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    My Personal Culture Essay (1160 words)

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    People all over the world talk a lot about culture phenomena trying to make a definition to it. From the ancient ages until our days human’s behavior and lifestyle were considerably changing and civilization had constantly been improving the way people exist. As time passed, people started interacting with each other. Their lives turned from the primitive coexistence into the active interactions between each other. They started to share their experience and think more about their community taking part in its traditions’ developing.

    Each family shared the unique experience and had specific features that made it distinct from other communities. These peculiarities were passed from one generation to another and created a bunch of knowledge and customs that are called the culture. Traditions, life rituals, the way of working, and attitude to the surrounding world had accomplished a huge system that was carried from parents to their kids. As the families were growing and communities developed into nations, people had the chance of other cultures’ discovering, not only accentuating on their own system. It has become extremely popular in the modern world to compare different life concepts and to broaden the view by taking some aspects from other established life concepts.

    What is the personal culture?

    When it comes to global determination, it could be generalized as a collective gaining that had been gathering its aspects and parts from the oldest years. However, each person is not only a part of a community but an individual with his/her distinct and unique culture. It is hard to distinguish what exactly refers to this concept, but there is no doubt that the list of these peculiarities forms a personality and strictly defines her behavior in the world. It includes her aims, values, and beliefs that are shown in her interactions with people around her. In fact, it describes who the person actually is. Due to lots of influential factors, this concept is not strictly accomplished at a distinct age. It always continues changing and transforming, and the person itself can regulate this process.

    Types of personal cultures that are mentioned in the list of existing could serve as proof that some individuals can be similar to others. They could share the same life values and have the same lifestyle. It could be explained by a tight relationship between different personalities and family history. The last is an extremely significant factor as each individual constantly blends his unique features and values with those that are a part of his community. It is impossible to be completely separated and, on the other hand, we are not mechanical members of our family. It is a blended phenomenon that involves the impacts of factors from both the inner and outer world and eventually creates a portrait of the concrete personality. I can strongly say that my attitude to the world was formed in such a way.

     What does influence the forming of personal culture?

    The world is full of different people, and it is a rather complicated question to answer what exactly made them so different. Even those who were upbringing in the same house would never be completely the same. There are many factors that influence personal culture forming.

    • Family

    Family history is one of the most significant factors in forming an individual culture concept. Children are growing up and upbringing in the atmosphere of rules and traditions that were established lots of years ago by their grandparents. Some of that rules are changed by parents, but the base is still the same. In our family, we have the list of customs that are unshakable from the oldest time. My mother and my father are both from Christian families as many other in our country. Their upbringing in accordance with Christian rules significantly impacted the concept of world perception of my sister and me. These tights are so strong that we want to pass them even to our children. Analyzing the process of my establishing as a person, I can claim that our family is the main source where our values are born.

    • Location

    Our family is a typical Slavic one, and I reckon it influenced the way we live. When I meet people that belong to other cultures, I understand that location is a meaningful factor that impacts even the way children are upbringing. Humans used to think that their traditions, customs, and rules are the best and the most important. They are struggling to pass this idea to future generations. Fortunately, the modern world is diminishing this stereotype forcing people to change their reasoning. In our family, we were upbringing open-minded, and I used to respect those who are different from me sincerely.

    • Friends

    Forming personal culture is the process that considerably depends on our interaction with other individuals. I believe it does not refer to our family only but to friends too. My friends play a meaningful role in my life, and their advice often influenced the developing of my values. I reckon that an example of perfect friendship could give those who have similar beliefs, and world perception. They can create that kind of friendship that would pass to the future generations.

    • Self-improvement

    Our family used to belong to those kinds of people who don’t want to stop their developing until the end of life. My father and my mother were my first who motivated me to study. I spent much time completing my education at school and educate myself in various field of life. Knowledge is a powerful factor that can transform a person’s conscious and it is worth my energy and hard work to achieve perfection.

    • Social media

    In our family, we were upbringing with the idea that books are more important than social media. I accept the fact that media impacts the forming of life principles in children’s mind as it is a huge instrument to control mass reasoning. We always hear the stories from other culture and such news impact our conscious. In our family, we were learned to filter what we hear and accept from the outer world. My grandfather used to say: “To know the news does not allow you to let them rule your behavior.”


    My personal culture is the concept of my values, world perception, beliefs, and the way I interact with other individuals. It involves the list of characteristics that make me unique and different from the surrounding. At the same time, it makes me considerably similar to those people who always surround me. They influence me by sharing their thoughts, ideas, life and work experience, and acting in accordance with their values. In this way, I am not a separated figure from the whole world but a part of the community with its own specific culture. My world perception is a mix of the process of growing up and upbringing by my parents and lots of outer factors that influence me throughout the life.

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