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    Parenting Teenagers Essay (707 words)

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    Parenting Teenagers Essay can be a difficult thing, but it doesnt have to be if it isapproached correctly. There are four major parts in parenting. These are: education,discipline, communication, and letting go. Each of these is an equally essential part of theResearchers and scholars have marked adolescence as a very importantperiod in human development- the fork in the road which forever shapes an individuals-and mankinds- destiny. Adolescence is the a period when a child begins to become anadult. During this time, the adolescent starts to develop the personality and character thatwill stay with them for the rest of his or her life.

    According to Terry Miller, adolescence isa time when a young person decides what path they will take with his or her life. It is avery important time when their life has a turning point and his or her future is redirectedand established. He says that, it only seems logical that a lot of thinking and planningwould go into this time of adolescence to reinforce a positive self image that is soimportant to have for growth. Instead, a lot of parents and teachers arent ready to helpguide these budding personalities.

    Maybe they are ignorant or just dreading thisconfusing, rebellious stage. But they are using techniques to deal with teens instead ofhelping them. This usually doesnt let teens maximize the huge potential that adolescenceRaising children to have good morals and high values will help in almost everyaspect of parenting. It will also help the children in almost every aspect of his or her life. Dr.

    James Dobson, a famous family psychologist, says that religion is the best way toinstill these traits. Although some children dont appreciate being told exactly what tobelieve, they dont want religion forced down their throats. Children want to be given achoice in what they are going to believe. But if the early exposure has been conductedproperly, they will have an inner mainstay to stand by them.

    That early indoctrination thenis the key to the spiritual attitudes they will carry into adulthood. Even if the childdoesnt choose to believe the what the parents believe, the child should still have toparticipate in the religious activities of the family as long as he or she is living under theparents roof. However, the teenager should not be forced to carry the same beliefs (55). Dobson points out that a teenager is subjected to all of his parents ideas, beliefs,and attitudes, which is good.

    It is the parents God- given responsibility to train their childthe best that they can. But there has to come a point where the child takes the things thathis parents have taught him and either accept them as the truth or rejects them as false. Ifthat personal evaluation never comes, then the adolescent fails to span the gap betweenwhat Ive been told versus What I believe. This is one of the most important bridgesleading from childhood to adulthood (54).

    Disciplining teenagers can be a very hard thing to do. To make the consequencereasonable enough to teach the lesson, but not so harsh that it will cause long termfeelings of resentment. According to Dr. Lee Hausner, there are four main steps indisciplining a teenager. He says for the first step that discipline should start at a young age,because if it doesnt it will be nearly impossible to do it when the teenage years come. Secondly, Hausner says that a parent needs to be specific.

    This is done by clearlydefining the behavior that they expect and the consequences that will follow if the rules arebroken. The third step is for when the rules are broken, to be sure that the consequencesare connected with the activity in some way. The fourth guideline to follow when dealingwith discipline issues is to have a list of four or five major rules that must be followed. These rules should thing that are really important, dont worry about the type of clothesthat they wear or how loud that they play their music (1). Communication, in my opinion, is the most important tool a parent can have withtheir teen.

    It is the key in almost every aspect of parenting. Not only is it a necessity inparenting, but it also will develop a frienship that can last a lifetime. Withoutcommunication parenting a teenager .

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