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    Poetry Analysis: “Root Cellar” by Theodore Rotted

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    The “Root Cellar” by Theodore Rotted is full of alliteration and similes. There is even an example of hyperbole when Rotted writes “dirt kept breathing a small breath” (line 1 1 There are two similes In this poem. Rotted compares roots to old bait and shoots to “tropical snakes” (line 5 and 7). Alliteration exists mostly in the beginning part of the poem. “Dank as a ditch” (line 1), “bulbs broke out of boxes” (line 2), and “dangled and dropped” (line 3) are the alliteration examples found in the poem. The use of alliteration and similes adds a better image as to what is appending and adds a dramatic effect on the poem.

    My favorite poem that we have read In class would have to be “The Serenity In Stones. ” Reading the poem makes me feel calm and serene on the Inside. Imagining the Image being portrayed In the poem just fascinates my mind and makes me think about how beautiful the sky actually is. When I get to the end of the poem, it says, “l am happy as I hold this sky/ in my hands, in my eyes, and in myself” (lines 11-12). I feel the same emotion the poem states; I feel happy. “l Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” by William Wordsmith is a wonderful memo I would share with anyone within a blink of an eye.

    The poem can bring someone to a place where he or she can Just relax and forget about the problems of the world. Also, this poem can remind whoever Is reading It of a certain memory or a certain place that made them feel at peace within themselves. The image of dancing dandelions next to a beautiful lake is just so happy and cheerful that it is almost impossible not to love. This poem can take one away from reality and bring them to a realistic fantasy, and who does not wanted diction in poetry dictates the emotion en Is supposed to feel In a poem.

    First off, diction In poetry Is the use of words the poet uses In his or her work. The poet can choose words that sound depressing, happy, pleasant, or repulsive. The poet’s choice of words can make a depressing poem sound even more depressing or horrifying, and it can do the same for happy, cheerful poems. For example, in Emily Dickinson’s poem “The Soul Selects Her Own Society,” the words she uses Just make the poem sound even more negative than it originally was. The use of diction strong emphasizes on what emotion a poem will show.

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    Poetry Analysis: “Root Cellar” by Theodore Rotted. (2018, Jan 07). Retrieved from

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