre of music that was created by Afro-American and Latino youths in the South BronxBronx The Bronx is the northernmost of the five boroughs of New York City, in the U.S. state of New York. It is south of Westchester County; northeast and east of Manhattan, across the Harlem River; and north of Queens, across the East River. Since 1914, the borough has had the sam… , New York City in the 1970s 2. Hip Hop combines elements of rhythm and blues, jazz, funk, and soul.
What are good things of hip hop music?
You will actually find a lot of humility and some understated opinions when it comes to hip-hop music. It offers a lot of moments of clarity and release , and it helps you get back to the grind of life. Hip-hop also teaches you to know your own worth. Rappers and hip-hop artists like to make use of their voices to show others as to how great they are. When you listen to such music, you can relate to it, and you can feel the same.
What is hip hop and why does it matter?
Because hip-hop matters, says MC and entrepreneur Theo Martins Jr. ’09. “It’s the driving force of innovation and ideas in popular culture . Hip-hop is solely based on being the first and the freshest, the ‘here’s what’s hot,’ and when you have that as the driving force for your ideology, you are in a constant state of discovery, looking and looking.
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